Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 48

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 48 The Systems Return

The surge of demonic energy that soon filled the room caused Wolfgang's eyes to widen with fright.

"The Divine Lords preserve us. You are a demon spawn!"

As soon as he grasped that reality, Wolfgang summoned his energy battle-ax, but before he could hurl it at Konrad's neck, the demonic glyphs dived into his body and finalized the contract.



A force beyond his ability to resist burst from within Wolfgang and forced him onto his knees. He dropped his battle-ax which soon vanished in light particles.

"What sorcery is this? Vile creature, what have you done to me?!"

He roared with bloodshot eyes and soaring hatred.

Deceived! He had been deceived and led the world's most atrocious creatures into his house!

Like Iliana feared, there was no way Wolfgang could accept a demon within his household. Before asking anything, he would first try to execute them. Unfortunately for him, he no longer possessed the ability to contend with Konrad.

"No need for such an outburst. You signed a contract to obtain the means to please your woman. Means I shall grant you."

Konrad extended his index toward the kneeling Wolfgang and fired a purple beam that dived into his body and surrounded his crotch with violet mist. Soon, glittering demonic glyphs appeared on the count's little brother.


While it wasn't detectable from the outside, Wolfgang clearly felt the strand of demonic energy swirling within his groins. Odd changes were occurring within his cock, and even his libido was being heightened.

"My end of the bargain. I can't speak for your oral skills, but at least I can guarantee that you can pleasure your consort, or any woman really, with your rod. Happy?"

What he had yet to mention was that although Wolfgang now had the means, he would never get the opportunity to use his new tool on Zamira in a lifetime.

Meanwhile, Wolfgang felt no delight and only now did the realization of what had occurred settle within his mind.

"You…made me sign a demonic contract? That was an actual…demonic contract?"

"Finally catching on. Yes, indeed. From now on, and until your dying breath, you are a servant of Konrad and his household. Congratulations.

But don't worry, I won't make things too difficult for you."

Konrad rose from his seat and cracked his knuckles while flashing a wolfish grin.

"Wait…why are you looking at me like that?"

"Did you have fun pummeling me? Was it sweet? Did it satisfy your vanity?"

Konrad's words caused Wolfgang to realize that retribution for his earlier actions was approaching at breakneck speed.

"Don't…step closer!"

"Oh, I'm stepping closer. I'm going to beat the living shit out of you! Damn fucker, it is always I who bullies people. When was it your turn to bully me?"

His right fist flew straight into Wolfgang's face.


A ferocious punching session began, a session Konrad used to vent all his accumulated frustration, Wolfgang style.

"Boss, I apologize, mighty boss, please stop punching me!"

For the first time in his life, Wolfgang had been beaten black and blue, losing all the dignity of an Uradel count.

Satisfied, Konrad returned to his seat.

"Hum, hum. I hope you can understand the situation for what it is. You no longer have any means to challenge me. Your life and soul are within my hands, and I could reprogram you if I wished to. But this doesn't have to be a sour relationship. As Iliana's father, I will certainly not mistreat you. In the future, I can even improve the terms of your contract.

Also, don't be swindled by the Celestial Church's brainwashing. I may be a demon, but I bring only joy wherever I go. Granted it's only meant for women...but huh…in a nutshell, I'm a good guy, and you will bring no harm to the common people by serving me wholeheartedly."

"Bullshit! You are clearly a terrible wolf in sheep clothing! Why did the Divine Lords allow me to get swindled by you?"

Wolfgang inwardly cursed, not knowing that his thoughts were also within Konrad's grasp.

"I can read your mind."


A servant's sole comfort was the ability to curse his master within the shadows of his mind. Couldn't he even obtain that privilege?

"Fret, not. I can allow you to curse me once a week and in your sleep. But otherwise, it's forbidden."

Surely, a show of generosity was necessary?


Wolfgang couldn't believe his ears. Was he truly being given a cursing quota?

"Hum…thank you. I suppose?"

"Thank you? Didn't you forget something?"

"Oh…apologies. Thank you…boss."

Wolfgang struggled to say through his teeth.

"Congratulations Count Wolfgang, you have officially joined the mob."

Konrad chortled, causing Wolfgang to collapse in shame.

"Wait, wait. You can't faint yet. Now that we've established the nature of our new relationship, there are some things you must become aware of, and some plans we have to set into motion."

*Clap* *Clap* *Clap*

Following Konrad's three claps, purple fog condensed by Wolfgang's side, and from it, Zamira emerged.

Seeing his beloved consort appear out of thin hair, Wolfgang was overtaken by confusion and an ominous stinging feeling.

"Master, you summoned me?"

A unique advantage of the Master-Servant contract was that like familiars, the servants could be summoned by the master at any time. As a former Barbarian Chieftain, Zamira was well aware of that, and so wasn't startled.

But her four words caused Wolfgang's apprehension to blossom into dread.

"M-master? What is the meaning of this? You can't be…"

Before he could finish his words, Zamira turned a puzzled glance toward him, then alternated between Konrad and him.

Konrad read the question within her eyes.

