Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 1chapter 203

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 203 Three For The Price Of One Part 1 R 18

Forgetting all decorum, Lena grabbed Konrad's collar, shredding it in a brisk tearing sound before forcing him out of his robe. The robe dropped onto the ground, revealing a physique that transcended the combination of the most outstanding traits between Adonis and Hercules.

Aware of his prey's plight, Konrad freed her of her dress, albeit with more sophistication.

The anticipation created by his hand unstrapping her dress' strings moistening Lena's nether regions. And thinking of how she was about to be defiled under the Celestial Founder's gaze, she couldn't help but tremble from a mixture of shame and excitation.

Unhurriedly, Konrad lowered the blue dress from her shoulders to her feet, and even as he reached her knees, his eyes had never left hers.

Lena's body was thus bared to the night. Her breasts wore no garments and bounced free to Konrad's delight. Meanwhile, her crotch was still covered by laced underwear that required prompt removal.

In the same tantalizing slow manner, he lowered her panties, setting them aside before standing to admire the magnificent body that surrendered to overflowing lust.

Konrad's rod rose to action, towering before Lena whose eyes widened at the sudden meat expansion. And although she'd received formal training on how to "serve" her future husband, theory and practice were different, after all.

But then, her eyes made a brief turn between Konrad's eyes and rod. All hesitation thus vanished, and she gripped the base of his meat lance within her hand, lubricating it with her spit.

She gave it a few slow pumps but then realized that just stroking was not enough to satisfy the voracious hunger devouring her from within.

Therefore, she directly took it into her mouth, letting her new sense of debauchery replace her sentience and guide her as she took it all the way to the hilt.


A loud, gulping sound echoed while Lena gagged on Konrad's shaft. Spreading her legs, she brought her fingers on her clit, rubbing it as she went up and down Konrad's shaft at an increasingly rapid pace.

"Let me take care of that."

Konrad opened his mouth, sticking out his demonic tongue which, at Lena's shock, expended until it reached 1.8 meters in length. Before she could react, the elongated tongue wrapped itself around her body, enlacing her breasts, waist, and hips.

It then pulled her hand aside to fall on her flower bud. Flicking itself over it before climbing toward the clit and teasing it with masterful expertise.

Pleasure and lust then took over, and disregarding the strange sight, Lena fell on her knees, focusing on her cock-sucking duty while Konrad's tongue toured her breasts, nipples, hips and snatch.

The licentious sounds they produced soon eclipsed the fountain, with Lena swallowing Konrad's rod as if her life depended on it. The rod throbbed within her throat, announcing the arrival of Konrad's peak.

Alas, Lena's own body could no longer resist the demonic tongue.


Her eyes rolled back, and she climaxed on Konrad's extended tongue. But as she recoiled from the orgasm's intensity, Konrad forced her back onto his rod with a pull of his right hand and released his spunk down her throat.


He groaned, before letting go of the gagging princess. She collapsed against, the fountain walls, legs wide open and eyes dazed.

With a fiendish smile, Konrad retracted his tongue and beckoned.

A vast surge of telekinetic power lifted Lena from the ground, aligning her with Konrad's still erect shaft. Activating the Hundred Flowers Scripture, Konrad established the mind-meld, and for once, used it to peruse his partner's thoughts.

"Oh, so it was mom's idea? Tss, tss, tss."

Golden and purple light erupted from his shaft, and before Lena could reply, the telekinetic force impaled her on Konrad's rod, breaking her hymen in one go.


A succession of animalistic groans flew from her lips as the dual lights spread within her and turned her invaded cave into a maelstrom of violent pleasure. Subconsciously, she wrapped her arms around Konrad's neck, and her legs around his waist, folding around him like a butterfly before starting her frantic ride of his meat rod.

"I say…we pay her a visit. My harem lacks a mermaid."

Konrad spread his spiritual sense across the Royal Palace, locating Augusta who currently enjoyed a nocturnal bath within the royal bathhouse. With one hand around Lena's waist, he stepped forward, turning into a beam of light to shoot toward the bathhouse while Lena carried on with her self-fucking.

In less than a second, they reappeared within the royal bathhouse, the sudden flash of light alarming Augusta who remained in her mermaid form.

"Who da…"

But before she could finish her words, Augusta was shocked by the sight of a towering, naked mortal god having his massive rode ferociously mounted by a silver-haired beauty she could effortlessly recognize as Lena, her daughter.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

Undisturbed by the change in scenery, Lena kept smacking her bubble butt on Konrad's shaft, her juice flying and tumbling onto the ground in a depraved mess.


She roared in unbearable bliss and again climaxed, this time on his shaft. Devoid of strength, her body went limp and would have dropped onto the ground were it not for the support provided by Konrad's arm.

Laying her onto the ground, he then let his eyes fall onto Augusta who was still recovering from her shock and failed to assess the situation.

