Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 78

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 78 Title At The End

Using her storm wings, Nils stopped mid-air, stabilizing herself before returning onto the ground. The thirty-six Konrad gave her no time to breathe before rushing back toward her.

"Not even one bit of mercy."

Nils bitterly remarked, then joined the two pommels of her swords, turning them into a double bladed sword.

"I've been studying this for a while but didn't have the power to use it beforehand. Today, we might as well inaugurate it."

Four circles of power appeared by her side as she sank her sword into the ground while falling on her right knee.

"Fourth circle spell: Lesser Storm Elemental!"

A horrifying storm burst from the sword, morphing into a large summoning circle from which emerged a flying grey giant surrounded by wind and lightning. The giant slammed his hands together, sending a storm wave to crash against the thirty-six Konrad.

Thirty-five vanished in an instant, leaving only the original who turned into light particles to avoid the blow and rematerialized a few steps back.

With a winning smile, Nils stood up.

"Storm Elemental, bring him down."

Nils ordered, and the storm elemental threw dozens of punches at Konrad. Each blow seemed to carry tremendous storm power, but no matter how powerful, they couldn't touch Konrad.

The storm elemental joined his hands, dark clouds gathered, and from the center of the ring, a violent storm spread, trapping both Nils and Konrad within. Of course, Konrad was the only one in danger.

Within that storm, even his light attribute couldn't save him.

"So, still saying that I'm not your match? It seems that you're right. I'm out of your league."

Nils teased; however, Konrad's focus remained on the storm elemental.

As for the spectator, they'd already become slack-jawed. Even those at the Transcendent Rank couldn't help but shiver. This fight had already transcended the Arch Rank's limit!

"I admit that you've surpassed my expectations. However, you still fall short."

Purple lightning erupted from Konrad's body, carrying with it enormous power that caused many Transcendent Rank experts to feel threatened.

He turned into a purple lightning meteor, and slammed into the lesser storm elemental, effortlessly digging a gaping hole within its chest and moving unhindered toward Nils.


The storm elemental crumbled in a thundering explosion, and before Nils could react, Konrad barreled into her. The berserk power of his purple lightning shattered her physique's defenses and propelled her off the platform to fly toward the invisible barrier.


Holger howled but incapacitated by the purple lightning, Nils couldn't heed his warning.

If she crashed into the barrier at her current flying speed, at best all her bones would shatter. At worst, her life wasn't guaranteed.

Instinctively, Konrad turned into a light beam, moved past Nils, and before she could crash onto the barrier, stopped her mid-flight, holding her tight against his chest.

However, the impact was so strong that his internal organs received some damages, and a thin blood line fell from the left corner of his lips.

"I guess you care…if only a little."

Satisfied, Nils grinned, then passed out.

Astonished by the ferocious battle, the bishop failed to react in time. However, he soon regained his composure.

"First Semi-Final's winner: Anselm Kracht!"

Konrad softly landed back on the ground and dropped Nils onto the platform.

This time, the crowd didn't hesitate, and although they couldn't understand why the ninth prince had suddenly turned into a princess, they still burst into an earthshaking ovation.

However, many couldn't smile.

Heinrich stood up, and in a single step, appeared on the stage. Holger, who was rushing toward Nils' unconscious form was stopped by Heinrich's holy power and could take no other step forward.

Seeing the exarch's appearance, Konrad frowned, and feeling the holy power exuding from his form, he knew the man way beyond his league.

Heinrich ignored him, and with a grasping motion, pulled Nils toward him.

"What is the meaning of this?!"

Holger roared; however, Heinrich didn't spare him a glance.

"The princess is wounded and in need of immediate care. I will have her tended to. Your Highness needs not worry."

The situation had taken a strange turn. Although Konrad couldn't see malice within Heinrich's eyes, the feeling of holding a golden goose was clear within.

"Aren't you going to stop him?"

Else asked Verena. Although Nils wasn't Verena's daughter, she was particularly fond of her, and always took great care of the girl.

However, when Heinrich stepped on the stage, she didn't pursue.

"I don't need to."

Verena's flat reply caused Else to remember someone else, and beneath her mask, her lips curled into a smile. Clearly, things were bound to become extremely interesting.

As Heinrich was about to pull Nils into his arms, a silver light beam descended from the sky and fell upon the platform, separating Nils from Heinrich.

The light vanished, revealing Elmar's shape.

Seeing his sudden appearance, Heinrich frowned but remained undeterred. To him, although Elmar possessed an honorable status and was the country's future ruler, he currently posed him no threat. However, unless necessary, he didn't wish to sour their relationship.

"Crown Prince, I believe you're well aware of your sister's importance in maintaining the relationship between the church and the imperial family. In this generation, the Great Void Crown Prince is one of the few Pureblooded True Spirit males not to have a pureblood spouse. Regardless of your opinion on the matter, your sister must wed him.

This is the Celestial Church's will. If you stand back now, I'm sure the high exarchs won't make things too difficult for you. After all, you are one of the few selected to join the Celestial Church in the future. However, if you dare meddle…"

Heinrich's voice trailed, not finishing his sentence. However, Elmar knew precisely what he meant. Still, he didn't hesitate, his cold, piercing eyes remained locked on Heinrich, not allowing him to make another move. Fortunately, he'd finished his report early and returned in time to see Heinrich make his move.

Elmar made a grasping motion and pulled Nils into his arms.

"As long as I breathe, no one can take my sister away."

The unyielding will, within his words, forced a frown on Heinrich's face.

"Very well, then you can't blame me for what's about to happen."

Heinrich lifted his hand, gathering his holy power for a blow. However, instead of fright, he saw Elmar's lips curl into a smile.

What was there to smile for? Did he have anything up his sleeve?

But before he could finish his thoughts, the sky darkened, overtaken by grey clouds lighted only by the occasional lightning ray.

"Measly ant. How dare you?"

A mild yet deafening voice thundered from within the clouds, and hearing it, Heinrich stopped his move with eyes full of confusion. Then, a name appeared within his mind, and confusion turned into fright.

But it was too late.

A massive grey lightning bolt descended from the clouds, striking Heinrich from above, in an oppressive explosion of holy power.

Chapter 78: How Dare You?