Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 40

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 40 Solidifying The Deal

Konrad stretched his hand toward Zamira to release five light purple pentagrams that encircled the two of them.

"Are you willing in all conscience to unequivocally abandon your body and soul to my absolute will?"

"I am willing!"

"To forsake any claim to freedom and enter a lifetime of servitude within my house?"

"I am willing!"

"To allow your life and death to forever remain in control of I, your lord-master?"

"I am willing!"

"Lastly, do you pledge to devote the remaining of your existence to the satisfaction of your master and the empowerment of his house?"

"I so pledge!"

An amethyst haze soared from the pentagrams, locking the two in its midst while a violet lock rose from Konrad's fingertip and dived into Zamira's chest.

Violet light flew from her cleavage and imprinted her breasts with house Talroth's Mark of Servitude: A purple pair of butterfly wings.

"Henceforth, and for the rest of eternity, you are my servant and shall count among the lesser members of my household."

"In return, I guarantee that you shall regain your tribesmen within three months. Moreover, when I march into the Barbarian Continent, I shall grant you the opportunity to reestablish yourself."

Thus, the contract ended. Dark-purple threads flew from the kowtowing Zamira to dive into Konrad's chest and forehead. Her talent was added to his. Her mind became an open book for him to browse through, and her life was his to do with as he saw fit!

However, due to the vast gap in their strength, she would see no improvement in her cultivation base. At Least not for now.

And browsing through her mind, Konrad realized why despite having the unconditional affection of Wolfgang, she could not rescue her tribesmen. Following the victory against the Borxan tribe, the leading nobles split the spoils through contribution. Wolfgang who accumulated the most merit in the war used his to take her, the chieftain, as his reward.

As for the rest of her tribe, they fell into the hands of other noble houses who either abused or auctioned them to the highest bidder.

Now, after fifty decades, not many of the original captives remained. There was no use for barbarian men, so their lives quickly ended. As for the women, the lucky ones saw their cultivation bases destroyed and became servants within noble households while the unlucky ones were turned into dual cauldrons and sold to two houses.

House Schoner, and House Henlein.

Dual cultivation was frowned upon, but it was not illegal. As for why two Uradel houses would rely on it, the answer was simple.

Although without massive preparation, the limit for ordinary dual cultivators was the peak of the Transcendent Rank, that was a limit many were perfectly fine with.

After all, within the immensity of the Holy Continent, Semi-Saints were few and far between while Saints were as rare as holy crystal mines.

Moreover, nobles needed heirs with certain cultivation levels to inherit their titles. House Schoner and House Henlein were facing the same dilemma. They had declined, and their descendants were not outstanding enough to reach the sixth step Transcendent Knight or Spirit Rank in a lifetime.

This meant that they would go from Count Level houses to Viscount Level Houses. A shame Uradel families couldn't accept. Thus, they decided to trade quality for success and used vast resources to obtain those Borxan women above the Arch Rank for their heirs to dual cultivate with.

Upon processing that information, Konrad quickly formulated a plan. Fortunately, Freya would soon return with great wealth to grant him the means to strike.

Also, even before that, wasn't Wolfgang about to sign off half his properties for the Holy Flame Baptism?

"But that's something to be dealt with at a later date. Meanwhile…"

Konrad's eyes fell upon Zamira who had yet to rise from the ground.


His irresistible command echoed within her ears, and she stood up. But the eyes with which she looked at him no longer contained the dignity of a superior cultivator. That dignity had been replaced by the ardent need to serve.

"How will you serve your master?"

Konrad asked in a sultry tone carrying invisible pheromones that caused a slight tremor within her body.

"Naturally, in ways that will bring you absolute delight."

Zamira brazenly replied with her lips curled in a seductive smile. She didn't dare belittle Konrad because of his youth. However, she was confident in her skills to pleasure; skills that turned Wolfgang into her obedient little man.

"Is that so? There is a price for not being able to live up to your boasting. Are you sure you can afford it?"

The sexual dance had already begun. Konrad's shimmering eyes didn't conceal their urge to dominate Zamira, while hers met him with the confidence that she could take all he had to offer.

That confidence pleased him.

For he knew that soon, the only thing within her eyes would be debilitating pleasure.


He ordered, and she obeyed, pulling down her white dress, and revealing her hourglass figure for his eyes to feast on. A predatory glint shone within his amethyst globes as he stood up and stepped toward her. She was tall, but he was taller, surpassing her by fifty centimeters he used to peer into her eyes from above while cupping a feel of her delicious, motherly breasts.


She stifled a moan, feeling a jolt of electricity course through her body when his hand grabbed her breast through her lace undergarment.

"You need no fabric. Tear off your undergarments."

Konrad didn't realize that in moments like these, his tone would become very similar to the Flame Mark's and carried a regal air that commanded obedience. Thus, although her cultivation was leagues above his, Zamira felt that it was only right to obey.


In a sharp move, she tore off her bra, then did the same to her lace panties.

Lace underwear was the current trend within the Holy Flame Empire's nobility. A trend Konrad found quite pleasing. However, for Zamira, those adornments were unnecessary.

"This day marks a new beginning for you."

He declared while circling her and taking all her assets into his eyes.

"Past today, regardless of your feelings for your husband, he will no longer be able to please you."

"Past today, the dominating thought of your mind will be to shove my throbbing rod within your hungry snatch."

"In your many sleepless nights, it is my touch that you will crave. A craving that will unmistakably lead you back into my arms to "die" a thousand times."

Thin purple flames swirled around his form, desire flames born from his demonic powers that alongside his words, set Zamira's trembling body ablaze.

"I will put nine loads into you. One down your throat, and Eight in your cunt. As for ass, I reserve it for another day."

Konrad copped another feel. This time of her supple ass cheeks, channeling his Ecstasy Fingers and causing a jolt of electricity to surprise Zamira.


She failed to stifle her moan, and as her excitation shot up, and her sexual juice moistened her inner thighs, she realized that perhaps, she was biting off more than she could chew!

Still, could a former chieftain be willing to be played that easily?

"We shall see about that."

There was defiance, a combative spirit that refused to submit to his domination easily.

"Good. Very good."

Konrad moved back toward his seat, pushing the chair away from the table to sit with his legs outstretched.

"Then come. Let's fight and see who first breaks."

"Take down my pants, and work for your first load."

Purple mist spread within the study, carrying with it an aromatic orchid scent that caused Zamira's eyes to glaze with lust. In normal times, with her much higher cultivation, she should have been able to suppress it. But now, she could not. It drew her in!

And before she could realize it, she was kneeling in front of Konrad, unstrapping his belt, and pulling down his pants.