Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 119

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 119 Mismatched Feelings

Condensing Supreme Meridians required two things, exceptional talent, and top-notch resources. Supreme Meridian Condensing pills were low-level Divine Rank Medicines with exp cost in the billions. Even if Konrad wanted to save the exp for one, it wasn't what he could do in a single night.

As for the recipe, it was still of the Divine Rank and cost more than one billion. However, even if he could obtain it, collecting the ingredients was impossible. To say nothing of the Divine Rank, he already needed house Voight's help to collect the ingredients for a Holy Rank baptism.

Unwilling to waste more time, Konrad switched his attention to his spiritual cultivation. Spiritual cultivation wildly differed from the martial path. First, it had nothing to do with lineage and entirely relied on talent. Second, while spiritual cultivation talent was rarer than the martial counterpart, in the higher stages, spiritual cultivation was much easier to pursue.

Just like in the martial path, the Transcendent Rank was for spiritual cultivators a demarcation line where foundation determined battle power and future. However, it was much more straightforward. The energy accumulation was the same for everyone. But, in the first Soul Transformation, depending on talent, different avatars would be condensed. With the avatar's strength determining battle power and future.

From lowest to highest, those were:

Innate Avatars, Greater Avatars, Royal Avatars, and Imperial Avatars.

With his current cultivation talent, Konrad didn't doubt he could condense one of the highest level.

His eyes shut close as he gathered his accumulated soul force to condense his avatar.

His soul force gushed forth, intertwining in intricate nets to weave the avatar from his accumulated power. Slowly but surely, the avatar appeared, the intricate web lines intertwining to form a miniature, illusory version of Konrad that glittered in diamond light.

Diamond light was the mark of Imperial Avatars.

As the illusory Konrad appeared, the diamond light rippling from it spread throughout the room, carrying with it immense soul force and marking the end of Konrad's first Soul Transformation.

His soul force sharpened. Although it remained the same in quantity, its quality had reached a brand-new level, and the might of his spells rose alongside it.

Konrad's eyes fell upon the miniature, illusory version which just like him remained cross-legged in meditation. As his eyes fell upon it, its fell on his, and both exchanged the same glances and smiles.

With the first Soul Transformation complete, although it was only in the spiritual path, Konrad had officially stepped into the Transcendent Rank. Moreover, with his current avatar, the might of his fourth circle spells would become unfathomable.

Konrad didn't stop there, seizing the opportunity to improve all his physiques. With his current cultivation in the martial and spiritual paths, reaching the Mastered Stage of his Transcendent-level physiques was simplicity itself.

In a heartbeat, he unlocked their true powers, causing his battle power to rise to another level, and his entire body to glitter in multicolor light.

His cultivation ended, and he returned to Jasmine's side. In the space world, thanks to the Time Warping Clock, he'd been cultivating for almost forty hours.

However, outside his cultivation room, only four hours had passed. Jasmine had just awakened from her sleep but relaxed on the bed with a radiant smile and eyes shut close.

Konrad stepped toward her, sitting by her side.

"You've broken through."

She realized, feeling his improvement. Thanks to their Partnership of Equals, although her cultivation was much lower than his, she could clearly feel his improvements, be it in the bloodline level or the cultivation department.

"Naturally. I hope that even when I'm not by your side, you'll focus hard on your cultivation to not fall too far behind."

"Humph! Instead of worrying about me falling behind, you should worry about me surpassing you while you idle with your beauties."

Jasmine declared with a pompous snort, causing Konrad's lips to draw a smile.

"And what would you do if your cultivation surpasses mine."

"Of course I would get rid of the pesky women by your side and enforce monogamy onto you!"

Knowing Jasmine's disposition, Konrad wasn't startled by her words. However, he couldn't help but chuckle at the thought.

"Then you'll have to work hard. As things stand, a lifetime is not enough for you to catch up to me."

"Chasing you for a lifetime is not that bad either."

As she spoke, Jasmine leaned on Konrad's chest, setting herself at ease within his arms. Although she knew he would never change his licentious ways for anyone, although she knew he used trickery, he was after all the first man to truly understand her heart. The first to throw it off-balance and engrave himself onto it.

If chicks imprinted on the first object they saw, then Konrad was Jasmine's first sight, the one she'd imprinted herself on. She could no longer let go of him. Konrad understood that principle, wrapping his arms around her in a warm embrace.

"Swear that you'll never let go of me."

"Why ask such a thing? Isn't it obvious enough?"

"Within a couple, the occasional gesture reaffirms love. However, that doesn't mean the partner is no longer aware of his/her lover's feelings. The reaffirmation of emotions reminds the partners of the initial flame and strengthen them against potential adversity."

Konrad agreed with that train of thought.

"I not only swear that I will never let go of you, but just like I promised before, I swear to bring you to discover the wonders of the Holy Continent, and even the entire Ancient Crystal World."

Jasmine was satisfied. She pressed herself harder on Konrad's chest, wrapping her arms tighter around him as if clinging onto a lifetime of accumulation.

"As long as you remember this pledge, I shall ask for nothing more."

Jasmine always believed that "guilt" and "possessiveness" were the primary reasons why she could cling onto Konrad. And indeed, she was right. In his previous life, to avoid the traps of genuine emotions, Konrad focused on women that didn't seek a future. Wives, fiancés, girlfriends, and those only looking for a tryst, something to cling upon when life soured and expectations crumbled.

He was glad to choose his preys within those categories because psychology taught him that those were the ones that would never bring him problems.

However, as soon as he landed into this world, the system gave him an ultimatum that shoved him onto Jasmine and awakened a half-incubus bloodline.

As a human being without a heart of ice. He could swindle her, but when faced with the results of his actions, he couldn't suppress guilt from rising within him. As a sex demon of noble ancestry, possessiveness rose within him, preventing him from giving her up, compelling him into making himself the only man within her mind.

Thankfully, the sixth prince, Wenzel, helped in the fulfillment of that task.

Now she was not only his but shared his blood. And thanks to the intimate connection it provided them with, Konrad knew that although among his core harem members, Jasmine was the least willing to accept sharing him, for the sake of still having him by her side, she would make the necessary concessions.

Humanity, righteousness, principles, for the sake of holding onto him, she could give up anything.

That being the case, why could he not shower her with affection? Although they both knew that his gestures didn't stem from true love, they would build their relationship on that exchange of mismatched feelings.