Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 68

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 68 Kolomans Plight

Led by priestesses, the contestants headed into their respective quarters. Afterward, among the bored daughters and wives of noble that came to support their kin, gossip ran amuck.

"Did you hear? That boy from house Kracht got first rank in the first round."

"The one that beat Koloman senseless?"

"Yes, that one!"

"I heard he's only seventeen. Do you think he can win the competition?"

"How is that possible? The fifth prince is a Pureblooded Paragon Spirit several levels above him. There is absolutely no way that boy can win."

"I guess you're right. Hey, he should be unmarried right?"


In his room, Koloman was running circles with his wife by his side. Having not witnessed the previous events, she couldn't understand where all his unease and apprehension came from, and she didn't care.

Since he made clear his intention to woe Iliana, their relationship had soured. Was it not for her family being subservient to house Slesinger, she would have already requested a divorce.

However, not caring was one thing; having to deal with the incessant noise of his clattering steps was another. She stopped her nail polishing session and turned her gaze toward that disgraced husband of hers.

"Could you not make this much noise? What's wrong with you?"

Koloman ignored her. Right now, his worry filled mind had no time to spare for his wife. He'd shoved himself into a terrible situation, and he knew it. How could he be so foolish as to fire killing intent at the Crown Prince? If Elmar chose to press charges, even his father couldn't save him.

"I must leave this place and request an audience with maternal grandfather. At this point, only he can keep me safe."

He reckoned. However, at that time, a knocking sound echoed from his door.


He snarled. Why did people always choose the worst of times to disturb him? But when the intruder's voice echoed within his head, he almost soiled his pants.


Naturally, it was Konrad's. Koloman rushed toward the door, opened it, and welcomed him inside with deference.

Konrad swept the room with a glance, and his eyes locked on the dainty young woman sitting beside a marble table with her legs crossed.

With his Origin Sight, Konrad recognized her as another winged serpent. However, one with a much lower bloodline purity than Koloman's. Still, she was an outstanding beauty whose alluring figure left no room for nitpicking. At the seventh step Grand Knight Rank, her cultivation level also stood out.

As soon as Konrad stepped in, her eyes fell upon him, recognizing him as the boy that thrashed her husband when they'd first arrived. According to the gossips, he also got first place in the previous round. What was he doing here?

Stranger still, Koloman stood by his side with deference she didn't know he possessed. Their eyes met, and she saw within his gaze a predatory glint that made her feel like vulnerable prey. Like with that simple glance, she'd been marked, and could no longer escape his palm.

An orchid scent spread within the room, infiltrated her nostrils, and spread throughout her body, causing her to heat up and clench her legs like an alarmed little pet.

"Koloman, Koloman, aren't you a greedy one. With such a fine lady by your side, why did you need to chase my woman? Tss, tss, tss. Oh well, I guess I'm in no position to criticize you."

He chuckled and stepped toward the woman whose green slit eyes stayed glued on him. Pink mist spread from his fingertips, dived into her pores and turned her rising heat into full-blown lust.

Feeling the profane force overtake her, and the debauched thoughts running wild within her mind, she bit her lower lips, but unbeknown to her, only produced a more alluring picture.

"What's your name?"


Konrad stretched his hand toward Irmhild, she took it, allowing him to pull her into a warm embrace that caused her heartbeat to accelerate. He then took her seat, instead, placing her on his lap.

Unsure of how to handle the situation, Koloman floundered, stood still, and did nothing.

Konrad kept one arm around Irmhild's waist while the other held her hand. He then returned his attention onto the dazed Koloman.

"Are you wondering why I'm here? I came to reward you."

"Reward me?"

Koloman hesitated. Although a radiant smile remained plastered on Konrad's face, his words chilled him to the bones.

"Reward, yes. Thanks to your insubordination and overflowing killing intent aimed at Crown Prince Elmar, I managed to avoid scrutiny. Doesn't that deserve a reward?"

He asked while stroking Irmhild's back and making her lean against his chest.

Understanding the crux of the issue, Koloman fell onto his knees and kowtowed.

"Master, apologies! I was muddled for one second and lost control of myself!"

Konrad briefly browsed through Koloman's memories and saw the true reason for his hatred for the crown prince. There was indeed boundless enmity between them. In a nutshell, Koloman's sister had died because of him. This made Elmar's reaction more incomprehensible.

Still, Konrad wouldn't let him off that easily.

"I don't really care about your grievances. However, you've put yourself in his radar when I needed you to lay low and directly provoked him. Although they chose to remain silent, more than one person must have felt that killing intent. This makes your future worrying and jeopardizes my plans.


Irmhild didn't understand what was going on, and the word "master" spoken by Koloman caused more confusion to spread within her mind. However, the enthralling scent and energy released by Konrad freed her of all those needless concern, leading her to rub herself against him as if only the two of them were present.

Sweat filled Koloman's face, but seeing his wife acting like a whore within Konrad's hands, his fear was replaced by a new wave of indignation.


Konrad's voice echoed, forcing Koloman to swallow his anger.

"I…wouldn't dare."

"Good. Because your reward for all those good deeds is to enjoy the sight of your wife getting plowed by me. In any case, now that you're only a man in appearance, someone must take care of her needs, right?

It might as well be me."


Koloman protested, but before he could stand up, Konrad's eyes nailed him onto the ground.

"Stay still and do nothing besides watching. I do not want you to miss anything."

Irmhild had already forgotten about her husband, blowing her hot, panting breath against Konrad's cheeks with aching need clear within her eyes. Konrad lifted her chin, bringing her lips close to his, and brushed his forehead against hers.

"What do you want me to do?"

He asked, his eyes glittering with violet light, and his overpowering presence filling her.

"I want you to fuck me."

She replied without hesitation, and hearing this, Koloman collapsed. Despite being a cultivator, he was on the verge of having a stroke!