Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 998

Chapter 998 Shooting Herself In The Foot 6

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After a little while when the assessment ended and when the results were announced, she would spill the beans that this wretched lass was cheating by using the Mirage Cloudy Rock!

By then, her reputation would be completely swept away!

Li Xue’er was full of evil thoughts and wasn’t paying much attention to her own armament furnace’s condition.

Suddenly a “boom” sound was heard as the flames below Li Xue’er’s armament furnace suddenly rose sharply!

The flames engulfed the entire furnace!

“Oh no! The armament furnace is going to explode!”

Li Xue’er’s heart skilled as the expression on the colour on her face changed!

The materials in her furnace had all melted and was about to enter the final moulding stage!

If the furnace were to explode at this point of time, then wouldn’t all her efforts be wasted?

And what was worse was that this wasn’t the first time she had failed during the assessment!

Earlier in order to scheme Huang Yueli, she intentionally toppled her armament furnace and those materials which had already been half refined had all spilled out and that was something which she planned to fail in. Of course, in order to derive at her ultimate aim, that was all worth it!

But if her armament furnace were to explode this time round, then it would be considered as her second failure!

In the Armament Master certification assessment, one person had at most three chances at refining and if she were to fail this time, that would mean that this was her last chance and moreover she was still at the fixed topic stage. Later on there would still be the free topic section!

If this went on, she would have failed miserably in a very easy task so even she herself would not be able to pass the certification assessment??

Li Xue’er was scared stiff but just at this moment, she heard a light shout from her right side, “Settle!”

The raging flames which were running amok on the armament furnace seemed to be casted with a Settlement spell as it suddenly stopped and following that a burst of powerful Profound Energy suppressed it as it slowly turned weak and slowly grew smaller before finally returning back to the position of the fire entrance.

The situation immediately stabilised.

“Oh, that’s great, thank y…” Li Xue’er was pleasantly surprised as she started to thank the person who helped her.

But upon lifting up her head, she stopped in her tracks.

Because standing before her was Huang Yueli! The person who had helped to stabilise the flames was actually her!

This time round, Li Xue’er seemed as though she had swallowed a fly as the word of thanks was stuck at the back of her throat, totally unable to speak!

Huang Yueli wasn’t angry at all and only stretched out her hand and patted Li Xue’er’s furnace lid with smile yet not a smile as she said, “I say….. Senior Sister Li, you’d better be more careful! I know that you’re almost going to run around naked so you don’t feel so happy! But now you’re still in the middle of the assessment and if you don’t pass this assessment, that would really be giving away your bride and losing your army on top of it!”

“Who needs you to tell me that! Humpf, I’m telling you, you’ve only won temporarily! Don’t be too complacent so quickly!” Li Xue’er was so angry that the top of her head was fuming.

Huang Yueli smiled lightly and slowly walked away.

Li Xue’er looked at her graceful back as she cursed her silently in her mind.

Laugh, laugh all you want! In a little while more, you’ll have no chance to laugh at all!

Let’s see between the both of us, who will have the final laugh!

She only cared about cursing her in her mind and totally had not noticed that when Huang Yueli patted her furnace lid earlier she had secretly lifted it a little and following her style, she dropped a piece of little black stone in.

That piece of stone…. Was actually the Mirage Cloudy Rock which Li Xue’er had thrown into Huang Yueli’s armament furnace earlier!

The Mirage Cloudy Rock melted under high temperature and indeed was very difficult to remove but that was only for ordinary Armament Masters and not for Huang Yueli!