"You don't need to be startled. Just like you, Wolfgang is now a servant of my household. Though, I cannot say he wisely traded his freedom."

The confirmation only caused more confusion within Zamira who couldn't understand how Wolfgang could ever sign a demonic contract.

It would already be miraculous if he didn't butcher Konrad upon learning of his true heritage. However, it wasn't her place to inquire on the "how" and "why," so she just stepped toward Konrad and silently stood at his right.

"Zamira…is it possible that he also got to you? No wonder…I was played."

Wolfgang finally realized why he suddenly became unable to please her. The problem didn't lie with him. She'd just discovered a new realm of ecstasy within the hands of her demonic master.

The uncomfortable feeling of a green, glossy hat on top of his head caused him to gnaw his lower lip.

There was no fluctuation within Zamira's face. She merely remained stoic by Konrad's side with neither worry nor shame.

"You can't blame her Wolfy. After all, she has duties to fulfill. Or did you think that just by treating her well, you could make her forget about her tribesmen and tribeswomen, about the fate they endured and are enduring within this empire?

That was slightly unrealistic of you. Fortunately, the first demon to show up to fulfill her wishes is me. Otherwise…heh."

Konrad softly pinched Zamira's left butt cheek, causing red to flash on her face as she stifled a yelp.

Wolfgang's heart was now a wrecked mixture of sorrow and fury. Half toward Konrad and half toward himself, for he soon realized he had deceived himself.

He believed the decades spent together and the affection shared could make Zamira forget about her tribe's fate and its remnants. Deep down, he knew it was impossible, but he still clung onto the vain hope that time and the warmth of a new family would wipe off the past and allow her to truly put her barbarian life behind to just be his lady.

But he was wrong. She'd never forgotten and was always looking for an opportunity to recover what she'd lost.

"Do you…resent me?"

He asked in barely audible words. As the leader of the army that saw the end of Zamira's tribe, if there were a list of people to loathe, he would probably be at the top. Thinking of that possibility, his mouth soured.

Her next words, however, alleviated some of his bitterness.

"Back then, we merely were of two opposing sides. Had we been victorious, your army would have been cleanly slaughtered. I can't blame you for what happened because although you defeated us, you didn't humiliate us. At least not of your own volition.

What followed was beyond your ability to control. I understand your plight and do not resent you, thus, I hope you won't resent me for doing what I must."

A sigh escaped his lips, and he had nothing more to say.

"Now that we've made our stances clear. I have good and bad news for you, Wolfy. Bad news, now that Zamira is mine, you can never touch her again. I don't share with anyone besides myself so you can be her man during the day, and I will be her man at night."

Wolfgang almost spurted blood.

"Good news, I have a fair number of female targets for you to snatch. You might even be able to make your own mini-harem of married ladies."

Now Wolfgang's eyes widened in confusion and disbelief.


"You heard me right. I initially planned to use money and some manipulations to recover the Borxan tribeswomen within house Schoner and house Henlein, but I've changed my mind. Since you created the problem, it is only right you solve it.

As we speak, house Schoner's wealth is dwindling, and in about three days, they should lose a third of it. I want you to use that opportunity and the resources at your disposal to take over their house. Start with Count Wilhelm's beloved wife no doubt the mixture of their dwindling assets, your mighty name and cultivation will make her more…open…to suggestions. Make her yours and use her as an insider to seize the rest of her husband's assets.

House Henlein will be a tad bit more difficult since you will need to create all the opportunities. However, I have no doubt that a third step Semi-Saint can easily subjugate a house whose strongest cultivator is but a seventh step Transcendent Knight.

When their houses are ours, whatever we want, we can take."

The ease with which Konrad ordered those corrupt deeds took Wolfgang aback and made him reevaluate the callousness of that boss/son-in-law of his. Yet, although he didn't wish to stoop to such low actions, Konrad's words echoed like supreme commands he could only obey.

"Yes, boss."

"Don't forget to act with discretion. Anything is fine as long as you alarm neither the von Jurgen nor the Holy Flame Church. We're not ready for their attention…yet.

Oh, and of course, honor my name and fuck their women senseless."


Afterward, Konrad obtained Wolfgang's talent and browsed through his memories to learn all he needed to regarding the competition.

It was divided into two parts. The preliminaries conducted within a spatial world of the Holy Flame Church, and the actual battle contest between the young nobility.

There was an age limit of fifty which in the Holy Flame Empire's high nobility could only be regarded as the youth and a certain number of quotas depending on the family's highest-ranking noble's title.

The rest of the days were mostly uneventful. Konrad used Wolfgang to make the rest of house Kracht fall in lines and become its true master while days and night, he would enjoy the company of his various beauties, both in the outside world and within his spatial pouch where another part of his harem resided.

And on the night preceding his departure for the competition, a voice boomed within his mind.

"Yo, host! I have returned! Missed me?"

"Update Completed."

"Now that the host has proven his dedication to the quest of harem building, it is time we turn to a supporting role and grant him ample time to make his choices while giving him tasks meant to not only build a harem but establish his dominance over this world."

"Main Quest: Level 3 Initialization!"