Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 1chapter 85

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 85 Revenge Is A Dish Best Served With Mind Boggling Rods And Pheromones Part 1

Konrad's reply didn't sit well with the inquisitress.

"It seems that you still aren't aware of the gravity of the situation. It's alright, I don't need much time to take you down a peg. Girls untie him."

The immobile saw holding girls didn't understand why Konrad was trying to provoke the one holding his fate within her hand. Was he that eager to meet his ancestors.

Naturally, they felt no pity for him, and as instructed by the inquisitress, set the saw aside to remove Konrad's biddings, first his hands, then his feet. Being previously tied upside down, Konrad dropped onto the ground with his skull first crashing on concrete before the rest of his body followed.

"Cuff his hands beneath his back and bring me the pear of anguish."

"Yes, inquisitress."

One of the two priestesses placed the new biddings while the other stepped toward a shelf and picked up a pear-shaped iron tool composed of four leaves capable of expanding upon pulling the screw at the bottom of the instrument.

The priestess presented the instrument to the inquisitress who eyed it with unconcealed glee.

"Do you know why I'm not having them bind your feet?"

She asked while taking hold of the "pear" and heating its leaves with magical power.

Konrad, whose eyes remained glued on the pear of anguish, didn't have the mind to reply.

"Because I want you to feel like you can escape, I want to see your struggling legs thrashing to escape my grasp. I want to give you a small opportunity to challenge your fate as you squeal under my pear. Then I shall suppress all your futile attempts and rip you asunder. Hahaha!"

The inquisitress burst into laughter while pulling on the screw, causing it to expand, then pushing the screw back in to end the demonstration. Having read about the pear of anguish on earth, Konrad wasn't that surprised by the instrument and knew very well what its purpose was.

What surprised him was that so many earth torture devices were appearing within the Holy Flame Church's dungeons. Were the universe's nutcases all connected by a collective consciousness?

The lack of reaction within Konrad's eyes prompted a wave of frustration within the inquisitress who didn't understand why he stayed so calm. Although not many were exposed to it, the pear's purpose was clear.

Upon seeing it, anyone would know it was meant to go in an orifice. The thought alone usually caused most to shiver. However, Konrad remained unfazed. Even the essence devouring bugs that should have brought him intense pain and horror didn't seem to affect him much.

She was about to have him bent over on a table and aligned for the pear of anguish when his voice finally echoed.

"Tell me, what is it that you really want?"

Konrad's eyes stared directly into hers, and alongside his voice created a compulsion that unbeknown to her, brought out her deepest desires.

"I want to oppress all the outstanding men of this world, make them grovel at my feet and beg for salvation to fulfill my need for power and domination while soothing my hatred of the unjust status quo."

The words felt natural, however, as soon as she was done saying them, the inquisitress' eyes widened in disbelief.

The priestesses by her side also felt confused, feeling that some of those words should have never escaped her lips. However, they could relate. After all, although outwardly the church didn't discriminate, it was at its core a patriarchal society with the highest positions usually reserved for men.

The reason why the inquisition fell into the hands of women is that it was considered a dirty job unfit for the church's true elite. One would never see a paragon or flame spirit serving as an inquisitor. To thrive as an inquisitress, there were only two paths: To become cold and unfeeling or to relish in sadism.

However, at least the church granted them opportunities. Outside, it was much worse. In the Holy Continent, even with outstanding cultivation talent, women were often barred from positions of power. The titles they held were directly related to their husbands', and their rights to inherit lands came after every single male heir regardless of seniority.

Ultimately, their cultivation only served as ornaments to heighten the husband's prestige. There were few exceptions.

Naturally, many of them bore hidden grudges.

Still, they would never openly admit it. Which made the inquisitress' words startling. She turned toward the priestesses, daggering them with glowers that shoved all the words on their tongues down their throats, then shifted her attention back onto Konrad.

His lips had now curled into a smile, while his deep, piercing gaze violated her mind, and a faint orchid scent spread from his body.

Her sadistic desire to dominate men by inflicting atrocious pain upon them was slowly transformed and turned into an aching need to mount Konrad right there. To take his entire length down her pussy and ride him until he exploded within her.

Erotic images of the two of them in various positions sprang within her mind in succession, causing her body to shiver, and her inner thighs to rapidly moisten. She wanted to step back, to pull her gaze away from Konrad's, but she couldn't.

His eyes nailed her right where she stood and transformed her inner desires into a craving for him.

As for the two priestesses, they were only of the Arch Rank. Therefore, the orchid scent alone was enough to overwhelm them.

They fell onto the ground with their hands clutching their tingling lower abdomen and their legs tightly clenched.

Konrad ignored them, his focus remaining on the priestess.

"Are you sure that's what you want? I will ask again. What is it that you want?"

"I want to mount your shaft and ride you until you explode within me."

She directly replied. Terrified by her own words, she floundered, not knowing what to do. Konrad's Dream-Weaver powers once again kicked in, again transforming her inner desires.

Now she didn't just want to mount him. She wanted him to mount her, to oppress and dominate her until she was nothing more than his slave. The thought was getting engraved within her mind, becoming her raison d 'être. All her needs to dominate vanished, and from a haughty, sadistic dominator, she turned into a masochistic hound yearning for pleasure and pain.

"Now, now, tell me one last time. What is it that you want? Tell me your deepest desire."

Konrad's irresistible voice echoed within her mind, consuming her whole. To this stage, she still had no understanding of what had been done to her. It was almost as if her nature had changed from a moment to another without any apparent reason.

"I want you…to humiliate, oppress, degrade me until I'm nothing more than a toy to sate your lust."

"Well said."

Konrad chortled. With his Dream-Weaver bloodline level, women beneath the mid-stage Semi-Holy Rank could no longer resist him. Seamlessly rewiring them was simplicity itself.

He stood up, his eyes still locked on the inquisitress and oppressing her with profane thoughts.

"I can't do that with my hands tied, can I? So, what should you do now?"

Within the inquisitress' mind, Konrad's words made perfect sense. It was illogical to have him tied if he was meant to dominate her. Was it not?

"I must untie you."

She declared, then with a wave of her hands, shattered Konrad's cuffs.

"Good girl."