Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 117

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 117 We Finally Meet

Konrad and Jasmine spent the remaining of the day in passionate dual cultivation. Hours through which her cultivation skyrocketed, reaching the third step Grand Knight and Priest Ranks. Due to them sharing the same cultivation method, Jasmine obtained more benefit from their dual cultivation than others in the same conditions.

At night she collapsed, falling into sex induced torpor and leaving Konrad alone on the bed. He sat cross-legged in meditation, awaiting a certain visit. And soon, it came.

The black cat pushed the door open, stepping in. Seeing it, Konrad's lips curled into a smile.

"You really didn't waste any time. Good."

From Konrad's tone, the cat understood he'd been waiting for it, and surprise flashed within its feline eyes.

"You've been waiting for me?"

It asked in a mental message, dropping all pretenses.

"Naturally. You may be able to fool Jasmine, but how can you fool me? Although there seems to be no cultivation within your body, with my current physique, even if I don't use my cultivation base, a casual blow is not what the average Arch Rank expert can evade.

However, you not only evaded all of my strokes but didn't leave me any means to avoid yours. We might have been fooling around, but that exchange was enough for me to realize your extraordinariness."

Konrad explained as the cat strode toward a nearby chair.

"Moreover, in the past weeks, I've been learning a lot about the empire's history. For example, I know the leading members of house Metze are all nirvana cats. In their True Forms, nirvana cats don't have any unique outward characteristics, looking like smaller, blue-eyed Javanese cats.

Jasmine just happened to receive such a cat from the holy consort? How could there be such a coincidence in the world?"

As Konrad's explanation ended, the cat stopped beneath the chair, then turned back to lock its eyes onto Konrad's.

"It's not like I was trying to deceive you. This is one of my Pure Selves. I was just curious as to how long it would take for you to figure me out."

Blue mist burst from the cat and swirled around its form. In a flash, its shape changed, going from the small black Javanese cat to a slender woman dressed in a provocative crimson dress. The dress stopped above her knees and fully revealed her enthralling legs while her heart-shaped neckband showcased her ample bosom.

Her silky ink-like hairs fell above her calf, cascading on her back while her face remained hidden by a silver mask. She pulled off the silver mask, revealing the most mesmerizing face Konrad had seen to this day.

Flawless figures and mesmerizing faces, since he'd arrived in this world, he'd seen more than one. However, there was something peculiar about this woman's face. An ethereal charm that compelled the onlookers' gaze and bewitched the soul regardless of genders. In her presence, all beauties paled, and all would agree that under the vast blue sky, she was unrivaled.

"Holy consort, we finally meet."

Such a figure could only belong to the holy consort, Else Metze. Unfortunately for Jasmine, with her shallow experience and inexistent background, she had no way of knowing that the cat she got from Else's hand was Else herself.

Without a word, Else sat within the chair, setting her mask on her lap while keeping her eyes locked on Konrad's.

"Inaccurate, we've met many times, you just weren't aware of it."

Else replied, causing Konrad's eyes to flash with vigilance? As expected, since his takeover of the body, the holy consort had been observing him.

"You can ask me three questions. I will honestly answer them."

"Why have you been observing me?"

"Why have you been helping me?"

"What do you want from me?"

Those were the three questions that'd been bothering Konrad for a while. As for why the holy consort didn't want him to approach Yvonne, even if he didn't ask, she would tell him.

"I've been observing you because of my doubts regarding your identity."

"I've been helping you because you were entrusted to me by someone else."

"I want the same thing that person wants; to help you grow fast enough to soon overthrow the von Jurgen dynasty alongside us, however, our goals are different. I want the empire for myself. She wants it for the Infernal Cult and the Barbarian Continent.

As for who that person is, that is another question. But I suppose you're smart enough to figure that out on your own."

That Else was somehow connected to the Barbarian Continent was astonishing news. However, thinking about it, Konrad was not that surprised. Unlike the other sovereign prince houses, the Metze were not Uradels. The reason was that although their house was ancient, they'd only joined the Holy Flame Empire three thousand years ago.

Before that, the Metze served under the Northern Barbarian King. However, due to a clash between Else's grandfather and the Northern Barbarian King of that time, house Metze defected and submitted to the Holy Flame Empire, opening the road for devastating attacks.

As per their deal, Else's grandfather was allowed to keep his vast lands, ennobled, and the Metze became the empire's third princely house. However, that didn't mean they'd cut off all connections to their roots. The church had always suspected them to be spies of the Infernal Cult and tried to suppress them in any way possible.

However, with their deep foundation, it wasn't a simple task.

As for who the identity of that person Else mentioned. Besides Konrad's mother, who else could it be?

With a wave of his hand, Konrad sent Jasmine into the space mansion.

"Since you first gave me three questions, I suppose you also want to ask me something?"

"True, but I only have one."

Else didn't beat around the bush, but as she spoke, her tone chilled, and vast pressure erupted from her body, locking Konrad from all sides.

"Who the hell are you?"

There it came, from the moment he became aware of her interest in him, Konrad dreaded this day. Unfortunately, it came before he was fully prepared. However, unwilling to reveal flaws, and fearing a last probe, he displayed a surprised look.

"What do you mean by that?"

"No need to act before me. Since I answered you with honesty, you should at least reciprocate."

Else began while intensifying the pressure around Konrad and scanning him from her blue slit eyes.

"You're lucky that in his short time within the imperial palace, Konrad didn't contact many. However, anyone that knew him a little would see the inconsistencies.

And unfortunately for you, I've been by his side since he was seven. I dare say that even his mother didn't necessarily know him better than I did.

Konrad was timid. You are gregarious.

Konrad was gentle and couldn't hurt a fly. You are cruel and don't hesitate to slaughter.

Konrad possessed a selfless, righteous heart. You are selfish and wicked.

Though endowed with peerless looks, he couldn't endure women's attention and always stammered in their presence. You pluck them like you've been doing this for decades.

He loves cats. You hate them.

I could go on for an entire day. With such overwhelming differences, you still dare claim to be him?"