Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 24

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 24 Then Teach You I Shall R 18

Was this one of the wondrous mysteries of night? Had the little animal turned into a lioness in such short a time? There was a mixture of incomprehension and awe within Konrad's eyes as he stared into Jasmine's.

His silent stare carried on long enough for discomfort to settle within her.

"Why are you staring at me like that?"

She asked after a moment. But Konrad only tilted his head to the left and maintained his silent stare.

"By any chance, are you a newly reincarnated soul?"



He cleared his throat, discarding his doubts and reorganizing his thoughts.

"I already wanted to teach you. You needed not ask. The problem is I have no idea of what you're suited for? The martial path? The spiritual path? Both?"

"So, let's first return to my chambers. I will bring you to a special place and teach you some mnemonics. If you can comprehend them, it will make everything else much easier for the both of us."

Aptitudes for the spiritual and martial paths could only be tested in two ways. The straightforward way of being given mnemonics to comprehend or being checked for a special physique that favored a path over the other.

If the comprehension level was sufficiently high, both paths could be cultivated. However, there was only so much time, so unless there also was a special physique to facilitate cultivation, most people would just focus on the one they were best at.

"I'm warning you though, the mnemonics I will teach you are of a high standard so don't be discouraged if you fail to comprehend them."

The resolve within Jasmine's eyes was unchanged. And seeing that undaunted side of her, Konrad's appraisal of her rose to a higher level.

Without delay, he brought her back to the quarters he shared with his two roommates and pulled out his spatial pouch.

"Don't be afraid."

He reassured before tossing the spatial pouch above their heads. It enlarged, released boundless suction force, and swallowed them both within its world.

They landed in the miniature world right in front of the mansion that caused Jasmine's eyes to widen with disbelief. She wasn't as surprised by the space treasure as she was by its content.

This lavish five-story tall building was styled in an architecture that seemed completely foreign to her and inwardly, she wondered if her vision was too narrow or she'd been brought to another universe.


Konrad extended his hand toward her, she accepted it, and together they went inside. The sky-high walls, damask ground and towering chandeliers that covered the ceiling were initially hard to digest. But quickly, she got used to the mansion's luxuries, and by the time they reached the room Konrad had chosen for them, her eyes no longer moved left and right.

The queen sized bed and velvet sheets standing in the middle of the room, the flame-red decorations that breathed passion, and the lack of unnecessary furniture made clear the room's purpose.

Jasmine's cheeks were flushed red, something that didn't escape Konrad's watchful eyes.

"Don't let your thoughts drift. That will only happen if you can comprehend the mnemonics."

He laughed. An unbridled laugh that caused a sense of shame to flash within Jasmine's eyes. But quickly, she set it aside. In any case, wasn't the plan to press him hard enough that he wouldn't have any energy left for the others. That being the case, there was no need to be bashful!

In tandem, they sat cross-legged on the bed and Konrad imparted the mnemonics of the Hundred Flowers Scripture onto her. While changing cultivation methods wasn't too great an issue, it usually harmed the foundation. For that reason, most people would stick with one method for a lifetime and directly go for the highest they could afford.

However, methods within the system that could be upgraded didn't have that issue since the upgrades were for all intent and purposes a higher version of the same technique.

For that reason, Konrad felt at ease cultivating and imparting the Hundred Flowers Scripture onto her.

Jasmine kept her eyes closed, cleansed her mind of any distraction and focused solely on comprehending the first mysteries of the scripture. Meanwhile, Konrad revolved it and silently cultivated.

This miniature world wasn't just a glorified storage room. As a high-grade Grand Artifact, it possessed rich enough spiritual qi for someone to train to the peak of the Grand Rank. However, it held very little use in the cultivation department for someone beyond that level.

Strands of white light emerged from his body, flower petals rose from his pores and danced around him while pink mist oozed.

An hour of soundless cultivation passed in a flash. An hour after which Jasmine's eyes slowly opened with the same phenomena of light and flowers now emerging from her body.

Konrad was alarmed. As the owner of the system, he didn't need to comprehend the methods, but he still had a good understanding of their difficulty. The Hundred Flowers Scripture wasn't your run in the mill method. To comprehend it meant talent in both the martial and spiritual paths. And to comprehend it at such speed could only mean that Jasmine was a rarely seen talent.

Alas, if not for meeting him, that talent would have never been put to good use.

"Thus a good birth is in itself a talent, and good fortune shall make even the lowest ascend to greatness."

His lips curled into a gentle smile. A smile Jasmine took as a sign of approval. An approval that delighted her.

"What? Impressed? Slack-jawed? Speechless?"

"Am I not better than all those other gals? Unrivaled among my peers? With a woman like me, what else do you need?"

"It's not too late to swear off mistresses. Otherwise, when I start dealing with them…heh."

The smug display caused Konrad's eyes to roll back. But he could sense the comedy and lack of seriousness within her tone. She would indeed fight to make him hers alone, but she certainly didn't plan to bring harm to anyone to achieve that.

