Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 1chapter 205

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 205 End Of The Water Kingdom Alliance R 18 Part 1

With their holy sense covering the vicinity of their cultivation abodes, the six von Gradl secluded elders were immediately alerted by both Ernst's arrival and his current state.

Startled, they rushed out, descending before him in beams of light.

"What the hell happened here? Why is his majesty frothing at our doorsteps?"

"If you ask me, who do I ask?

"Maybe his mermaid queen finally put a green hat on his head?"

"Less nonsense. For now, take him in for healing."

The most senior of the six cut, and lifted Ernst with a wave of Holy Force to bring him back in their quarters.

Meanwhile, the third princess enjoyed the comfort of a heart-warming welcome into the pleasure worlds. As she lied naked on her father's bed, Konrad lips, tongue and fingers caressed her flower bud while Lena sucked her left nipple, and Augusta tended to the right.

With the pleasure wave overwhelming her, shyness and reluctance were quickly set aside for total indulgence in the trio's touch.


Throaty moans flew from her previously innocent lips while the corruption of demonic decadence settled within her mind.

Letting go of the third princess' breast, Augusta climbed on top of her face, forcing her to gulp the delicious semen that oozed out of her snatch.

*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*

Lust and greed clouded the third princess' rationality as she partook in the meal offered by her mother, enthusiastically devouring her cum-filled cunt.

The dual assault of Konrad's tongue and fingers then sent her over the edge. Her thighs clenched around his head, and electrified, she squirted on his face, drenching it with the juicy result of her first orgasm.

"Not bad."

Konrad praised before shifting positions. Rolling on his back, he lied by the third princess' side, his erect lance demanding attention. By the time the mother-daughter trio's greedy eyes fell on his rod, the second one grew and joined the fray.

Golden and purple light filled the room while reason ran out of the window to allow primitive instincts to guide the previously stately ladies.

As if led by a tacit understanding, they each took their spots. The third princess aligned her unexplored flower bud with the tip of Konrad's first shaft, her expectant eyes staring into his.

With her back against her sister's, Lena aligned herself with the second one while Augusta received the privilege of tending to the balls, suckling them like a babe would his milk.

In tandem, the sisters dropped on Konrad's rod, albeit with more difficulty for the third princess who had to force it through her hymen.

But as the golden light filled her, she quickly matched Lena's enthusiasm. With her hands stroking Konrad's chest, alongside her sister, the third princess began her ride, the two slamming their round, firm and cushy rears on the demonic phalluses.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

The pounding then began.

"The life of terrorizing men and taking their women is really…entertaining."

Konrad whispered while holding on the third princess' waist to guide her hip moves.

"Ohh…yess…lord protector…ohhh!"

She groaned while riding herself into another orgasm.

"You can call me Konrad."

But too lost in her frantic ride, the third princess couldn't hear his words, she only knew how to ride him harder, faster, harder and even faster, and sink her nails into his chest while her tongue lolled out and, alongside her sister, she arched her back in ecstasy.

Both princesses curved till their faces stood beside one another. In that profound show of elasticity, they kissed and rode Konrad till he exploded within them.

The positions changed, and the hammering resumed. But as he plowed those gripping, wonderful fields, Konrad regretted that no one could immortalize this scene, so he exchanged a recording mirror from the system to make sure the event would not be lost to history.

Following three hours of guttural moaning and lovemaking, the trio collapsed on the royal bed.

Leaving a bored Konrad to tour the other royal consorts' bedchambers, and bring them into the fold, one hammering session at a time.

As morning dawned, he returned to the royal bedchamber, dressed in a simple black robe.

One after another, the trio's members awoke. But this time, without lust clouding their reason, they were forced into the reality of the night's deeds. Needless to say, they couldn't face one another.

Even the more seasoned Augusta was no exception.

"Feeling shy now? Cute…

Alas, this is not the moment to be wallowing in bashfulness."

Hearing those words, both Lena and Augusta's eyes shone with enlightenment. With the deeds and words of the previous night, unless they surrendered to Konrad's camp, death surely awaited them.

Augusta didn't fear Ernst. But as a house, the von Gradl were still more powerful than the Meissner she came from. To say nothing of the misdeed of adultery. Once this was exposed, even her father wouldn't spare her.

As for Lena, she endured a similar plight. Even if she found shelter in the Holy Flame Empire, once Adelar von Jurgen realized that his wife's cunt had already adopted another man's shape, her demise was inevitable.

Only one road remained.

Mother and daughter rose from the bed and fell on their knees.

"From now on, we belong to you, please take care of us!"

"Wood that can be carved."

Konrad nodded, let them digest the night's gains.

Although his cultivation was still in the Transcendent Rank, with his Awakened Divine Primal Physique, a dual cultivation session with him yielded better results than with Tribulation Stage experts.

Breakthroughs were inevitable.

"Master, the various state rulers arrived and are, alongside the court officials, waiting within the throne room."

"Oh? That was fast. Good. After checking something, I will soon be on my way."

Konrad turned into a beam of light and reappeared within his chambers where a grievously wounded Astarte lied on the bed.

Cobra-Yvonne coiled at her side while the Semi-Saint delegate member that brought her back, stood on his knees.

Bypassing him, Konrad stopped beside Astarte.


"We hunted down five groups. Eight first step Arch Knights, five of the second step and two of the third step, a total of fifteen low-level Arch Rank experts were all killed by the lady!"

The delegation member exclaimed, and Konrad nodded in approval. Though the man had pulled her out of the life-threatening condition she previously was in, Astarte's current state was still no laughing matter.

Still, she'd regained consciousness, and seeing Konrad stand above her, her lips curled into a smile.

"Mission…accomplished. Thank you master for the Origin Sight. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to do it."

"How terrified were you?"

"At first…very. But after the first clash, it became much easier to…control."

"How did their deaths feel?"

"…bad…and good…at the same time."

Konrad nodded, then placed his hand on Astarte's forehead.

"Good girl."

Demonic healing energy erupted from his hand to spread throughout her body and close her wounds in their entirety.

He then extended his hand toward Cobra-Yvonne who again coiled around him before he turned into a beam of light to land at the throne room's entrance.

With his hands crossed beneath his back, Konrad stepped inside, his appearance took the officials and fourteen state rulers aback.

After all, it was Ernst they expected.

Undisturbed, Konrad walked past them, crossing the stairs to stop before the majestic golden throne Ernst usually occupied.

With a smile, he sat on top of it.

A deed that sent the gathering into an uproar.

But before protest began...

*Thud* *Thud* *Thud*

...The clattering of dozens of footsteps came from the throne room's entrance, bringing alongside it dozens of elite royal guards led by the commander in person.

The royal guard surrounded officials and rulers with their weapons, forcing them to realize the monarch had been overthrown.

And when with a wave of his hand Konrad summoned the royal seal, their assumptions were proven true. Therefore, they kept their mouths shut, awaiting Konrad's next move.

Although the state rulers could handle the royal guard, the commander was another story.

As for the man who could subdue him?

That was even harder to gauge.

"Greetings, dear officials and various state rulers. I have gathered you all for an important announcement. Effective immediately, the Water Kingdom Alliance ceases to exist, the fifteen states merge into one and become the Profound Sea Dynasty."