Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 999

Chapter 999 Li Xueers Downfall 1

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Earlier when the Profound Armament was about to take shape, Huang Yueli had extracted the Mirage Cloudy Rock out without any traces.

Later on, she intentionally used her Profound Energy causing Li Xue’er’s flames to run amok, thereby creating an opportunity to throw the Mirage cloudy Rock back into Li Xue’er’s armament furnace.

To be able to complete the extraction of impurities and moulding process at the same time, this was something unimaginable for ordinary Armament Masters so Li Xue’er had not even considered that such a thing could even happen under the skies!

So naturally, it was not possible for her to detect that Huang Yueli actually used her own methods to obtain retribution from her.

Huang Yueli was brought away by Li Moying to the VIP seating after she had completed her refining and was surrounded by President Hu and Principal Jiang with all sorts of questions.

Li Xue’er saw that and was feeling infuriated. If it hadn’t been for the fact that she knew that she would be able to bring Huang Yueli down later, she probably wouldn’t have been able to continue!

Due to the earlier explosion, the temperature of Li Xue’er’s armament furnace had been slightly high and she was worried that the materials would be affected causing the final formation stage to have an accident.

But out of her expectations, the forming stage was extremely smooth, not wasting any extra effort and she obtained a pair of wrist guards. From the exterior, the shape was extremely perfect, even much better than her usual standards!

Looks like her luck today wasn’t bad at all!

Li Xue’er was overjoyed, feeling that Lady Luck was on her side today!

Thinking about that, the movements on her hands turned faster and the second free topic section had been successful as well so not much time later, it was also completed.

“The second person to complete this assessment is Li Xue’er…”

Tang Jinhua praised Li Xue’er when she handed in her Profound Armament, “Xue’er, the product which you have submitted is not bad, this set of wrist guards…. Looks like it’s already a first tier middle grade Profound Armament, not bad at all! Looks like you should have no problem passing the Armament Master certification assessment today, congratulations!”

The corners of Li Xue’er’s lips curled but she felt that she really didn’t feel like smiling at all.

The reason was because besides Tang Jinhua, no one else cared if she had already completed the assessment!

No matter if she had surpassed her usual standard and refined a first tier middle grade Profound Armament, but not one student expressed shock or gasp in admiration over this!

With Huang Yueli’s exceptional shocking performance right before her, this little bit of capability really couldn’t cause any waves.

Li Xue’er had specially stood on top of the stage for a little moment more hoping that someone could have noticed her.

In the end, all she heard were praises about Huang Yueli and how popular she was, causing her to turn green, stomping her feet as she rushed back angrily back to the contenders seating area.

The practical assessment was a total of four hours.

When the assessment ended, if any examinees were not able to complete both sections of the assessment or refine the required Profound Armaments, then they would not be able to continue on.

In reality, when time was up, there were only four people who managed to successfully refine two pieces of Profound Armament so the remaining examinees were eliminated on the spot.

As for those four who had successfully completed the assessment, the Profound Armaments that they had refined were all placed on stage, exhibiting it to all the students present.

Tang Jinhua walked up with all smiled as he announced, “Students, this round’s Armament Master certification assessment has ended successfully. Following this is what everyone is most concerned about – the announcement of the final results of the assessment! According to tradition, we will now publicly test the performance of each Profound Armament and award the final marks!”