Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 2chapter 86

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 86 Revenge Is A Dish Best Served With Mind Boggling Rods And Pheromones Part 2 R 18

Nonchalantly, Konrad stood up, stretching his arms and neck while heaving a contented sigh.

He then returned his attention onto the inquisitress whose yearning eyes were still locked on him.



The blow came out of nowhere. One moment Konrad was still giving the inquisitress a gentle smile, the next he was giving her a violent slap across the right cheek.

Taken by surprise and thrown off balance, she was about to fall onto the ground when he pulled her by the collar and brought her close toward him for another resounding smack across the other cheek.

This time, he let her drop onto the ground.

The inquisitress looked at him with a strange gaze where a mixture of pleasure and pain intermingled. Odd, getting slapped by him felt so natural, so good, yet so painful at the same time. She offered no resistance, feeling that there was no meaning to it.

"You know, I really don't like harming women. Even when they wrong me, I rather just fuck them. The sight of an injured beauty truly hurts my soul, for it is such a waste.

Especially the face, so heartbreaking…"

Konrad sighed while grabbing a tuft of the inquisitress' hairs.

"However, you really got on my nerves. I dare say this is the first time I've been this annoyed by a woman. Tying me upside down while keeping a saw at my back? Infecting my body with essence gnawing bugs? Readying yourself to shove a pear-shaped torture device into my rear? What do you think this is? The Spanish Inquisition?"

"The…Spanish? There is a Spanish Inquisition? Why did I never hear of it?"



Konrad shut her up with another well-timed circular palm strike, then cleared his throat.

"Hum, hum. Never mind…fortunately, I have some use for you. Otherwise, I'd beat you until your broken flesh and blood littered the ground."

For some reason, the nefarious thought produced a titillating reaction within the inquisitress' abdomen. Konrad, who could clearly see her imagination kindled by his words, wondered if he hadn't gone a tad bit too far.

"In any case…"

He pressed her onto her knees, bound her hands with the cultivation suppressing cuffs before pushing her face against his crotch while still tugging on her hairs.


The scent of the meat-rod hidden beneath his pants spread to the inquisitress' nostrils and heightened her hunger. But held within his hand, and eager to receive his unrestrained oppression, she didn't dare make a move.

"Use your teeth to untie my belt and take down my pants."

Konrad ordered, and immediately, the inquisitress executed. Awkwardly, she bit the corner of his belt, tugging onto it and dragging with the full might of her jaw to pull it down in one stroke. When that stroke failed, she went at it again, disregarding the safety of her neck in her attempt to unstrap the belt.

Having her arms bound beneath her back didn't make it any more comfortable, but after the seventh attempt, she did manage to pull it down. With the belt holding them out of the way, Konrad's pants were ready to slide down his thighs.

"Pull them down."

Still with her teeth, she bit the waist and with a strong pull dragged the pants down in one clean stroke, causing Konrad's large, hardening shaft to spring free and lightly slap her face as she raised her head.

She didn't move, keeping her cheek pressed against his still hardening member as her eyes glazed with lust. The sight and scent filled her with the need to swallow it all in one go.

Now fully erect, Konrad's rock-hard dick pushed the inquisitress' cheek aside to tower above her face.

An indiscreet gulping sound echoed from her throat as she stared at the unholy marvel in front of her and restrained her saliva from escaping her lips.

Konrad flashed a wolfish grin, clasping his hands around her head.

"Open wide."

Answering his command, she opened her lips as wide as she could while sticking out her tongue to invite and accommodate her "new friend."

Konrad pressed his shaft against her tongue, then shoved it down her throat in one brisk hip stroke. Since this was punishment, he would naturally make her suffer.

The inquisitress gagged on his dick, struggling to gasp for air, but he paid her no consideration, holding her head firm within his hand to hammer her throat with firm thrusts.

Slurping and gulping sounds soon filled the air as her saliva dripped on the ground, and her eyes went wide from fright. Although her nose still allowed her some breathing space, the speed at which Konrad drove his large rod down her throat threatened to knock her out.

