Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 2

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 2 You Can Only Be My Woman R 18

"Do I have access to any resources besides your attitude?"

Konrad asked while analyzing the girl from afar.

"I can boost your cultivation to fifth step Initiate Knight which will automatically activate your half-incubus bloodline abilities."

"Why didn't you do that earlier?"

"You didn't ask."


Others received helpful systems that would properly lay down all their functions. But he received some asshole with a high-school prom queen attitude.

"God, who did I offend?"

"All the husbands whose wives you stole."

"…just work your magic."

"Host's Cultivation increased to fifth step Initiate Knight."

"Bloodline Abilities Unlocked."

"Transformation Skill"

"Female Dream Theft"

Immediately, Konrad could feel a warm stream of energy spreading from within his body into his every organs, bones, and muscles. His entire body was refined, and he went from a feeble youth without the strength to truss a chicken to an arm strength of two hundred kilos.

He then aimed his index at the daydreaming girl and caused an invisible white thread to fly from her forehead and reach his mind.

"To roam the world within the arms of a gentle prince, free and unrestrained."

As the girl's most cherished dreams and desires dived into his mind, Konrad arched his eyebrows.

"That girl would have been a perfect match for the previous body's owner."

He then used his transformation skill to turn his ordinary blue eunuch robe into a lavish golden robe embroidered with nine stars swirling around a winged serpent. The robe of an imperial prince!

The Holy Flame Empire possessed a very strict hierarchy with nobles of different ranks being afforded different privileges. The right to wear gold and embroider nine stars on clothing was reserved for the imperial family.

The winged serpent was the highest totem of the Paragon Spirit race that dominated the Holy Flame Empire.

To disguise oneself as a member of the imperial family was punishable by death.

But Konrad didn't give a damn.

To avoid future problems, he also changed his appearance to that of a breathtaking six-foot-tall, silver-haired youth with glistening, porcelain-like skin. Those were the prominent features of the Paragon Spirit Race.

Armed to the teeth, Konrad silently stepped toward the girl.

"Why bask under the shadow of the moon when your beauty transcends it?"

A gentle voice came from the girl's back and pulled her from her trance. She turned to face its origin and was shocked to see a mesmerizing paragon spirit youth dressed in the attire of an imperial prince.

"Your imperial highness!"

The girl's first reaction wasn't to blush under his comment, but to curtsy in greeting. Although she was a new palace maid, like all the others she had undergone rigorous screening and training processes. His attire was like a beacon that triggered her training.

"You may rise."

Konrad said, and she obeyed. However, she dared not look him in the eyes. He then lifted her chin with his index and peered deep into her eyes.

"What's your name?"

There was something strange about that man's presence, an aura, and charm different from the usual paragon spirit. A sexually charged aura that slowly crept on the soul and overpowered the senses.

He was dangerous.


She replied, quietly.

"The pure white flower yearning for love. Befitting."

Konrad said with his eyes locked onto hers and his face approaching an inch closer.

"May I ask what your highness is doing in the palace maids' quarters so late at night?"

She wanted to run yet didn't and stared back without fear.

"I originally wanted to admire the waning moon. But now, I just want to admire you."

His face went even closer, and his nose almost brushed hers.

"Your Highness is jesting. How can a servant girl like me be worthy of your admiration?"

But she was betrayed by her rosy cheeks and thumping heart.

Konrad extended his hand toward her, she knew it was her last chance to run, but still, she took it.

He then led her to sit by his side and pulled her into conversation. Time flew by at breakneck speed, and before she knew it, her head rested on his chest while his arm was wrapped around her.

"Do you resent your parents for offering you to the palace?"

"In the Holy Flame Empire, humans are no different from slaves. There isn't much a daughter without any cultivation talent can ever bring to them. Beauty without strength or status is no different than a curse.

They gave me my life, and now they sold it. I only feel that I've repaid what I owed."

"But I wish to thank them. If not for them, I would not be holding you."

He flirted. And as Jasmine stared into his eyes, she felt like she meant the world. More extraordinary, it was the first time a man's eyes had never left hers.

He leaned in, his lips locking on hers, and breaking the last of any barrier she had left. She kissed back, his tongue dived into hers, and they intertwined in a passionate struggle of rising heat.

Gently, he drove her onto the ground, his sexually charged aura pulling out the desires and fantasies she tried to suppress.

"Let me take you away."

With those five words, she collapsed and pushed her lips onto his in a blazing kiss. Her hands fiddled with his clothes while he masterfully pulled open her cyan dress. His tongue then trailed onto her neck with one hand cupping her breast and the other unfastening her undergarments at a measured pace.

As he passionately kissed and bit her neck, her last fabrics were quickly laid on the ground and her erect nipples brought to his mouth and fingers.


She moaned with her nether regions overflowing with juice. Konrad's tongue slid down, trailing on her body while his hands played with her erogenous zones.

And when he reached her mound, he went ballistic. His tongue dived in, devouring her vagina with no restraint whatsoever. Her clit wasn't spared, and the combination of creative attacks on far too many fronts caused her to drown in pleasure and plead.


"Yes, right there!"

"More…I want more! More!"

While she moaned and died within his hands, Konrad's rod had risen to attention. He got rid of what little clothing he still wore and pressed his hardened shaft against her fold.

"Only stare into my eyes."

Her foggy mind didn't prevent her from nodding like an obedient kitten. Her dreamy, pleasure consumed eyes stared into his own, and he dived in.


She groaned as a jolt of pain struck her, and blood trailed from her broken hymen.

"Stare into my eyes."

He repeated, and his strong but tender voice pulled her from the pain. She tightly wrapped her arms around his neck to brace herself against future assaults and stared into his eyes with a mixture of passion and fear.

"It's alright. Breathe in, relax, and let your body do the rest."

Following his hypnotic voice, she relaxed and so did her vagina. Feeling her walls readjust around his shaft, Konrad lifted her legs and pushed deeper inside, at first taking her slowly to let her adjust and then gradually increasing the pace as she grew more accustomed to him.

The grimaces of pain soon disappeared, and only tormenting pleasure remained.


*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

He didn't need to hear it twice, and the pace shot up. The sloppy sound of fast penetration combined with uncontrolled moaning soaring toward the night sky and her trembling legs tightly wrapped around his waist.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

His shaft moved alongside his waist, seeking and digging her pleasure spots one after the other, and her juice drenched the flower field.


He flipped her onto her front, and with his chest pressing her back and his hands toying with her breasts, kissed and took her from behind.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

Technique mixed with primitive instinct, her shapely ass slammed on his rod, and both abandoned themselves to their pleasure driven thrusts.

"S-something…something weird…and big…is coming!"


She groaned and orgasmed on his shaft. But he gave her no mercy and kept driving into her until his own orgasm took him.

"Now, for the rest of your life, you can only be my woman."

He pulled out, rocked her into sex induced torpor, dressed up, and left.

"Yo, host! Congratulation for completing the first quest. Reward time!"

"Host's spiritual cultivation is increased to ninth step Initiate Priest.

Host's martial cultivation is increased to first step Adept Knight.

Host gains the abilities of Ecstasy Fingers and Body Regeneration.

"The Golden Rod's restoration begins!"