Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 44

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 44 All Must Surrender To Daphne

It was well known that Daphne had always been the little tyrant of house Kracht, afraid of neither heaven nor hell. Still, no one expected that upon her return, she would cause such a shocking scandal.

Poor Wulf teetered, struggling to not fall on his butt while seeking help in his elder brother's eyes.

There was no help to find.

"Wolfgang, say something! What sorcery did your son-in-law use to bewitch my daughter?!"

To Wulf's ire, Wolfgang really didn't know what to say. Thus, he opted for silence and started looking for an opportunity to disappear.

It was then that a furious voice thundered within the hall!

"Slut, let go of my man!"

Iliana roared and yanked Daphne away from Konrad's chest with a pull of her hairs.

"Aaaargh! Let go of my hairs. What's wrong with you?"

Daphne's aggrieved words only heightened the soaring wrath within Iliana's chest. Her slit emerald eyes burned with the rage of ten thousand furies as she held her cousin by the hair.

"What's wrong with me? You've not even been here for fifteen minutes that you're shamelessly snuggling against my fiancé? What's wrong with you?!"

"Fiancé? What, since when?!"

Outraged, Daphne sought answers within the eyes of the gathered kin, and only now did she register her father calling Konrad Wolfgang's son-in-law.

It seemed that since their night in the palace, Iliana had been working on keeping Konrad for herself, but how could that stop her?

"So what if you first got a legal status? I screwed him first!"

"Can you compare?"

"I gave him an orgy with six gorgeous mature ladies!"

"Can you compare?"

Instantly, the Kracht were in an uproar. Even Wolfgang who was already aware of the events stared slack-jawed at Daphne's boldness. As for Wulf, his jaw trembled and cold sweat trickled on his forehead.

"You…said what?"

To her father's dismay, Daphne freed herself from Iliana's grasp and rushed back to Konrad's side, wrapping her arms around his right one and leaning on his shoulder.

"Yes! Also, I must add that we've done it more than once. Konrad has so much to offer that the party just never ends…"

Her words and the sight of her rubbing her head against Konrad's shoulder like a docile cat caused the already trembling Wulf to lose balance and collapse on the floor. It seemed he was having a stroke!

As for Konrad, the events had evolved too fast for him to react. He knew the girl brazen, but brazen to this extent he could not imagine.

This was already beyond the realm of shamelessness. Daphne was insane!

However, with a reputation to maintain, he could not display his shock to the outside world and simply adopted an aloof, indifferent stance.

Daphne's overbearing words had shattered Iliana's attempt to retake the initiative and for an instant, she didn't know what to say so like many others, she turned toward Konrad, hoping to hear him make a statement, but was enraged to see him turning his gaze toward the ceiling as if none of this concerned him!

"Konrad! You…"

"You what? You yourself! Stop making things difficult for my daddy. He's thinking about what kind of scenario we will enjoy tonight."

Konrad's forehead creased, but he didn't dare lower his gaze. Meanwhile, Faidra and Aliki who stood silent behind Daphne's attendants were astonished by what they were hearing. Did their master really dare mess with that lunatic of a woman?

Truly brave! They wanted to come to his aid, but with their low status and nonexistent right to speak, they knew they could only hold their tongues.

"Iliana, in any case, I've already said that as sisters, we should share everything. I'm not a greedy woman. As long as you obediently follow me, you will have your share of the big daddy."

"Follow you? You should follow me! I'm older and prettier than you!"

Still, Daphne remained undaunted.

"So what if you're slightly prettier? My boobs are bigger, and my butt is curvier. At night when the lights are out, what is he going to care about? The face he cannot see, or the large mounds within his mouth? To say nothing of the soft buttocks pressing him!

You lose!"

Zamira was impressed, Iliana staggered, Wolfgang's knees gave out, and Wulf passed out from shame.

"Aaaargh! Dad, annul! You must annul the engagement!"

To Iliana's indignation, Wolfgang roared back in rage.

"Annul what? After what happened last night?

We have not even cemented the engagement that you've already given up the fort and allowed the invader in!

Now beside him, who can you marry?!"


Iliana burst into a mixture of shame and tears and ran back toward her room!

Victorious, Daphne snuggled tighter against Konrad who hummed all the random tunes that flashed within his mind while staring at the ceiling as if his life depended on it.


The commotion came to an end with Wolfgang storming out and locking himself in his cultivation abode. Wulf was carried toward his chambers while Daphne followed Konrad like a good little puppy with her attendants and the silent sisters at her back.

Once they reached his chamber, Konrad asked for the attendants to arrange the "gifts" and their mistress' lodging and brought Daphne, Faidra and Aliki into the room.

"What is the meaning of this? Why did the Holy Consort send you back? Also, what are those two doing with you?"

Hearing his words, the sisters believed he doubted the purpose of their presence and immediately fell on their knees.

"Master, please don't misunderstand. We've obeyed your words scrupulously and never revealed a thing! But suddenly, one of the Holy Consort's attendants ordered us to follow lady Daphne back to house Kracht. We don't know what happened!"

The clear apprehension caused Konrad to realize his choice of words had caused the two of them to misunderstand him.

"Stop that, rise and come sit on my lap."

He gently ordered, causing their nervousness to fall. The sisters stood up, stepped toward him and respectively sat on his left and right thighs.

"So, you aren't doubting us?"

"Of course not. I'm merely puzzled as to why the Holy Consort would order such a thing. Though, I suppose it matters not at this point."

Seeing him tenderly stroke their hairs, although Daphne wasn't one for jealousy, she felt she was losing ground to those newcomers.

"Hum, hum, I have no idea why either. The ladies just came to my quarters and announced the emperor's decree. I didn't waste time to ponder the reason, packed my things and left."

Daphne wasn't one to get involved in the usual plotting that infested the nobility circles. For her, those were uninteresting things that brought nothing but trouble. There was no enjoyment to have in such boring matters.

"All right, there is no point in further investigating. If that woman wants to reach me, she will. You can leave."

The "you can leave" made Daphne believe that Konrad was sending the sisters away to spend some quality time with her. She was already puffing out her chest and adopting a victorious stance when she saw them rubbing their heads against Konrad's like favored little pets.

He wasn't rejecting them.

"Wait, are you talking about me?"

"Of course I am. I have some catching up to do with my girls. Maybe I will visit you when I'm done."


The bewildered stare with which Daphne stared at him caused him to go further down that road.

"Dissatisfied? I was already having problems with that damnable father-in-law, but in less than fifteen minutes, you've made sure I would become the public enemy of all the males within house Kracht! It would be a miracle if I can live until tomorrow!"

To say nothing of the Semi-Saint Wolfgang. Wulf alone was a fifth step Transcendent Knight and not what the current Konrad could deal with. If he came knocking on his door for accounts, how could he breathe?

Was it possible that he would have to hide behind Zamira during his entire stay in this mansion?

Harmed, she'd truly harmed him!

"But…but…I missed you so…"

*Sniff* *Sniff*

She complained with droplets of tears in her eyes, like a child in a woman's body.

However, Konrad wouldn't submit to the tearful play!

"All right, all right, tonight I will punish you for your misdeeds. Happy?"

Instantaneously, Daphne's eyes lit up with joy.

"Happy, happy! Daddy, please punish me well!"