Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 101

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 101 Remove The Problem R 18

Zamira's slick fold squeezed Konrad's primary rod while Daphne and Iliana gave tender affection to his second one. He reveled in the feeling of their ministrations before driving himself deeper into Zamira. As he reached the hilt, she gave a yelp of surprise.

His hip moves made it difficult for the Kracht cousins to keep his second rod between them, but when it attempted to escape their grasp, they would force it down one of their throats and squeeze it there. The battle carried on until Konrad pulled himself free of Zamira and led her back toward the bed, causing sounds of complaints to escape her full lips.

Laying her down the bed, Konrad motioned for the Kracht cousins to step toward him, which they immediately did. The spiritual connection allowing them to sense his thoughts, they knew exactly what to do.

Daphne leaped on top of his head, collaring his neck with her slender legs while Iliana bent herself over Zamira with her sweet, starving hole aimed at him.

Konrad aligned his rods with the holes presented to him while his roguish tongue snuck into Daphne's snatch and pleasured her from above.

Feeling his rods tease their cave entrances, Zamira and Iliana's eyes shone with aching needs. Unable to keep them waiting any longer, Konrad drove into them, burying himself in their tunnels to ravage them through and through.

Pleasure squeals filled the room as the Kracht trio surrendered to his touch. They then changed places, with Zamira stepping toward Konrad's back to lick his balls from below while Daphne and Iliana switched places on his rod.

Waves upon waves of orgasms followed before the Kracht trio collapsed on the bed, vanquished by Konrad's pistoning rod.

Unsatisfied, he summoned Faidra, Aliki and the seven Semi-Saints to ravage them by groups of two, while not forgetting to add the Kracht trio back in when they regained some energy.

The session went on for an entire day, and only after emptying his last bit of spunk, did Konrad fall back to observe the mess he'd made.

Twelve entangled bodies covered in white-purple fluid with looks of blissful defeat remained on the bed.

Konrad's body overflowed with boundless spiritual energy, and his cultivation rose to the ninth step Arch Knight and Priest Ranks and could breakthrough the Transcendent Rank given the right opportunity.

However, spiritual energy wasn't the driving force behind breakthroughs in the Transcendent Rank. Now Konrad should use the energy he'd accumulated to unlock his meridians and achieve his First Transformation. Only then could he truly breakthrough the Transcendent Rank.

Daphne's cultivation rose from the first to the fifth step Grand Knight Rank and was very close to the sixth while spiritual cultivation also appeared within her, quickly reaching the True Priest Rank.

Faidra and Aliki both reached the third step Grand Knight Rank and the first step True Priest Rank.

Iliana's breakthrough wasn't as significant, but she still reached the fourth step Arch Priest Rank and third step Arch Knight Ranks.

As for the others, their gains weren't significant.

Meanwhile, within the Holy Emperor's chambers, Nils lied on a luxurious bed with trembling eyelids. Following a brief struggle, her eyes opened, awakening to the sight of her father sitting by her side with a worried gaze.


Olrich stretched his hand toward her wrist to examine her pulse.

"How do you feel?"

"A bit tired, but I'm fine."


Olrich pulled back his hand and stood up, allowing Nils to step out of the bedsheets to adopt a sitting position on the bed. But at the very moment she steadied herself…


The sound of his right palm smacking her across the cheek boomed within the room. Nils was sent reeling on the bed with a blood line trickling down the left corner of her lips.

"It's good that you're fine. Otherwise, how could I beat some sense into you? Clearly, I have been pampering you for so long that now, my words mean nothing to you. Am I right?"

"Dad I…"

Nils began, but Olrich didn't let her finish.

"Don't -dad- me. You still remember that I am your father? I thought you'd forgotten. If you didn't, how could my words bear so little weight within your mind?

Tell me, do you still remember what I told you?"

Nils struggled to lift her body but kept her head lowered onto the ground.

"Father said that under no circumstances should I show my True Spirit Form or allow anyone to discover my real gender. If anyone managed to, I should dispose of them."

The bone-chilling gaze present on Olrich's face prevented Nils from raising her head and made her entire body shiver.

"What else did I say?"

"Father said that if I couldn't keep it concealed, even you couldn't protect me."

"That being the case, why did you disobey? Just to win a match? I don't believe it?"

For Nils to disobey his will for the sake of some tournament victory was absolutely impossible. Therefore, Olrich didn't doubt that the crux of the matter lied in the opponent. The Anselm Kracht.

If Nils openly admitted her real thoughts, then it meant that Kracht youth's weight within her heart wasn't that heavy, and this could all be blamed on a moment of willfulness.

But if she still chose to conceal the reason under his personal interrogation, then that boy's worth within her had already reached an intolerable level.


Unwilling to deceive her father, Nils said nothing, choosing to just remain silent.

"Silence is it then? Then you can stay silent on your knees for a week."

Without hesitation, Nils dropped onto her knees, still not saying another word.

Olrich's eyes burned with wrath.

With a sweep of his sleeve, he turned heels and stepped out of the room.

There, Elmar awaited.

"Father, please restrain your anger. Nils was just momentarily bewitched by that Kracht boy. After all, having been sheltered for so long, she has minimal experience of the world, even among those of her age.

It's comprehensible for her to get swindled by him. Especially when we consider his outstanding talent. Once he disappears, there will naturally be no more issues."

Elmar said with a polite bow.

Olrich pulled in a deep breath, dispelling his ire before returning his eyes onto his eldest son.

"What are your plans?"

"Unfortunately, Wolfgang is not giving us time to act. He has already sent the invitations and will have his daughter married to that Anselm boy tomorrow. At this stage, we can't do anything or will draw immediate suspicion and criticism.

It's best to let the marriage proceed without a hitch, let some time pass, and when their awareness is at its lowest, use house Leitner's hands to slay the boy. I will personally deal with Wolfgang, then blame the whole thing on the Leitner."

House Leitner's grievances with house Kracht had reached an insurmountable level. They were the best scapegoats possible.

"Nonsensical. As the empire's crown prince, how can you personally dirty your hands to slay a count. If you want to kill someone, there will be people to do it for you."

"I understand father's concerns, but Wolfgang is of my generation, and I know him better than most. I don't believe that sham of him still being at the Transcendent Rank. At the very least, he's now a Semi-Saint. The Semi-Saints I can dispatch are not many, and all are closely related to me. That being the case, I might as well do it myself to prevent variables."

Agreeing with his son's reasoning, Olrich nodded.

"After the wedding, you can come to pick Nils up."

"Thank you father, but are you really sending Nils to the Prosperous Wind Empire?"

Although to the outside world, this matter was a done deal, Elmar remained skeptical. And indeed, his doubts proved right.

"No man under the vast blue sky is worthy of my daughter. If there must be someone, that person should own the world and put it at her feet. Only then would I agree."

"That trivial Prosperous Wind Third Prince is…unworthy."

Olrich sneered.

Though relieved by those words, Elmar recalled the Dowager standing by the head exarch's side. That picture still put him ill at ease.

"But…with the head exarch and grandmother standing on the same side…"

Elmar didn't finish that Olrich was already dismissing him.

"Among the empire's Ten Great. Gerhard Herberger may rank first, but that doesn't mean no one can contend with him. As for your grandmother…"

Olrich paused, and his lips curled into a devious smile.

"I'm after all her only surviving child. If back then she couldn't bear harming me, I really want to see, if, after all those centuries, she dares.

In the end, am I still not her only surviving child, her last fleshly reminder of father in this world?

Therefore, she can threaten, hate, and scream! But when the time comes for her to raise her sword, it is not my neck she'll aim it at."