Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 106

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 106 Before All Witnesses

The guests stared mesmerized at the pair. Though tall and handsome, it wasn't the man that attracted their attention. Instead, it was the woman, the emerald haired and green-eyed beauty whose entire body dazzled in that enchanted, long white gown.

If in ordinary days, Iliana was already hard to resist, then with that enchanted robe turning her into a heavenly light beacon, she became irresistible. A goddess straight out of a wonderland.

At her side, under the guise of Anselm, Konrad paled. But that didn't matter, the jealous and greedy eyes furtively daggering him only to reaffirm his pride. Because she was his, and no one, nothing, could ever change that.

In tandem, they stepped forward, taking one steady step after the other as they walked down the aisle, awing guests and relatives.

Soon, they reached the aisle end where officiant and elders awaited them.

"Friends and relatives, welcome. We stand here today to bear witness to the union of these two souls and support them on the road of holy matrimony. However, with just the few of us, how could it ever be enough? Anselm, Iliana step forward."

Synchronous, the two stepped forward.

"The heaven above, the earth below, the deceased ancestors, the living elders, friends, and peers across all generations. Those are your witnesses. All will remember this day, remember your pledges. And should you break them, all shall scorn you for eternity!"

The officiant proclaimed as per custom.

"If you have any misgiving, and wish to turn back, now is the time. This is your last opportunity."

"We stand here united in embarking on the road of holy matrimony without an ounce of regret!"

The two replied in unison.

The officiant then proceeded with the traditional wedding vows and after receiving their solemn pledges, motioned for Iliana to present her love token.

In the Holy Continent, it was customary for the bride to tear off and tie a hair lock around her future husbands' wrist to symbolize bidding herself to him. Then the husband would sweep her off her feet and lead her to the nuptial chambers to consummate their wedding.

Without hesitation, Iliana yanked a few strands of hairs for all to see and tied them around Konrad's right wrist.

"Having received her token, you have accepted her as your wife. Anselm Kracht, you may kiss and take your bride!"

Konrad didn't need to hear this twice, he leaned in, locking his lips onto Iliana's while placing his arms around her to lift her from the ground and maintain her close to his chest. Iliana wrapped her arms around his neck for added support, while her tongue pounced onto his.

And like that, they strode toward the nuptial chambers under the applause of boiling men and starry-eyed women.

Konrad kicked the door open, leading his new bride in, then the parents would close the door behind. Thus, marking the end of the marriage ceremony. The guests were led to the celebration hall.

Following the consummation, there would be some festivities, and the guest would then be free to return to their respective houses.

As the door closed behind them, Konrad carried Iliana onto the nuptial bed, laid her onto it, and kissed her with raw passion.


She struggled to say between caresses.

"Don't worry about that."

The scenery changed, in a flash, Konrad pulled the two of them into the space mansion, within a room one hundred percent similar to their previous nuptial chambers.

"What are we doing here?"

Iliana asked upon realizing the change.

"We are here to consummate our wedding, of course. The outside is about to become too…problematic…so to speak."

Iliana was about to ask what evil ploy Konrad had enacted when his lips shut her voice and led her back into passion.

Meanwhile, as he stepped into the space mansion, Konrad pulled the true Anselm out of his cell and sent him to the nuptial chamber alongside one of his servant girls. Having been well instructed in the task, they knew what to do. And while he consummated his wedding with Iliana, those two faked lovemaking in the nuptial chamber with false moans aimed at swindling the burrowed assassins.

And soon, they made their move.

The ground split, and from it soared five cloaked figures that directly leaped toward Anselm and hacked him into dozens of bloody pieces with ferocious sword blows.

He didn't even have the time to scream.

"That easily?"

The leading assassin, Holger's guard captain, wondered while staring at the falling pieces of Anselm's body. He stretched out his hand to grab the head, then looked at the other side of the bed for Iliana.

But she was nowhere to find. Instead, a terrified woman of unknown background laid fully clothed.

"…shit. Let's go!"

In a flash, the guard captain understood the ploy, but it was far too late. Wolfgang barged in, casually throwing five palm strikes that exploded four of the assassins' head and sent Holger's guard captain flying against the wall with all his internal organs ruptured.

Blood gushed from all his orifices as his limp body slid onto the ground. With his last breath of life, he glowered toward Wolfgang with eyes full of unwillingness.

"This was…a trap?"

"We were the ones that helped you conceal yourselves. The ones that coordinated with the fifth prince and house Slesinger for the assassination. How could it not be a trap?"

Wolfgang threw another palm, knocking the paragon spirit guard unconscious.

As consciousness left him, his heart full of grievances. Not because of the debacle, but because he understood he'd been tricked by none other than Holger to whom he'd given decades of loyal service.

Meanwhile, Konrad had left Iliana within the space mansion and returned to the chambers. Using his Transformation skills, he then assumed the shape of Iliana.

"Dad, are you ready for the year's number one play?"

"Please don't call me like that…"

Wolfgang replied, full of discomfort.

Konrad heartily laughed while pasting the blood of the deceased Anselm on his face then waved toward his head.

Anselm's soul condensed above Konrad's hand, and he forced it into Holger's guard captain's body, helping it overwhelm his feeble soul and take possession of the body.

"Now, now, it's time to scream."


"Iliana's" heart-rending roar shook the entire Kracht mansion, alarming both relatives and guests.