At the same, the pain of being so recklessly abused further moistened her inner thighs. Konrad then pinched the inquisitress' nose, causing her to lose all breathing space and to instinctively gasp for air, thus, sucking him deeper, faster down her throat and gagging harder on his dick.


His pace shot up, her eyes rolled back, her hands wrestled against her cuffs while his ball slapped her chin, and his rod ravaged her throat.

Konrad peaked, releasing abundant white-purple spunk down the inquisitress' throat, forcing her to swallow it all.

At the same time, her pussy had turned into a broken dam from which water freely gushed, soaking her garments as she came from the abuse and passed out on the ground.

However, before she could lose consciousness, Konrad yanked her hairs, administrating another merciless slap to wake her up through pain.

"Who said you were allowed to pass out. We're only getting started."

He turned toward the shelf from which the priestess had taken the pear of anguish and found a leather whip perfectly suitable for the next stage.

Stretching the leather whip, he walked toward her back, and without warning, cracked it on her back.


The inquisitress groaned in both pleasure and pain as the whip left a clear red mark on her back.

"I really can't understand people that delight in getting abused. But then again, I guess I'm to blame."

The Stolas poison had finished consuming the centipedes within Konrad's abdomen, turning them into nothingness.

Konrad then tossed the whip on the side, and with his now free hands, shredded the inquisitresses' clothes to reveal her naked body.

"I want to hear you squeal, not of pain, but of delight. To hear your moans screaming how you surrender yourself to me, body and soul to become my willing toy.

That is true pleasure."

Konrad took a moment to appreciate the inquisitress' beauty. With long sky-blue hairs falling below a slender waist, a pair of feline golden eyes shining with appeal, and an alluring hourglass figure that left no room for nitpicking, she was without a shred of doubt a riveting beauty. However, even with the natural charm created by her Semi-Saint cultivation, she was definitely a step below the empress.

As the inquisitress turned to face him, her previously condescending pair of eyes now stared into his with fear, deference, and submission while still begging him to take her hard and fast.

"On all four."

It was coming, she knew it, and unable to hide the excitation within her eyes, she once again turned her back toward Konrad, and lowered her chest to the ground while lifting up her plump rear and wiggling it at Konrad's face.



He smacked her left butt cheek hard, leaving a red handprint onto it. Her ass giggled, and her already dripping wet fold soaked the ground.

Konrad fell onto his knees, aligned his hardened rod with the inquisitress' entrance, and shoved it all the way to the hilt.


She groaned as her hymen broke and her tight pussy clenched his rod like a narrow glove, and when another slap struck her rear, she held him in even tighter.

"I expected at least an archbishop or two to have their way with you. How is it possible that you're still unspoiled?"

"The high-level male priests disdain my twisted personality…they prefer claiming those outwardly cold and unfeeling young priestesses and abbesses. Also, I'm half-human..."

"Good for me…"

Konrad said nothing more, activating his Hundred Flowers Scripture while slowly dragging his dick down her walls and pulling close to the entrance before slamming it all the way back in and sending tremors throughout her body.

With her large breasts pressed on the ground and her hands cuffed beneath her back, the position was relatively painful and profoundly humiliating. The feeling of getting debased to this extent made her drool.

With one hand pulling on her hairs and the other holding her waist, Konrad pounded his lust and rage into her, hammering her with reckless abandon until the sound of her groans and his body slamming against hers rivaled that of the prisoner getting roasted to death within the brazen bull.

The two priestesses who'd long since lost their minds to lust and shoved their hands into their pussies crawled toward Konrad to rob him from the inquisitress with kisses and caresses. However, it was to no avail.

He gave her his undivided attention, plowing that gripping field of hers until her mind fell to the mind-boggling orgasms. His rod trembled, announcing its release, and he unleashed large streams of demonic spunk within her.

This time, the cultivation was centered on him and using the system, Konrad split the gains between his martial and spiritual paths. Going from the second to the sixth step Arch Knight and Priest Ranks.

As the inquisitress dropped onto the ground, Konrad readjusted his clothes and sat in one of the few available chairs that didn't contain a torture device.

"Now, now, let's talk about business. By the way, what's your name?"


Only after doing all this was he asking her name? What a son of a bitch!