Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 3

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 3 Restoration And Upgrade

New, vaster streams of energy spread within Konrad's body and intertwined below his navel. They clashed, swirled, and combined into a small rotating yellow tower.

Meanwhile, dark yellow misty fog grew from within his chest and shot toward his brain, spreading across his mind in seemingly disorganized movements.

Within his pants, his flaccid shaft burst with golden light, and the missing "rocks" below began reforming at breakneck speed. In less than five seconds, a new sac of firm large dual balls had grown right where they belonged, and Konrad's shaft rose to attention.

As if possessed with a mind of its own, it trembled and shook while pulsating with boundless golden energy. Its light rose and spread across Konrad's entire form, coating him in a radiant, golden glow. It was announcing its return!

Konrad stood up, his pants torn by his elongated shaft which now stood proud within the world at massive girth.

"I have returned!"

"The almighty Konrad, woe of all useless husbands and heaven of all yearning wives has returned!"

He balled up his fist and raised it toward the starry sky with determination and proclaimed.

"To all the beauties of this world, I announce that your conquest now begins!"

But as he basked in excitement, the system's voice echoed.

"Alright, alright, let's not get ahead of ourselves."

"Taking all the beauties of this world? Did you consider your own weight?"

"How many of those "useless husbands" can squash you with one finger?"

"Really think that because you possess a powerful dick, you're unapparelled in the world? Get back to reality, yo! Otherwise, you might not keep your balls for another week."

And all of Konrad's excitement died in a heartbeat.

His forehead creased with veins popping up and threatening to explode while his clenched fists trembled from indignation.

"I'm sick of your bullshit!"

"Couldn't you even let me enjoy this memorable moment?"

"Who the hell designed your bitch ass?"

"If you have the nerves, come out of my head and fight me you fucking cunt!"

Konrad spat while throwing his fists at an invisible opponent. But the complacent system only struck harder.

"I was designed by a god! A true, unparalleled background!"

"If you have the nerves, come inside your head and fight me, dotard!"

"See how I beat you black and blue!"

"By the way, you love fucking cunts! What does that mean? Hehe…"

And the fight escalated, with Konrad and the system spouting as many curses as they could think of.

"How does it feel to only be able to watch and not touch?"

"I don't feel, you harebrained dumbass!"

Konrad staggered and fell on his butt, finally defeated.

"By the way, why is your normal personality so different from when you were with that gal?"

"Oh, that was one of my "I wanna get in her pants" profiles."

For an instant, the system remained silent.

"You have profiles for those?"

Satisfied by the system's reaction, Konrad puffed out his chest with complacent glee.

"Naturally! You have to know that girls of certain mindsets are more likely to fall for certain profiles. In my past life, I mastered the art of profile making at the tender age of fifteen!"

"As long I can get enough intel, there is no girl I cannot screw!"

"…if you say so. Let's get back to business. Enter the system and let me show you your gains."

Regaining his focus, Konrad closed his eyes, and a purple screen appeared within his mind. On display was a case in which he could see his name, face, and attributes.

Right below his face was his rank and exp levels.

"Name: Konrad

Rank: Harem Seeker

Cultivation level: ninth step Initiate Priestfirst step Adept Knight

Race: Half-Incubus

Physique: Mortal

Acquired Abilities: Body RegenerationEcstasy Fingers

Bloodline Abilities: Female Dream TheftTransformation SkillArousal Aura

Exp: 15"

"Wait, what? Exp 15? How is that possible? You're telling me that Jasmine was only worth fifteen exp?"

Konrad questioned with indignation evident within his tone.

"Well, although she definitely had top-notch looks, she was, after all, a mortal girl with no cultivation whatsoever. Mortal girls give 1 to 10 exp depending on looks and other factors. Add to that a bonus of 5 exp for cherry popping and the count is right."

Konrad was speechless, but thinking again, it was rather sensible.

One to ten?

Wasn't that the usual grading system?

If anyone asked him how he would have graded Jasmine, he would have indeed said "A solid ten!"

Moving on…

"So say I had sex with her tomorrow. Would I get 10 exp?"


"Just like monster farming huh?"

"Except you're farming beauties."

Suddenly, Konrad thought that the system was very likable.

"By the way, I still don't know how to use the two acquired abilities you mentioned."

"Oh yeah, forgot to update that. Update!"

Never mind, he was truly unreliable.

Lines of glittering code spread on the purple screen, and new batches of information were imprinted into Konrad's mind.

"Ecstasy Fingers: The ability to turn any part of a woman's body into sensitive erogenous zones through touch. More drastic use at higher harem ranks.

Body Regeneration: Passive ability granting the host fast healing and body regeneration abilities. The speed is increased based on the host's harem rank."

Seeing the descriptions, Konrad was overjoyed. His sexual techniques had already reached a bottleneck, making it difficult for him to attain a higher level. But now with that finger alone, he had broken through a higher realm!

As for the body regeneration ability, it was evident that the inner court was a dangerous place full of hidden tribulations. It would certainly come in handy.

"Show me the different things I can purchase with exp."

Konrad ordered and immediately, the scenery around him changed. The purple screen expanded into a full-blown purple world within which five large boards appeared.

"Cultivation Method Board"

"Artifact Board"

"Pill Board"

"Physique Board"

"Bloodline Board"

Each of those boards displayed an exhaustive list of things and their exp requirements.

"Holy Energy Nullifying Sword-100000000 exp

Holy Primal Ancestor Physique-300000000 exp

Holy Quintessence Pill-150000000 exp


Seeing the prices of some of the names listed at the bottom of the boards, Konrad's forehead soaked in sweat. He looked for things within his range and realized that even the lowest of tools were out of his league.

"I'm a poor devil."

"Yep, you better hurry up and screw some high tier girls to make good exp money. Otherwise, you're never gonna make it."

The situation was grave, and Konrad's resolve to bed high cultivation beauties was strengthened.

He then took a closer look at some of the bloodlines and methods and saw two things that grabbed his attention.

"Bloodline: Pureblood Incubus- 500000 exp

Bloodline Upgrade: Half to Pureblood Incubus-50000 exp"

The Incubus Bloodline was originally an Arch Bloodline in the range of 100000 to 900000 exp. However, for those who came with Half-Incubus blood, there was a ten times cheaper upgrade option. Better, they were also higher tiers of evolution that could be upgraded to at a much lower price than their real value.

He also saw dual cultivation methods which could be used to not only train himself but also train mortal girls like Jasmine.

"Alright, I've seen what I wanted to. Let's get out of here."

The scenery once again changed, and this time Konrad had returned to the real world. A purple ray sprang from his forehead, and a silver ruby ring appeared, then dropped into his palm.

"This is the harem ring. You must place it on the woman's finger to properly add her to your harem. It allows you to know about their mood, safety, etc."

Konrad frowned.

"Why didn't you give it to me earlier?"

The system remained silent for a rather long moment before replying.

"Well, I want to say that you didn't ask but huh…in all honesty, I forgot!"

And black lines crept upon Konrad's forehead.

"Useless piece of shit!" Konrad roared while throwing his fists at the invisible enemy.

"Alright, alright. No need to be so dramatic. Main Quest, level 2 initialization."