Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 1chapter 285

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 285 Bestial Nuptials Part 1 R 18

(Warning: You are about to enter the house of horrors where all nightmares are fulfilled. Step in at your own risk, but know you won't come out the same.)

Faced with the impending assault of seven otherworldly beauties, though undisturbed, Konrad's drunken eyes shone with seriousness.

"Bring it on."

He declared with soaring battle-intent while unfastening his belt. But with the challenge accepted, the ladies didn't even wait for him to finish.

"Jasmine, Iliana, Daphne, Nils. Your four whelps at the vanguard. First, unleash your true forms, we three will cover the rear! Attack!"

Yvonne declared while aiming her index toward Konrad, motioning for the "four whelps" to charge.

"As you command, general!"

The "four whelps" simultaneously replied, and released their suppressed energies. Upon his return, Konrad contracted Nils, Verena and Else, then used the system to improve their bloodlines. After "much deliberation," instead of making them Brahmas (the devas of spiritual perfection and creators of paragon spirits), he used the system to turn both Verena and Nils into Maras, the devas of dreams and temptation.

Their silver eyes now turned magenta, and the move was about to bite him in the rear.

"True Demon Form!"

Jasmine and Iliana roared in tandem, releasing their demonic energies and assuming their demonic forms. Their pupils and sclera turned purple, their porcelain white skin morphed into blue, a pair of horns grew from their forehead, flesh wings emerged from their backs, their nails grew into sharp claws, and a tail sprouted from above their rears!

At the same time, Daphne used her half-demon form, turned into a half-serpent, half-human demoness and glided toward Konrad in a lateral undulation.

Of the four, only Nils' true form remained human-looking. Her hairs glowed in white, pink light erupted from her form and shrouded her body while temptation fog of the same color spread throughout the atmosphere.

Not falling behind, Jasmine and Iliana unleashed both their orchid scents and desire flames that assailed Konrad from all sides. By the time the flames and fog filled him, Daphne had wrapped herself around his torso, using her emerald serpent tail to undo his belt while her arms shredded his robe!

Iliana, Jasmine, and Nils then pounced toward him, and the battle thus began!


Konrad sneered while the demonesses and devis surrounded him from all sides. Not backing off, he released his own orchid scent and desire flames which spread throughout the room, effortlessly overpowering his consorts'.

Of course, with their current bloodlines, they didn't immediately turn into lust-crazed fiends. Still, the desire to devour Konrad soared within their drunken minds, and as they grabbed him front, back, left and right, it reached its acme. Meanwhile, Verena, Yvonne and Else lied on the bed, observing the scene with rapt attention, and ready to intervene should their sisters fail to handle the opponent.

With his consorts' bewitching abilities filling him, even without stimulation, Konrad's rod rose to attention. His imposing length and girth poking through Daphne's tail while Iliana and Jasmine's hands rubbed his perfect abs and muscular thighs.

With her echidna tail, Daphne stroked the lower end of Konrad's meat-rod while Jasmine and Iliana glided their hands across the sides and teased the tip.

Even in their drunken state, they tended to his rod with a perfect balance of passion and care, their moves showcasing the depth of their feelings. With her inhibition out of the way, Nils joined the fray, grabbing Konrad's cheeks and pulling him into an ardent french-kiss.

Her tongue sought his, moving and twisting as if it wished to tour every nook and cranny of his mouth and devour all he had to offer. The silent spread of the desire flames carried on, heightening the already profound lust that boiled within the consorts.

Daphne's hands sneaked on Konrad's nipples, pressing, tugging and teasing them while her elongated tongue licked his neck and trailed his chest.

Jasmine and Iliana then dropped on their knees, sticking out their tongues to lick the pulsing veins of Konrad's rod while cupping his balls within their hands. Daphne's tail stroked him harder, gliding across half his length as the succubus duo kissed and licked the other half.

Konrad then released his second rod, allowing both of the demonesses to enjoy a full meal.

Without hesitation, they each took one between their full cherry lip and sucked the cocks in. Konrad's rods glided past their tongues, poking at their throats. And as they went deeper, Jasmine's lips met Daphne's tail while Iliana's butted against Nils' soft hand. A hand that now refused to let her go further, tending to what lied beyond.

With unconstrained lust filling the air, and the tantalizing scene before them, Else, Verena and Yvonne could no longer restrain themselves, and their hands now trailed their slowly dripping cunts.

The nuptial bedchamber was now filled with a myriad of squishing sounds and muffled moans, and though Konrad seemed passive, the situation remained under his control.

A second head and two pairs of arms grew from Konrad's body. Seeing this, Daphne snaked toward the second head, seizing its lips while Konrad's four hands stretched toward his consorts and caressed them at various angles.

With one hand, he stroked Nils' clit and rubbed her labia. With another, he stuck his fingers into Daphne's slit. The last two then descended on Jasmine and Iliana's heads, patting and guiding them on his rods.


The serpent demoness and temptation devi moaned in his lips while their sisters slurping sounds echoed from below.

In a flash, Konrad regained the initiative, and as his fingers wormed themselves within their tight, gripping tunnels, Nils and Daphne arched their backs, bending backward while his faces leaned forward, and pressed them into defeat.

Was it not for him holding them firm within his lips, their mouths would have already sprung free. But he didn't allow it, assailing them on two front while Jasmine and Iliana moved faster on his enlarged rod, taking it deeper into their throats without an ounce of difficulty.

Their succubus throats vacuumed Konrad's rod with a pressure that would have shamed the average lovemaking expert into a succession of uncontrollable orgasms. But on Konrad, it was just right.

*Squelch* *Squelch* *Squelch*


Unable to resist Konrad's tongues and fingers any longer, Nils and Daphne climaxed on his hands, and he chose that moment to release two jets of spunk down Jasmine and Iliana's throats.

But the clash was only getting started. Without delay, Konrad grabbed the four by the waist, holding each in suspension within one arm. Jasmine and Iliana soon found their soaked cunts on his lips while Daphne and Nils were impaled on his rod.


They groaned in delight and gasped as his tongues danced within their cunts and his rods impaled them.

The squelching sounds merged with the sweaty slamming of flesh against flesh, and balls against butt cheeks.

Bent in various position, all four took turns on Konrad's rods and fell to a succession of orgasms while his cum filled the entirety of their snatches.

They then collapsed on the ground, utterly defeated.

"Round one is…over."

Konrad announced with two arms folded beneath his chest while his extra two stretched toward the mature trio that awaited on the bed.

Although they hadn't expected the four to fall at such a rapid pace, Yvonne, Else, and Verena didn't lose courage, readying themselves for Konrad's assault by spreading their legs.

"Well, your majesty, round two now welcomes you."

The trio retorted in tandem.