Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 69

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 69 Abused Servant R 18

"How can I not oblige?"

There was false helplessness in his voice. He grabbed Irmhild's thigh with one hand, maintained the other around her waist, and teased her lips with his. Brushing, but not kissing while she tried to catch him within hers. The teasing game carried on for an instant before Konrad planted a kiss on Irmhild's neck, suckled on her flesh as his tongue drew an arc all the way to her shoulder.

The heat consuming her from the inside erased all form of rationality she had left. She wanted to throw herself onto Konrad, to force him onto the ground and ride him until he exploded within her, but strangely, she felt a foreign force trapping her within certain actions and forbidding others.

She was at his mercy, and the thought caused a moan to escape her lips.


She shuddered, watching him hickey her upper body while lowering her dress to below her ample chest with one finger. Her bust sprang free, bouncing in the air by Konrad's face. He cupped one breast within his hand, teasing one pink nipple with his fingers while pulling the other into his lips and tugging onto it.

She couldn't suppress her pleasure gasps.


Irmhild wrapped her arms around his neck, burying him within her chest while he sucked and played with her tits. The sensation moistening her inner thighs at breakneck speed.

Konrad's hand slid below her dress and snuck between her legs, spreading them apart, to rub his fingers on her erect clit.

His shaft hardened against her thigh, the fabric unable to suppress its warmth. And knowing that this rising piece of meat would soon hammer her, caused another pleasure wave to course through Irmhild's veins.

Clearly, she was reaching the end of her endurance and needed more.

"More…I want more…take me!"

She pleaded, and Koloman's bloodshot eyes almost cracked. Since when did his wife become so proactive, and why was she so brazenly throwing herself at a man she'd just met? Was this her true nature? Or was some other force at play?

"Incubus…he must be an incubus."

The realization then struck Koloman, and he despaired. Due to Konrad's order, he couldn't shift his attention and was forced to watch every detail of the two getting it on. The imprint of this nightmare would forever remain within his mind.

"If you insist."

Konrad replied in an amused tone that showed no consideration for his suffering servant, lifting up Irmhild's dress to reveal her drenched inner thighs, then freed his shaft from his pants.

The mixture of holy and demonic force that seemed to burst from it heightened Irmhild's lust and kindled her greed. In a heartbeat, she pulled her undergarments to the side and grabbed that dazzling meat-rod within her hands. Her eyes seemed to only have the cock within them.

Irmhild gave the rod a few pumps, then pressed it against the entrance of her pussy lips.

"Don't…do it."

Koloman pleaded through his teeth while biting his lips to blood. This was too much to bear!

Even if he didn't treat her well and wouldn't hesitate to divorce her to obtain a better marriage deal, she was still his wife! She belonged to him!

What man could endure the sight of his spouse about to eagerly impale herself on another man's rod? He couldn't!

However, his feeble words couldn't reach her. It was as if whatever Konrad did to her had utterly consumed her judgment, leaving no place for anything besides the need to satisfy her hunger.

"Don't be so dramatic. It's not like I'm stealing your wife. She'll still be Madam Slesinger tomorrow. I'm just doing my civic duty and providing her with the service she needs."

You should be thanking me."

A metallic taste filled Koloman's mouth and he spat blood.

Still, he couldn't lose consciousness.

The greedy Irmhild didn't have many considerations. She speared herself onto Konrad's large rod, welcoming his warmth into her snatch with one descent.


She gasped, feeling her butt cheeks kissing his full balls, and his wonderful cock settling itself within her.

The simple act of taking his cock in electrified her. Her lips formed an "O" shape, and a small orgasm hit her.

The deed was done, Koloman was now officially a cuckold. Of course, the game was far from its end.

Irmhild planted her feet firmly on the ground, wrapped her arms around Konrad's neck, and without further ado, began riding him.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

The sound of her cushy rear slamming against his balls soon filled the room. Driven by her lust, she showed no restraint, impaling herself as hard and fast as she could with no consideration for pain.

Fortunately, the golden rod's abilities kicked into gear, allowing her to enjoy the hardest pounding of her life without an ounce of pain. Konrad's hands held her waist, supporting her while bringing her up and down with greater strength and speed.

Her tongue lolled out, and she danced on his cock with reckless abandon, letting it reach places she didn't know could be reached, and hit pleasure spots that had never been triggered beforehand.


Her moaning intensified as her brutal handling of Konrad's dick carried on, and waves upon waves of ecstasy flooded her mind. Soon, the pleasure proved too much for her to handle. The succession of orgasms depleted her strength. Her legs gave out, but fortunately, Konrad's reliable hands were there to keep things going.

Holding her by below her thigh, he lifted her from the ground, and stepped closer toward Koloman, then resumed hammering her right in his face.

"Ooooh…Divine Lord!"

Like a constrictor coiling around its prey, Irmhild locked Konrad tighter against her, using every bit of strength she had left to cling onto him and that extreme pleasure he brought her.

His cock tensed within her, announcing its release. Konrad groped her butt cheeks firmly within his hands and drove in for one last thrust.


He groaned, his white-purple seed erupting within her, and sliding onto the ground in small droplets.

Exhausted, Irmhild passed out within his arms.

Konrad laid her on the bed, and returned his attention onto Koloman whose body trembled, while his lips had turned red from blood.

"Well, well. Is that defiance I see here? Don't worry, it won't stay for long."

Konrad stretched out his hand and placed it onto Koloman's face.

Violet mist burst from it and spread within his Koloman's mind.

"What…are you going to do?"

"I can't have your personal grievances standing in the way of my plans. I must rewrite your thoughts so that from now on, you can only behave as a useful servant."

"Don't worry, you won't feel a thing."

Koloman's eyes widened with fright, the pain of being cuckolded replaced by the danger of losing his personality, all that made him who he was, to turn into Konrad's puppet.

He wanted to struggle, but due to the previous order, he couldn't move a muscle.


But it was too late, the purple mist colonized his mind, modified his thoughts and very nature, to turn him into a docile, obedient man whose life's purpose was to serve Konrad wholeheartedly.

From now on, he would no longer care about anything besides his master's orders and would act according to his needs.

If he needed him to pose as the previous Koloman, he flawlessly would.

If he needed him to act as a braindead pet, he flawlessly would.

This was the power of the Master-Servant contract!