Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 39

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 39 Are You Willing?

The reason why Zamira did not doubt the purity of Konrad's demonic blood was simple. Only pureblooded demons could resonate with totems, absorb, and refine their powers into their own.

While totems usually served as defensive artifacts, that wasn't their only purpose. Their mainstream use was to serve as offerings for the Demon Gods worshipped by the barbarians. They were also used to earn the favor of summoned demons who could then grant them rewards and wishes matching the totem's quality.

Thus, Konrad who currently was refining the Anzu Beast totem could only be a true demon.

"But how can this be…?"

Zamira couldn't understand how her newly received son-in-law had suddenly turned into a pureblooded demon. Even within the Barbarian Continent, successful demon summoning was a rare sight requiring countless preparation. As for the Holy Continent, with the control of the Celestial Church, it had been millennia since a demon appeared in its midst.

"Konrad, Konrad!"

Iliana who didn't understand what was going on desperately shook the dazed Konrad, but to no avail.

She then turned a gaze filled with puzzlement and worry toward her mother who didn't seem too concerned by the strange situation.

"What's going on?!"

To Iliana's apparent apprehension, Zamira replied with a dismissive wave of her hand.

"Leave, and make sure no one steps inside this study until we walk out of it."

Zamira ordered, and Iliana didn't dare delay. Her father might be tolerant toward the barbarians, but should he become aware of a demon's presence within his household, he would execute him before asking any question.

As soon as Iliana went past the door, Zamira released an energy field to restrain Konrad's overflowing demonic energy. Preventing it from leaking to the outside, then observed his transformation in silence.

Flame, water, and storm clouds swirled around him as the tattoo of a lion-headed eagle beast appeared on the right side of his chest. The refinement of his bones, flesh, and blood was coming to an end, causing his entire body to glitter within the elemental clouds like a sublime gem.

The clouds then merged with his tattoo, coloring it into a mixture of red and blue. After which all the phenomenon disappeared, and the only proof left of Konrad's demonic nature was his still glowing violet eyes.

He had now obtained a Transcendent Level Anzu Beast Physique and three new attributes. Thus, although his cultivation had not risen, his strength underwent a qualitative leap. Beneath the Transcendent Rank, not many could injure him.

And when they turned toward Zamira, his eyes no longer appeared blank. However, for some reason, she felt like it wasn't Konrad that was staring at her, but an ancient, lofty creature awakened from its slumber.

"Why are you not kneeling?"

The voice seemed very similar to Konrad's, but the tone carried a regal air and a dictatorial power that forced obedience.

It was the Flame Mark's voice. And as soon as it echoed, within the entire Kracht mansion, time stopped fluctuating.

Instinctively, Zamira fell on her knees with her eyes locked onto the ground, not daring to look into Konrad's.

"Greetings Infernal Master! My apologies for my lack of courtesy!"

Within the Barbarian Continent, demons were known as the Infernal Masters whose will all should obey. Naturally, Zamira, a former barbarian chieftain, held them in awe.

"You may rise. I have accepted your offering. State your wish. As long as it is within my ability to grant and the scope of your gift, grant it I shall."

Hearing those words, Zamira's entire body trembled from excitement. This was an opportunity, the type of opportunity she had been yearning for across all those decades.

"I only have one wish. That is to rescue the enslaved people of my tribe and rebuild it within the Barbarian Continent!"

She proclaimed while remaining on her knees. But the Flame Mark possessed Konrad negatively shook his head.

"That wish is far beyond the scope of your gift. If you want me to grant it, you must offer more. Much more."

"For the sake of restoring all you lost, what are you willing to give?"

The Flame Mark's overpowering voice caused a new bout of tremors within Zamira's body. Slowly, she lifted her gaze from the ground and locked it on that shimmering violet pair that produced unexpected reactions within her body.

"First, may I ask what caste and house your excellency belongs to?"

Before making a contract, in the rare cases where the demon was of unknown origin, such a question was common knowledge, and among the few things, demons were obliged to answer to honestly. They would not take offense.

"Demon Prince, House of Talroth."

And although she already had her doubts, Zamira's almond eyes widened with disbelief. Nigh instantaneously, she pressed her forehead onto the ground to prostrate herself in a kowtow.

"It would be my greatest honor to enter a contract of eternal servitude with your highness! I hope my soul will be enough to obtain your blessing!"

She exclaimed with her heart thumping from excitement. Although a Master-Servant contract meant the loss of her freedom and soul, she had no hesitation. Although she was initially a worshipper of Anzu, she still had no hesitation.

This was no longer merely an opportunity to rebuild her tribe, but a chance to enter the house of one of the Four Kings of Hell! Barbarians would drench heaven and earth with blood for the sake of one such opportunity!

However, the Flame Mark couldn't make that choice for Konrad, and so, it reverted control of the body to him.

"I thought your only purpose was to offer guidance. Since when were you entitled to take over my body?"

Konrad snapped in apparent fury, and within his mind, he entered a heated exchange with the Flame Mark.

"This was a special case. Because you have not fully matured as a demon, your body automatically deferred to me to accept the servant's offering."

Although he couldn't intervene in the refining process and the following discussion, Konrad was fully aware of everything that transpired.

"Regardless, this makes me question your trustworthiness and wonder if the Barbarian Continent is that good a destination."

"Don't be so dramatic. If not for me, you would have wasted two great opportunities. The opportunity of obtaining a new physique, and the opportunity to subdue this good woman."

"Although this woman's cultivation is only at the sixth step Transcendent Knight Rank. Her potential is fairly high, and you can train her into a powerhouse."

"Moreover, she possesses strong ties to the Barbarian Continent, ties you will need in the future."

The Flame Mark did not doubt that Konrad was doomed to establish himself within the Barbarian Continent. Pushing the date was only delaying the inevitable.

"Last but not the least, dual cultivate with her, and your cultivation will increase by leaps and bounds. I can use the power I've accumulated to stop time for a day to let you fully enjoy her."

But hearing those words, Konrad's eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

"Screw Wolfgang Kracht's woman?"

"What? Afraid?"

"Hahaha! Who am I to reject the call of destiny?

It is a great man's duty to plant his seed within the outstanding women on his path. If she dares deliver herself, I dare accept her! In any case, since the daughter has been taken, we might as well add the mother!"

The Flame Mark approved.

"Well said! You are the blood of Talroth. If you want something, it is by right yours to snatch!"

"And in time, all within this world shall belong to you!"

The fast mental exchange ended with Konrad pulling his attention back on Zamira who still prostrated on the ground, unwittingly outlining her curvaceous rear for Konrad's demonic eyes to feast on.

"I will ask you only once. Knowing what entering my house implies, are you willing to abandon the ownership of your body and soul for the sake of me fulfilling your wish?"

His voice had changed from the overpowering dominator to that of a charming scoundrel, but Zamira didn't care. If anything, she felt more at ease.

"My people didn't deserve the fate they suffered under the armies of the Holy Flame Empire. And I as their chieftain not only failed them miserably but got to enjoy a life of peace and opulence while they and their descendants are being humiliated within this country!

For the sake of giving their freedom back to them, for the sake of rebuilding my tribe and honor my ancestors, there is nothing I cannot give up!

So yes, I am willing!"

Fury and unwavering determination drove her every word.

"Then I, Konrad of the house of Talroth, welcome you into my household!"