"Greetings, new mother-in-law…soon to be harem member…a complicated relationship, I must say."

Konrad greeted with a fiendish smile.

"Lena would have never compromised her impending marriage with Adelar von Jurgen by offering herself to you. What did you do to her?"

A frowning Augusta asked while rising from the water to float above the ground with her mermaid tail brushing it.

"Following all her bold declarations, I'm forced to disagree.

Konrad shrugged while appreciating Augusta's mature body.

A brief assessment was enough for her to realize that Lena must have horribly failed in her seduction attempt and had the tables turned on her instead. However, unlike the sixth step Semi-Saint Lena, she was a peak-stage Profound Saint with pure mermaid blood.

Therefore, she didn't believe she could succumb to Konrad's tricks. On the contrary, given enough time, he would succumb to hers.

"Why don't we negotiate?"

She asked, her voice carrying hidden mermaid melody while her aura permeated the air and assailed Konrad's senses. A true mermaid didn't need to sing, their voice alone enough to bewitch their preys.

"Oh? What do you offer?"

Not losing her smile, and undisturbed by the sight of her unconscious daughter lying with copious spunk dripping from her lips and flower bud, Augusta carried on the silent seepage of Konrad's senses.

"Instead of returning to your country, and surrendering all your gains to the holy emperor, why don't you make this your home? Though non-spirits can't rule independent realms, you can still be a nominal vassal.

I can support you in combining five states into one and make it your domain. Thus, you can become our country's first sovereign prince while still possessing more power than the king.

If that's not enough, we can give you the court title of grand preceptor, in charge of all official matters. King in all but name. What do you say?"

In the Holy Continent, the title of grand preceptor was a very dangerous one because its wielder could, in theory, grasp more political power than his monarch. Usually, to avoid trouble, it was conferred to the strongest house elder who nominally held it while focusing on secluded cultivation.

In the Holy Flame Empire, the peak-stage Crossed Tribulation Saint, Adalwin von Jurgen was the grand preceptor, both in the reign of Olrich, his father, and grandfather.

"Denied. I have another proposition:


Bright purple flames erupted from Konrad's body, shattering the hidden melody and mermaid aura within the air to barrel into Augusta.


She cursed, realizing that from the beginning, her abilities had no sway over Konrad who clearly was no human being. And as she attempted to challenge the purple flames, another realization struck her.

They didn't bring physical harm. They targeted the mind's desires. Alas, even her Profound Saint cultivation was not enough to resist their might. In a flash, her suppressed lust erupted, and Konrad turned into the manifestation of all her phantasms.

Unable to maintain flight, she dropped onto the ground and her mermaid slit moistened by the second.


"Oh, for sure, I will fuck you good."

Konrad pledged before taking leisurely steps toward Augusta, intent on giving her the pounding of a lifetime.

At that time, Lena awoke with her first words being:

"Wait…don't forget me."

Meanwhile, the third princess was about to join her mother in the bathhouse. However, as she approached, a loud succession of smacking sounds backed by frantic moans echoed from the door.

Alarmed, she stopped. For while she possessed no experience in the topic, even a pig could tell what was going on.

The possibility of her mother having an affair within the royal bathhouse, forcing her back.

"Wait, it can't be. Mother is very cautious of gossips. Even if she wanted to carry out an affair, she wouldn't start tonight…or here. It must be someone else! How dare they sully our bathhouse?

The nerves!"

Full of righteous indignation, the third princess stepped toward the door and shoved it open.

What she saw startled her. In her mermaid form, her mother laid face down on the floor, eyes rolled back and her tongue lolling out while "the delegation protector" smacked his hips against her ass, pounding her from above with his massive rod.

Meanwhile, Lena sat before her mother, legs spread, and forcing her to lick the spunk that still trickled from her snatch.


Augusta roared while pulling her face out of Lena's snatch.

"Mother, don't speak with your mouth full."

Lena admonished before pushing Augusta's face back into her snatch.

Alarmed by the decadent scene, the third princess yelped and closed the door, her heart rate skyrocketing.

Of course, her intrusion didn't escape Konrad whose lips curled into an amused smile. He then returned to the task of driving his cock into Augusta's mermaid backdoor.

"Didn't see anything…I didn't see anything…I didn't…"

The third princess repeated to herself while leaving the royal bathhouse. However, as she reached the exit, she was shocked to see her father standing before her, depression still shining in his eyes.

"Aaah! Father, what are you doing here?"

The depressed water alliance king's eyes lowered onto his youngest daughter, too grief-stricken to see the oddities within her gaze.

"I wanted to chat with your mother and was told she was having a nocturnal bath here. I'm on my way to see her…"

Knowing that another disaster was about to strike her house, the third princess' eyes widened in fright.

But as she floundered, the water alliance king walked past her, taking unsteady steps toward the inner bathhouse.