Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 100

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 100 Triple Taste R 18

With neither invitation nor warning, Konrad barged in. His sudden appearance took the three ladies by surprise. However, upon seeing his face, their stupor vanished.

"Do you always have to do this? Can't you knock for once in your life?"

Iliana rose and yelled in outrage.

"I can't. What if you were in the process of doing something illicit? For example, what if you were about to explore one another? I need to catch you red-handed."


"In any case, I'm about to become half this house's master. We might as well skip the formalities."

Hearing the "become half this house's master" part, Iliana softened while her cheeks turned red.

Zamira, who sat by her side, shook her head in disapproval. If she was always this easily coaxed, wouldn't she suffer untold bullying in the future?

"Actually, I came to check on you. How are you getting accustomed to your new physique?"

The question made Iliana regain her composure, and she returned to her seat.

"It is still in the Dormant Stage. I don't think I can awaken it before a very long time."

Regardless of ranks and nature, physiques were classified into three stages, Dormant, Awakened and Mastered. At birth, the physique usually was in the Dormant Stage and would awaken after a certain cultivation requirement was fulfilled.

As for the Mastered Stage, few could reach it before their cultivation matched their physique.

For example, Elmar possessed an Awakened Holy Physique which made it nigh impossible for those below the Holy Rank to injure him. But before he ascended to sainthood, he couldn't reach the Mastered Stage and make use of its full power.

Similarly, Konrad's three Transcendent Physiques were currently in the Awakened Stage, but to reach the Mastered Stage before the Transcendent Rank was at best challenging, and at worst impossible.

As for Iliana, her Innate Flame Physique was still in the Dormant Stage and was unlikely to reach the next level before the Transcendent Rank. Yet, even in the Dormant Stage, there were many benefits such as higher cultivation speed, greater battle power, and new attributes.

Moreover, physiques belonged to various categories. Nils and Elmar's physiques were of the balanced types, solid in both offense and defense. Konrad's first two physiques were also balanced; however, his Stolas Physique didn't provide much physical strength or resilience. Instead, it focused on magical potency, poison control, and immunity.

"That's no issue. When we dual cultivate to the Transcendent Rank, you will naturally awaken it."

Konrad reassured with his usual shamelessness.

Iliana's whose face wasn't as thick as his, turned red from embarrassment, almost wanting to dig a hole to hide herself.

Quick, a distraction! She needed a distraction!

Her eyes went left and right, seeking something to take the attention away from her. She then recalled her mother's predicament.

"We have an important matter to discuss. Because of you, my dad is now a wanton philanderer without a care for his long-time consort. My mom is suffering from injustice, and you must take responsibility!"

Konrad arched his eyebrows and prevented a laugh from escaping his lips.

"Oh? And how would I do that?"

"Hum…you must…hum…"

The words were more difficult to say than expected. Therefore, Iliana sought help from the shameless Daphne, poking her side for support. Daphne didn't disappoint.

"Isn't that simple? You must use your rod to make her feel whole again."


"What? Wasn't that the plan?"

"But how could you say it like that?"

Even the not easily disturbed Zamira was startled by Daphne's words. That girl truly reinvented the limits of brazenness on a daily basis.

"Hum, hum."

Konrad cleared his throat in a bid for attention.

"Are you sure this is what you want?"

Feeling the question aimed at her, Iliana took a moment to reevaluate her priority. Then she recalled Freya, the Semi-Saintesses, and all those women who would now vie for Konrad's favor and felt herself too isolated.

She desperately needed support! With her mother's cultivation and talent, as long as the right resources were provided, she could quickly reach the Semi-Holy Rank. At that time, those new lasses would have to fall in line!

Wasn't this the perfect plan?

"Since father made his choice. It is only right for mother to obtain her own happiness."

"How about you, mother-in-law, what do you think of this…arrangement?"

"Hum, I need some time to think…"

Jumping on the offer would make the whole thing look too suspicious. Therefore, Zamira chose to exercise restraints.

"I think you need to experience him firsthand before making your choice. You won't have any misgivings after that."

Daphne guaranteed, but Zamira still "hesitated."

"Just like that? It seems a bit…abrupt?"

Iliana was about to say something when Konrad's voice echoed.

"It's alright, I will help you."

He stretched out his hand, and the orchid scent he suppressed spread within the room alongside violet mist. Breathing in the fragrance and mist, Daphne, Iliana, and Zamira felt their body heating up with flaring lust.

Since none of them were experiencing this for the first time, they didn't feel much surprised.

"Konrad…the world has never seen…a more shameless man than you…"

Iliana mumbled while succumbing to Konrad's scent.

"I totally agree. That is why I am living such a good life."

Konrad approved, before carrying the three into his space mansion.

There was no time to waste. Konrad brought them to his favorite room and laid them on the spacious bed. Zamira lied in the middle, with Daphne at her left and Iliana at her right.

Konrad made short work of their pesky clothes, revealing his desired prizes, their luscious bodies, and dripping cunts. He fell onto his knees, stretching his left and right hands respectively toward Daphne and Iliana while his lips descended onto Zamira.

Softly, he rubbed their labia while his lips brushed Zamira's flower bud and his warm breath snuck in. His demonic scent soon overwhelmed their minds, and as the fire of lust reached its acme, Konrad lips locked onto Zamira's snatch while his fingers slipped into the Kracht cousins'.


They moaned in perfect tandem, unleashing tantalizing sounds that could kindle the lust of the most honorable of men.

While Konrad's tongue ran wild within Zamira, his fingers played the pleasure spots he was already so familiar with, causing the three's moans to reach new pleasure thresholds.

Desire flames burst from his form, filling the mother-daughter-cousin trio, and causing their last bits of rationality to vanish into nothingness.

Daphne was the first to react, and while still experiencing the touch of Konrad's fingers, lifted up the upper half of her body and took Zamira's left nipple into her lips. Iliana followed suit, attacking the right while Zamira's hands caressed their bodies, causing a picture both marvelous and scandalous.

Konrad stepped back, retracting his mouth and hand to allow the three to succumb to their new, forbidden desires while he disrobed.

As soon as he withdrew, their play reached a new level.

Daphne aligned Zamira's legs with hers and lifted one to position herself like a scissor and rub her cunt on the Kracht matron's.

Meanwhile, Zamira's fingers were replacing Konrad's within Iliana's while their lips locked onto one another.

By the time Konrad's clothes had fallen onto the ground, the sound of Daphne's pussy rubbing against Zamira's and Iliana's lips intertwining with her mother's had already filled the room.

"Easy, leave some room for me."

Konrad laughed before pulling Zamira into his arms to break the trio and impaled her on his rod.



The girls complained, but at that time, another rod rose beneath the one entertaining Zamira, and without a second thought, the Kracht cousins leaped onto it, attacking it from all angles and causing their slurping sounds to mix with Zamira's unrestrained moans.

Naturally, Konrad hadn't forgotten to activate his Hundred Flowers Scripture for an epic dual cultivation session.