Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 6

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 6 Terrifying Subjugating Power

"Host Gains 3000 exp."

"Host can pick a random True Rank Item in the wheel of fortune."

"Man, saying "host" "host" "host" is so annoying. But we gotta look official right?"

Konrad's mind had drifted into the system in which a silver lottery wheel now swirled in front of him.


The wheel stopped with its arrow pointing toward the fated item.


It was a palm-sized purple bead that on all accounts, looked quite ordinary. But the description beside it caused Konrad's eyes to widen with disbelief.

"True Suppression Bead: Within a hundred meters radius, it can seal the cultivations of those in the True Knight Rank or below.

Within a hundred meters radius, it can cause the spiritual power of True Priests and below to work in reverse.

If the owner is of incubus blood, it can hide the presence of their aura and increase the sexual frustration of targeted females.

Twice Upgradable…


Seeing the information unfolding in his eyes, Konrad could not help but stare slack-jawed.


Bullshit Cheat!

Bullshit Tailor-Made Cheat!


Bullshit Luck!

In what world could such a good thing happen.

"The world is my oyster..."

But then he saw the fine print, and his excitement died down in a heartbeat.

"Must be fed True Rank female juice once every seven days. Otherwise, it will suck the host's cultivation. And before the host reaches the True Priest Rank, each ability can only be used once a day."

"Well, I suppose that can only be more motivation..."

He then checked his total experience points and was surprised to see a whopping "5515."

His total experience points had increased by more than five-thousand?

How was that possible?

"How is exp reward calculated?"

"Depends on the girl's cultivation level. At the Adept Rank, for example, it goes from 100 to 900 exp. Then you have a bonus of ten percent for each beauty grade, and another fifty percent for virginity."

"Those girls were each virgin, grade ten beauties, at the fifth step Adept Knight Rank, so you get 500*2.5 for each one of them."

"Stop, stop, stop, enough math I get it!"

"You asked!"

Konrad no longer wasted breath on the System and returned to the real world. Although there were some things he could buy with his current exp points, it was definitely better to save and accumulate for what really mattered: The bloodline upgrade!

And as he opened his eyes, the purple bead alongside two harem rings appeared within his hands.

Meanwhile, Faidra and Aliki were sleeping within his arms with the look of satisfied kittens.

"Time to mark them and move on with the next stage of the main quest."

While Konrad enjoyed the sensation of the two beauties resting on his chest, dawn was rearing its head, and soon, activities would resume within the inner court. It was time to leave.

Gently, he tickled them into awakening, pushed them to the side and stood up.

As they woke from their sex induced torpor, he got dressed in the usual blue eunuch garments and tossed them their robes.

"What do you plan to do now?"

As if by previous agreement, the girls fell onto their knees and pledged.

"Master, from now on, we will serve only you."

The effects of incubus shagging and the golden rod were a delight to the eyes.

With his back facing them, Konrad clasped his hands beneath his back and adopted the stance of a lofty expert.

"I can accept your devotion and reward you accordingly, but that will depend on your contributions."

"Master, what do you want us to do?"

"Give me a list of the head palace maids of the clothing and embroidery departments. I want names, habits, birthplaces, everything of relevance."

The clothing and embroidery departments were the closest to the kitchen department and housed a great number of beauties. It was said that besides the Dancing Department, their girls were the best.

Naturally, Konrad would target them.

In just a few minutes, the sisters quickly drafted a list which they respectfully passed to Konrad.

Satisfied, he gave them a pat on the heads and presented them with the two ruby harem rings.

"Wearing those rings mean that you forever belong to me. Are you willing?"

"We're willing!"

Their clear tone showed no hesitation whatsoever, and although he let nothing transpire on his face, Konrad was inwardly shocked.

He had not expected that the combination of the golden rod and his new powers to prove so devastating!

"I suppose you only work under one of the holy consort's personal attendants?"

"Usually that is the case, but for this task, she asked us personally."

"I see. If you're asked, say that you've disposed of the body. If you're not asked, say nothing. I will make sure this lie lasts long enough for the truth to become irrelevant."

"Now come here."

They stood up and walked toward him with eyes full of expectations. He grabbed them by the waists and one after the other, invaded their lips and necks with his tongue. Kissing and covering them in more hickeys than they could ever handle.


After parting from the blond sisters, Konrad returned to his quarters and was surprised to see his eunuch roommates still snoring.

"Really you could kill them in their sleep, and they would never know. What a useless bunch."

"Weren't you about to be killed in your sleep too?"


Having learned from past mistakes, Konrad didn't try to counterattack. The system was the king of low jabs. He would have to practice some more to be his match.

"I still have two hours before the sun rises huh? Better than nothing…"

He fell face first into his hard pillow and passed out on the bed.

Two hours passed in a flash and the footsteps of thousands of individuals rising to attend to their respective duties in orderly manners soon echoed within the inner court.

Konrad was no exception and rose to dive into the fray alongside his eunuch roommates.

"Hey Konrad, didn't you get summoned by the holy consort? What happened?"

"Yeah, did you get a reward or some secret assignment?"

Asked Ralph and Alan. Those two had joined the palace at around the same time as Konrad and had been assigned to the same quarters and duties. If their relationship with the original Konrad was not bad, it was also not too close.

"I did receive a secret assignment and will soon report back to the holy consort with large, deep and overwhelming results!"

The two eunuchs were taken aback. That assignment must have been of vital and paramount importance, and from Konrad's tone, they could hear that he would hammer it with firm, piercing thrusts, not stopping until it laid conquered on the floor!

So to speak…


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