Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 120

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 120 Tower Of Rebirth

Alongside Jasmine, Konrad returned to the outside world.

"Oh, I'd almost forgotten. The holy consort wanted me to give you this."

Jasmine slapped her forehead and pulled out an ordinary looking scroll which she extended toward Konrad. Perplexed, Konrad took it into his hands, and unfolded it, revealing a map like figure highlighting many points in an unknown location.

The map seemed divided into three layers, each with its areas of focus.

"What is this?"

"According to her, this is a map of the first three levels of the Tower of Rebirth. She also said this was your ticket to supremacy and what you should prepare yourself for."

"My ticket to supremacy?"

Konrad had no knowledge of what that "Tower of Rebirth" represented. Therefore, he browsed through the knowledge of his Semi-Saint maids seeking answers through them.

"The Tower of Rebirth. A place where fishes can become dragons and peasants become kings. Jointly controlled by the Celestial Church and the Infernal Cult, it's said to be a joint construction of their founders and house innumerable treasures. The leaders of the two factions are also buried there.

In times of peace, it is used as a battlefield between their younger generation. Those beneath the Transcendent Rank and above the Semi-Holy Rank cannot enter, and while it welcomes everyone, not many dare meddle in that clash between the world's strongest factions."

Konrad was unimpressed. At best, the founders of the Celestial Church and Infernal Cult were Divine Rank experts. That being the case, the legacies they left behind, couldn't surpass the Divine Rank.

As long as his exp count was sufficient, the system could provide him with countless resources in that level. Why then would he risk himself within an unknown location, sandwiched between the experts of the two most dreadful forces of this world?

Else had no knowledge of his system. Therefore, recommending a trip over there wasn't surprising.

But as far as he was concerned, it was stupidity.


"Time within the Tower of Rebirth flows twenty times faster than in the outside world. Additionally, it is riddled with frequent time storms capable of shredding decades or centuries of lifespan of those caught within.

The two founders each left various traps aimed at the enemy. As soon as one steps inside, the tower assesses your heart and classifies you based on beliefs. Those who have faith in the Five Divine Lords of the Celestial Church are targeted by the Infernal Cult founders' traps whereas those who have faith in the Infernal Cult's Four Kings are targeted by the Celestial Church founders' traps.

As for those holding faith in neither…they are attacked by all traps."

With that knowledge alone, Konrad would never step into that place. Better than anyone, he knew that he had faith in neither the Divine Lords nor the Kings of Hell. That being the case, the Tower of Rebirth was to him very likely to turn into a clear ticket to the netherworld.

How could he risk his life for benefit he could otherwise obtain?

He negatively shook his head, unwilling to step into such turbid waters.

"System, what do you know of the Tower of Rebirth?"

"When they arrived in the Ancient Crystal World, the leaders of the Celestial Faction and the Infernal Cult both dedicated themselves on developing their respective realm's faith.

It wouldn't be long before the world was divided into two parts, each worshipping different gods. Be it to fight for merits or to keep spreading their respective faith, the two parties knew war was inevitable and death very likely.

However, unwilling to let their knowledge and legacies fade into oblivion, they built the Tower of Rebirth. A place where even the untalented could, if fate allowed it, rise into an earthshaking expert.

There they sealed all their knowledge, cultivation methods, arts, spells, and most of the items and artifacts they brought from the higher realms.

Then they battled to the death, in the first world war. Causing the deaths of millions and bringing the world's first civilizations to an end.

They killed one another, but upon death, their bodies vanished. It is assumed that they'd both prepared to be teleported into the Tower of Rebirth at death.

Since then, the leaders of the Celestial Church and Infernal Cult carried on the tradition and are buried within the Tower of Rebirth."

Within those words, Konrad gleamed more than one problem.

"The founders of those two forces trusted each other enough to jointly build that tower?"

"Being sent to the Mortal Realm to spread faith is not a reward. It is a punishment. While under normal circumstances, only those beneath the God Rank can descend on a mortal world, there is no glory in doing so.

Who in their right mind would abandon the resources and cultivation environment of the higher realms to come waste their future in the Mortal Realm?

Deva or Demon, neither are willing to.

As for those founders and the people they brought alongside them, all were sinners for a reason or another. The founders, in particular, carried a rather severe sin.

With their talent, background, and cultivation, they were very likely to become gods. Were it not for that sin, they would have never been sent to this world.

They fell in love with one another, breaking the two higher realms greatest taboo and giving birth to a half-deva, half-demon child pair of twins.

The two realms each kept one twin, using them as tools to force the two into this world as "missionaries."

Whoever could prevail on the other, would be allowed to return to their realm, and have the twins returned.

Unfortunately for them, none managed to."

For a moment, Konrad could swear he felt deep melancholy within the system's voice. However, how could that be?

Quickly, he dismissed the thought, returning his attention on the matter at end.

"You said it's likely for their bodies to be buried within the Tower of Rebirth?"

"It's not just likely, they are indeed buried there. Hidden within one of the highest levels."

"And what thing could I get from those bodies that you cannot already provide me…?

God Meridians!"

"Indeed, but you should forget about that. I didn't tell you before because their bodies are buried in too dangerous a place. With your current foundation, attempting to reach it is suicide.

Why take the risk when you can just turn Supreme Meridians into God Meridians within the Divine Transformation Rank?"

The system made a salient point. If this were the only benefit, Konrad would indeed not risk himself.

"However, unless someone managed to pluck them, there should be God-Rank Artifacts on their bodies. Or at least, somewhere within the tower."

Konrad's eyes widened in disbelief.


"They were after all God-Children. Born and nurtured by their genitors from the cradle. Having reached the Divine Ascension Rank before being exiled to this world, they, of course, possessed God-Rank Artifacts. However, a million years have passed since their demise. Whether those artifacts remain is a mystery."

The enticement of God-Rank Artifacts was enough for Konrad to risk his neck.

"Funny how the two "higher realms" are this prejudicial regarding bloodline intermingling."

"It's not prejudice, it is fear. Half-deva, half-demon children can unite their two bloodlines into a brand-new one and innately possess shocking powers. Allow them to exist, grow, procreate, and who knows what they might achieve in the future.

Perhaps one could even unite the two higher realms or create a third one. Neither the Celestial nor the Infernal Rulers are excited by such prospects."

"Meaning that…"

"The twins have long since been killed."