At least not physical harm…

Or maybe just a little?

"Hum, Hum. I give you a passing grade."

"Just a passing grade?"

Having grown on stories of cultivators spending weeks and months to comprehend spells and methods, she believed she had done well enough to be dubbed outstanding.

Never did she expect that his appraisal would be so low. And suddenly her mood was soured. But at the same time, her fighting intent was kindled. If this weren't enough, she would only need to try harder!

Seeing that she wasn't discouraged, Konrad was pleased.

"The method I've given you is a dual cultivation technique. Do you know what that means?"

The stories of rogues using females as cauldrons to empower themselves were not unfamiliar to Jasmine. But knowing Konrad wouldn't harm her, she assumed they would both benefit from the intercourse.

"I know."

She nodded, trying to appear unfazed despite the rosy tint of her cheeks. In any case, how different could it be from "that time?"

"Then let's cultivate. Don't forget to draw in spiritual energy and revolve it using the method. It's important that you pay attention to that to maximize the benefits."

Konrad taught with a mischievous grin.

"Hum…so we start…just like this?"

"How would you want us to start?"

She reminisced their first time that was full of tenderness and rising passion. In comparison, this seemed too…abrupt?

But before she could say anything else, Konrad vanished and appeared at her back, his arms wrapped around her neck while his lips approached her left ear.

"Would you want me to tell you that your beauty transcends the sun and moon?"

"That it is in your scent that I find the delights of life?"

"Would you want me to press my lips against your ear and whisper my admiration?"

The feeling of his warm body enlacing hers caused her heart rate to shoot up.

"Or rather…"

He laid her with her back on the bed and his face standing above hers. His sweet breath grazed her nose, and the mesmerizing scent of orchids rippling from him assaulted her senses.

"…just show you?"

Then he leaned in, taking her lips in a passionate kiss.

"Good. This is…good."

She thought as the feeling of their intertwining tongue, and rising heat cleansed her mind of any extra thoughts.

Words became superfluous, unnecessary ornaments that would distract them from the task of bringing one another to paradise. So, they no longer bothered with them. Konrad freed her of her robe and undergarments while she did the same to him. He broke their kiss, moving down to her nether regions with his tongue bared and his shaft hardening against her face.

Instinctively, she pressed it firmly within her hand, extending it with gentle strokes, before taking it into her mouth.

At the same time, his tongue latched on her clit, and his fingers teased her fold, causing the holy nectar she contained to drip without restraint.

And quickly, a tantalizing slurping sound was the only thing available within the room.

Their rising moans stifled by their "mutual service" duty.

White light burst from their forms, pink mist rose from their pores, and hundreds of flowers bloomed and shrouded their tangling bodies as they revolved the Hundred Flowers Scripture and dual cultivated.

Then they spun, lying on their shoulders with their legs collaring each other's necks and their faces still in each other's crotches.


Jasmine couldn't help but let out as Konrad's masterful play of her drenched fold caused jolts of electricity to spread through her body.

His hands rested on her buttocks and hers on his. But as he sensed her impending orgasm, he stopped, removed his tongue from her sex and caused her to gasp in frustration.

She didn't have time to complain before he spun into sitting and motioned for her to dive into his arms. Which she did, wrapping her arms around his neck and rubbing her sex against his throbbing rod that now glittered in golden light.

A benefit of their cultivation? She didn't care, too occupied with her furious masturbation on her lover's shaft.


Her moans and rubbing teased Konrad's rod. He embraced her slim waist and let her slip onto his cock.


Cultivate! She shouldn't forget that the entire purpose of this was to cultivate.

But when pleasure reached such fantastic heights, how could she focus. She laid on his cock, legs outstretched with her hands holding his cheeks and kissed him impetuously to suppress her moans while moving down his shaft and causing his balls to slap her butt cheeks.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

The sound of deep lovemaking soon filled the room. With more intense moans replacing their predecessors while the two moved their waists and brought each other to heaven.

The initial tender moves soon became instinct driven thrusts that carried the two of them to the so desired peak.


Jasmine groaned in Konrad's mouth as her body clenched on his and her orgasm took her. He followed suit, unloading his large stream of semen within her.

The scripture caused their minds to intertwine, sharing the feelings and bliss they felt within one another's arms.

But they were only getting started and switched to other positions to better explore their sexuality, and bring out all the boons of the Hundred Flowers Scripture.


The intense dual cultivation session came to an end with Jasmine collapsing in the mermaid position while panting for breath.

"Fifth…it is the…fifth. May the divine lord have mercy on me…I can't continue."

"Admitting defeat?"

"Admitting defeat!"

She conceded with her back resting on his chest. It seemed the plan of making him lie broken under her would need to receive some tweaks!

But in the meantime, large streams of spiritual energy flooded her body and mind, taking her from a mortal with no cultivation base to the fifth step Adept Knight and first step Adept Priest in one go.