Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 1chapter 175

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 175 Entering The Warring State Era Part 1

Olrich's head abruptly turned to the imperial eunuch who could not shoulder the intensity of his gaze.

"What the hell, did you just say?"

Though his tone remained mild, both Konrad and the imperial eunuch could feel Olrich's emotions rising and about to spiral out of control.

"This…those are the third prince's words. And after investigating, I've come to the same conclusion. The second prince suffered soul damage from cultivation deviation and is currently bedridden!"

"Useless waste!"

Olrich's holy force erupted, barreling into the kneeling eunuch who flew toward the wall.


The eunuch's body slid onto the ground, his internal organs damaged.

"Your majesty…please calm your anger…this was…beyond our control."

The eunuch pleaded while spurting blood.

"I asked you guys to keep an eye on him, and the first useful report you bring me is that he suffered cultivation deviation? If you're not a waste, what are you? A traitor?"

Those words filled the eunuch with fright, and he banged his head against the floor in a brutal kowtow.

"Your majesty, I, your servant, am guilty of negligence! However, my loyalty is clear to all under heavens! Please do not doubt it!"

Olrich sneered.

"Konrad, I'm afraid our meeting ends for today. Go back to practice your spells and rune carving. When you reach a sufficient level, we can start learning about formation setting."

Olrich said then turned into a grey lightning bolt to fly toward Adelar's quarters.

Konrad's eyes fell on the kneeling eunuch who from Olrich's tone and expression clearly belonged to Adelar's camp. Thinking of the eunuch's future fate, he shook his head then returned to his mansion to practice rune carving.

Meanwhile, Olrich dived into Adelar's room, and ignoring Laurens who stood by his side, checked his pulse. Though irregular, it still beat.

"You're the one that discovered him?"

"Yes, father!"

Laurens replied with a bow.

"How long has he been like this?"

"I can't say for sure. I just came to give my greetings when I discovered him."

Again, Olrich sneered and extended his hand toward Adelar's forehead. His holy force spread within his body, analyzing it through and through, and when he made sure that the vital functions remained unharmed, he checked the situation of Adelar's soul.

Just like the body, the soul was currently dormant, showing no sign of when it would wake. However, although he could clearly feel it in the process of recovering from soul damage, Olrich frowned. But as quickly as it came, his frown dispersed.

"Soul damage is hard to treat. We can only supplement his soul power and wait for him to wake up. I will make the necessary arrangement."

"Yes fa…"

But before Laurens could finish his words, Olrich swept his sleeves and, in another grey thunderbolt, left.

Back within his mansion, Konrad sorted Olrich's gifts before starting his rune carving practice. With his current soul power level, carving runes shouldn't have been a difficult task. However, the lack of experience in the area proved a hurdle. Vanishing within his space mansion, Konrad used the Time Warping Clock equipped cultivation room to diligently practice rune carving across five days, stopping only for brief cultivation sessions.

At the end of the fifth, although the runes he carved looked a bit shabby, at least he could carve them.

At the same time, he collected exp through his avatars, then used it to purchase new recipes for his businesses and cultivation resources for both his harem members and his demonic beasts.

"It should be almost time for Krann's return."

With Krann's hidden support, the Prosperous Wind Third Prince managed to carry his maimed body back to the Prosperous Wind City, his broken sight immediately sending it into an uproar.

The guards at the city's entrance immediately sent the news to the palace, alarming the Prosperous Wind Emperor, a muscular middle-aged paragon spirit man, who personally flew toward the city gate to receive his son.


The third prince muttered before fainting in his father's arms. Though many questions swirled within his mind, the Prosperous Wind Emperor set them aside, using his Holy Force to stabilize his son's critical condition before carrying him back to the palace for an expert healer to take care of.

Soon, he was out of danger.

"Your majesty, the third prince is now safe. However…"

The healer struggled to finish his words, causing the already irritated Prosperous Wind Emperor to snap.

"However what?!"

"This…his highness' manhood has been…compromised."

The Prosperous Wind Emperor's eyes widened, and as rage filled them, he leaped from his throne to appear before the trembling healer.

"You said...what?"

Alarmed, the healer dropped onto his knees, and with his eyes staring at the ground beneath him, exclaimed.

"My apologies, your majesty! The third prince has been eunuched!"

The Prosperous Wind Emperor staggered on several backward steps before regaining his footing. He then vanished in a green wind gust to reappear where his son rested.

The third prince's mother knelt by his side with warm tears streaking down her face.

The third prince himself had now woken up. However, as if unwilling to face his new reality, he could not keep his eyes.

As soon as the emperor appeared, before he could say anything, the Prosperous Wind Empress grabbed his legs, and with warm tears still dripping from her eyes, roared.

"Your majesty, you must give our son justice!"

To become the Holy Continent's most harmonious imperial family, the Prosperous Wind ruling house made many sacrifices. The first of which being that the emperor only had one woman, his empress, and took no other consorts.

Thus, the empress was the mother of all the imperial princes and princesses.

And the sigh of her youngest son abused in such a wanton manner, made her lose all propriety.

"I will naturally not let this go without investigation. Whoever harmed my son must surrender his life.

Son…tell father…what exactly happened to you? Where is your fifth uncle? Why didn't he protect you?"

The Prosperous Wind Emperor asked while restraining his anger.

Hearing the mention of the "fifth uncle," the third prince's face contorted with anguish.

"Father…please restrain your grief."

Faced with such a reply, the Prosperous Wind Emperor felt as if lightning had struck him from above.

He lowered his trembling hand onto his son's forehead, bearing witness to the memories of his brother bringing his maimed son into hiding before self-destructing to repel the Earth Kingdom assailants.

Again, he staggered, but this time, tears filled his tormented eyes while his body seethed with wrath.

"Grand Imperial Eunuch!"

The head of the Prosperous Wind imperial eunuchs appeared by the emperor's side, kneeling in reverence.

"Here I am, your majesty!"

"Send my decree, the Earth Kingdom Alliance King has twenty-four hours to deliver his head alongside the perpetrators of this sinful deed. Failure to do so, and I shall burn their thirteen kingdoms to ashes!

I swear not to rest, till no soul remains!"

Hearing such dreadful words, the imperial eunuch leader shivered. However, he dared not hesitate.

"As you command, your majesty!"

Without delay, he turned into a beam of light. Using his peak Semi-Saint cultivation to shoot toward the Earth Kingdom Alliance's capital and deliver the imperial decree.

At his peak Semi-Saint speed, he reached the Earth Kingdom Alliance's capital in less than five minutes, landing before their royal palace to announce his arrival as the Prosperous Wind messenger.