Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 17

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 17 Awakening The Sleeping Beauty

Led by Iliana, Konrad stepped inside Daphne's chambers. Despite her status of imperial consort, her room was plainly decorated, which made Konrad assume that just like Iliana she was more on the reserved end.

On the queen-sized bed, the figure of a pale green haired woman could be seen. She was of slender built with long eyelashes and a perfectly carved, Greek goddess-like figure that left no room for nitpicking.

But with the seriousness of the situation, Konrad didn't have time to appreciate her beauty. Iliana stepped toward Daphne with one of the two True Spirit Restauration pills in her hand and unceremoniously forced it down her throat.

In a heartbeat, the pill dissolved within her system, causing dark blue light to envelop her body and attack the seal affecting her mind. At the same time, Iliana swallowed the other pill and sat cross-legged to restore her spiritual power.

"I didn't have a chance to obtain my cultivation method and physique until now. Let's get to that."

"Finally! I have a vacation to take!"

Said the exasperated system.

Konrad entered the system to cash in his cultivation method reward. He was now a fourth step Grand Knight and sixth step True Priest. That combined with his incubus bloodline gave him great potential for both the martial and spiritual paths.

But while browsing through the many Grand Level cultivation methods, he was dissatisfied. There were many excellent cultivation methods available, but none that fit his requirements. And he was about to switch to the physique category when he spotted a certain method near the end of the Grand level list.

"Hundred Flowers Scripture: High-grade Grand Martial and Spiritual dual cultivation method.

Description: Dual cultivation is often looked down on as a fast but unsteady road to power. The creator of this scripture aimed to remedy that by forging a method allowing the user to simultaneously cultivate the martial and spiritual paths to perfection through dual cultivation.

Sexual intercourse done through the use of the Hundred Flowers Scripture also enables the user to spiritually connect with his partner and maximize the benefits obtained by both.

Special Abilities: Perfect Energy FoundationExtreme SpeedEmpowered SensesEmpowered Regeneration AbilitiesLight, Lightning and Nature Triple Affinity.

Upgradable Four Times.

Creator: Talroth, fourth king of hell, lord of lust, ruler of all sex demons."

A perfect fit!

Without hesitation, Konrad picked that cultivation method, causing the mnemonic to fly and appear within his mind.

He then turned his gaze toward the physique category which brimmed with many appealing techniques. However, only one could snatch his attention.

"Grand Primal Physique: Dual cultivation physique that maximizes the benefits of dual cultivation for both sides. The higher the gap in power, the more benefits the lower one receives.

Special Ability: 50% bonus in strength and 100% bonus in resilience.


This physique would be of paramount importance for training his army of beauties.

As far as the system was concerned, the end game was to establish a harem of ten thousand goddesses. Konrad didn't believe he could actually go out and swindle ten thousand goddesses into his harem to fit the requirement.

What he could do, however, was to train them all from scratch. The picture of Jasmine then flashed within his mind, and although it had only been a few days since their encounter, he was eager to "bring her into the fold." So to speak…

He then exited the system and sat cross-legged formally start cultivating. As the owner of the system, Konrad didn't need to spend time in comprehending the mnemonics and could directly start his cultivation.

White light burst from his body, flower petals emerged from within and danced around his form while pinkish mist sprang from his pores.

Rapidly, his unsteady sky-blue streams of spiritual energy were refined with his muscles and bones being tempered and brought to a state of absolute perfection.

His shoulders grew broader, and his abs were toned to perfection while his height went from 1.78 meters to a full 1.85 meters with his entire body brimming with power and masculinity. This was the merit of the Grand Primal Physique being activated.

Thirty minutes of silent cultivation passed in a heartbeat. But Daphne and Iliana had yet to complete their recuperation.

Konrad now had an important decision to make.

Whether or not to upgrade his bloodline?

As seen in the system beforehand, although the pureblooded incubus bloodline was of the Arch Rank and cost five hundred thousand exp, The upgrade from half to pureblooded incubus only required fifty thousand exp. With that upgrade, his power over women and fighting abilities overall were likely to soar to a terrifying level.

At the very least, he believed that below the Transcendent Rank, there was no woman he wouldn't be able to subjugate and that within the Grand Rank, men would also have to surrender their lives.

But with that great boost in power came an even greater risk. Wasn't the likelihood of his bloodline being exposed going to rise?

But as he pondered what to do, the system's voice echoed within his mind.

"You don't have to be worried. Contrary to popular belief and other demonic races, the purer the blood, the harder it is to detect incubi. Pureblooded incubi, in particular, are masters of deception. Your transformation skill will be able to trick anyone below the Holy Rank while your demonic energy signature will only be visible if you lose control of yourself…like you did before."

"So hurry up and let me go on my vacation!"

"Aren't you a robot? What kind of vacation can you take?"

"Sleeping is my vacation! All those crazy women screaming in your hands are driving me crazy! Fuck! Why did Happiness God not give me a mute button? This is outrageous!"

"Can a system go crazy?"

Konrad was starting to think that the system was getting more "human" by the second. Perhaps one day he would pop out of his head with a body of his own!

But having been reassured by him, he no longer had any hesitation and traded the required fifty-thousand exp to upgrade his bloodline rank to pureblooded incubus. His exp count then dropped to 65015.

And a shocking change occurred.

His eyes permanently turned purple, long goat horns emerged from his forehead while his nails turned into sharp claws sharper than most swords and a pair of large bat-like wings sprang from his back.

Fortunately, Iliana was still in a trance; otherwise, he would have a lot of explaining to do. He drew a deep breath, and his body reverted to normal. But he could now feel that his senses had been sharpened and his body enhanced in every conceivable manner.

He was faster.



And possessed preternatural instincts leagues above that of the average predator. Now everything about him had reached true perfection. Oddly, however, the scent of orchids lingered around his body.

He stood up, and at that time, the situation of the two women changed. Iliana's eyes sprang open with vast spiritual power springing from her mind.

Her spiritual power had been sealed for more than a decade, but she had never stopped cultivating it. Now, all that accumulation was about to explode in a large breakthrough!

And from the ninth step of the True Priest Rank, she directly reached the third step Grand Priest Rank!

Iliana's true talent had always resided in spiritual cultivation which was why her father had her deeply hide it to avoid the reprisals of the envious.

Meanwhile, Daphne's eyelids trembled, and her slowly, her eyes also opened. The paleness of her skin had vanished and was replaced by a pearl white that brimmed with lifeforce.

With her body still slightly trembling from the recovery, she stood and swept the room with her emerald slit gaze.

"Horrendous! Who decorated my room so plainly? The galls!"


Iliana beamed and leaped toward her with open arms. Daphne had no notion of the lost time but didn't resist her favorite cousin's embrace.

But then, her attention fell onto the tall Adonis standing at the center of the room, and her eyes lit up.

"What a fine piece of work! Iliana, where did you find that tasty hunk? Do you mind giving him to me? I promise not to break him."

And for the first time since he had arrived in this world, Konrad was struck speechless by someone other than the system.