Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 92

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 92 Irreconcilable Contradictions


Iliana was in the process of having her pussy licked by Konrad's masterful tongue when the flame spirit exarch's earthshaking roar spread through the Holy Flame City.

"What the hell?"

Konrad pulled his tongue out of her snatch to seek the roar's origin. However, Iliana could care less and pushed his lips back onto her pussy.

"Don't speak with your mouth full…"

Soon, the news that the church's inquisition department had been robbed of all its reserves spread throughout the Holy Flame City, causing the jubilation of many. After all, among the several departments of the church, the inquisition was one of the most loathed due to its overbearingness and the sorrow it brought the citizens.

The imperial family was full of smiles, the high nobility exchanged cups of wine, and the commoners thanked the divine lord for his justice.

This was a day of celebration!

In the church, however, chaos spread like wildfire. The flame spirit exarch blamed the theft on the inquisition department as a whole, claiming that they'd prepared this scam beforehand to avoid having to pay reparations for their failures. No matter what argument was brought to the table, he still insisted on pushing the blame on them and asked for extreme punishment.

The leading exarchs of the inquisition could no longer endure the insult, and a fight broke out!

In the end, the head exarch had to personally show himself to mediate the situation, and while he outwardly didn't appear biased, he still heavily punished the inquisition department. He had them surrender some of their responsibilities to the faith defending department and even had several of the Semi-Saint inquisitresses involved in the Kracht case exiled to various corners of the empire.

Initially, the matter should have ended there. But who could think that hours after setting out, under the escort of experts from the faith defending department, the seven exiled inquisitresses would suddenly vanish from sight?

Their location unknown.

The inquisition's leaders quickly assumed the worst.

"The faith defending department is bullying us intolerably! Not content of encroaching on our jurisdictions, they even dare blatantly assassinate seven of our high-level inquisitresses!

How can we tolerate the insult?"

Those words began spreading from many of the Semi-Saints that remained, further infuriating the leading exarchs.

The situation reached such a point that the chief inquisitress, a high exarch of the church came out of seclusion for a bold statement.

"The faith defending department must give us a reasonable explanation. Otherwise, henceforth, a life and death enmity stands between us!"

But how could the overbearing faith defending department accept the charge? Not only did they not lower their stance, but they even claimed that this was all a ploy from the inquisition to appear as victims while secretly swallowing the church's resources.

Fights broke out, blood was spilled, and although the head exarch managed to contain the internal war, from that moment onward, there was a clear division within the church. All pretense of unity shattered, and the Imperial Faction who silently observed this struggled to hide its satisfaction.

At that time, within the Kracht mansion, the seven inquisitresses missing in action were kneeling at Konrad's front.

"Greetings, Master!"

Iliana, who stood by his side, couldn't understand the meaning of this scene. One moment she was still cuddling with Konrad, the next, he waved his hand, and the seven high-level inquisitresses appeared in front of them.

Out of nowhere, seven Semi-Saints were kneeling before them. How could she conceal her astonishment?

Her wide eyes went between the kneeling Hel and Konrad whose lips now flashed a wolfish grin.

"You've done well. Rise."

Naturally, the "sudden disappearance" of the seven inquisitresses was Konrad's doing. On the one hand, he could use them to create more chaos within the church, and on the other hand, he could bring seven Semi-Saints back to his side. By themselves, they were not only a formidable force but also top-notch cultivation resources!

How could he let them waste away in some barren land?

With another wave of his hand, he pulled them into his space bag, and with a clap, summoned Wolfgang.


The form of her father appearing out of nowhere caused the already confused Iliana to no longer know what was going on.

What was the meaning of all this?

"Your father and I have a kind of contract allowing me to summon him regardless of where he stands.

That's why I can bring him right from his fief."

Wolfgang had indeed been teleported from his fief back into the room. And seeing his daughter in flimsy clothing snuggled against Konrad, it would be a lie to say he didn't want to punch a hole in his face.

However, he could only endure.

Within Iliana's mind, the words "contract" and Konrad rung with all kinds of demonic connotations, neither of which boded well for her father.

"What the hell is going on?"

She asked, perplexed and unsure of how much had been concealed from her.

"Hum, hum. This is a truly disgraceful matter, so for the sake of your father's dignity, I wanted to conceal it from you for as long as possible. But I guess it's time to reveal the truth."

Konrad began and cleared his throat for emphasis and dramatic flair. His words caused Iliana's confusion to turn into a frown and Wolfgang's face to contort with rage.

"Your father signed a demonic contract of eternal servitude with me in order to become better in bed."


Iliana and Wolfgang both asked in unison.

Realizing he was being slandered, Wolfgang aimed a wobbling index at Konrad who kept sighing as if to show his helplessness in the matter.

"Despicable liar!"

Facing Wolfgang's outrage, Konrad remained unfazed.

"What? How am I a liar? I initially wanted to save you some face, but since you don't know how to cherish my good intentions, I can only be ruthless."

"Did you or did you not come to seek my help when you realized you could no longer please your woman?"


"Did you or did you not accept to sign a Master-Servant contract with me for the sake of obtaining the means to please her?"


"Did you or did you not get what you wanted?"

"I did…but…"

"But what? The situation is as clear as daylight. This was all a willing trade, and you have nothing to say in your defense!"

With conclusive evidence, Konrad had nothing to fear.

And hearing the exchange, Iliana's esteem for her mighty father hit rock-bottom. It was one thing to seek another man's help in bedroom issues, but another to surrender his soul for the sake of such short-sighted benefits.

How sorrowful!

Seeing the disappointment in his daughter's gaze, Wolfgang wanted to better explain the situation.

"There is…"

But as he began, Konrad's voice echoed in his mind.

"You better cooperate; otherwise, I either make you a more agreeable servant, or I spend the night making sure both Zamira and Iliana bear my demonic offspring."


Wolfgang choked on his words.

"There is what?"

"I…was desperate."

Wolfgang lowered his head and admitted defeat.

Konrad was satisfied while Iliana's disappointment deepened.

"Now, now. Let's move on to the operation's next step. Father-in-law, meet your secret helper."

With a wave of his hand, Konrad summoned Freya.