Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 2chapter 140

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 140 The Harem Gathers Part 2

"Why did Konrad gather us all in the main hall? Such a thing has never happened before."

Jasmine asked toward Iliana with whom she'd formed an alliance to suppress the other party.

"I wonder too. Could it be he wants to orgy here?"

Iliana replied.

Konrad only gathered his women en masse for orgies. Therefore, she made such an assumption.

"The main hall is not a place Konrad would conduct an orgy in. He must have an important announcement."

Zamira inferred, causing the others to nod in approval.

Daphne's thoughts were much more straightforward, thinking that she should find an opportunity to slip into Konrad's pants once they were done here. At that time, the sound of footsteps echoed within the hall.

In tandem, the ladies turned toward their origin and were surprised to see Konrad stepping in with a new woman by his side. Konrad standing with a new woman was by no means a strange sight and shouldn't have provoked much of a commotion.

However, the dreadful aura of martial force, and unrestrained killing intent coating that woman made her impossible to ignore. With riveting beauty, unmatched sex appeal, and shocking overbearingness rippling in her eyes, she truly was an eyesore.

The two bypassed the gathered harem members, stopping at their front.

"I've gathered you all here today to present you your new -sister.-"

Konrad began, causing brows to furrow. Of all the harem members, not one was introduced in front of the entire team. If this wasn't a show of favoritism, what was? The likes of Jasmine and Iliana were finding this hard to accept.

However, as the members of the "High Cultivation, Low Status" faction stared at Yvonne, their eyes gradually widened, and soon, shone with fright!


Hel stammered while taking a step backward. Anyone of the Semi-Holy Inquisitresses was many centuries old. Therefore, they had lived through Yvonne's era and either witnessed or heard of her glory.

Even after all those years, in spite of the mutual coverup conducted by Olrich and the Holy Flame Church, that prestige was hard to shake. Moreover, according to their intel, she'd only fallen back to the ninth step Semi-Holy Rank. Let's not even mention that none of them were anywhere close to that level. Even if they were, with her earthshaking foundation, how could they contend?

The members of the "Low Cultivation, High Status" faction were perplexed by their competitors' fright. Could that woman be that terrifying of a character?

But when the name settled within their minds, their thoughts varied.

"Noble Imperial Consort, Yvonne Voight. Hubert Voight's daughter?"

Those were the words that rung within the minds of Iliana, Daphne, Zamira, and the rest of their faction. Nowadays, those titles were what people kept in mind when they heard of Yvonne's name.

Konrad's gals truly knew no limits. Even daring to lay hands on such a problematic character.

As for Jasmine, who remembered Else's words, she frowned.

"It seems the Holy Consort was proven wrong. He did get her."

As Konrad and Yvonne stood side by side, there was a form of chemistry easily palpable by onlookers, making them look like a perfectly matched couple. Not many of those present didn't find that irritating.

The peaceful days were over.

A threat had appeared! Konrad enjoyed the effect.

"I see that some of you are already acquainted with her. Good, very good.

That being the case, I won't say much. Yvonne's cultivation and experience both transcend that of anyone present. Therefore, from now on, she will serve as the harem's leading member, my Head Consort.

Seeing her is seeing me. I hope you behave."

Those words threw the gathered ladies into an uproar. And Konrad certainly didn't hope that they behaved. Through those recent days by Yvonne's side, he understood an important principle, if his women couldn't defend themselves, the future was worrying.

While they were by his side, there was, of course, nothing to worry about. However, what if they weren't. What about those moments when they stood alone in the outside world without him to look after them?

Although they'd all received formal training at various stages of their lives, of the forty-seven women standing before him, only one possessed profound fighting skills:


As a former Barbarian Chieftain, Zamira had been through many battles, be it to take her position, or in the clashes against the Holy Flame Empire.

Therefore, her fighting skills were top-notch, and becoming Wolfgang's consort didn't make her stop her training routine.

As for the others, their skills varied. But their cultivation improved fast while their skills didn't. At this rate, they would reach the Divine Rank, with less battle skill than the average Semi-Saint general and rely on high cultivation to bully the weak.

That was something Konrad didn't want to see.

Every single one of his future goddesses should be a Valkyrie, capable of effortlessly shredding men of the same level, and engrave fear in the hearts of those that crossed their path.

Therefore, it was time to squeeze their fighting spirit. And who better for this task than Yvonne?

And as expected, not many were satisfied by this arrangement.

"She has just arrived, and in seniority is the youngest members of us all, why should we listen to her?"

Jasmine opposed with firm determination. And although she said nothing, Konrad could see that Iliana agreed.

"What do you think of them?"

A smiling Konrad asked toward Yvonne, who appraised her "sisters" in silence.

"The best are barely passable, the worst are clearly wastes."

Those words triggered the ire of all the opposite women.

"The nerves! Who do you think you are? Just a woman that fell to pleasure and forsook her husband out of greedy lust for a man young enough to be her great-grandson's great-grandson!

What gives you the right to act arrogantly here?!"

Iliana roared, failing to realize that her words applied to too many, her own mother included.

Therefore, she received odd-glances from all parties. However, she didn't care. Glowering at Yvonne with intense animosity.

"The right of might."

Yvonne replied, her words carrying a formless force that suppressed both Jasmine and Iliana from all sides.

Konrad stood back to enjoy the rest of the show, for knowing the likes of Jasmine and Iliana, he knew exactly what their next words would be.

"If your cultivation weren't higher than ours by so many ranks, you wouldn't be able to act unruly!"

And there it came.

Hearing those words, Yvonne's lips curled into a devilish smile.

"Oh? Very well, if anyone of your lot can receive one of my blows at the same level, I will willingly surrender the Head Consort position and apologize."

Those words caused the members of the "Low Cultivation, High Status" faction to feel shamed.

Wasn't this naked humiliation? However, the members of the "High Cultivation, Low Status" faction had oddly fallen silent.

Joke, Yvonne battled house von Jurgen's number one expert to a standstill while being three ranks below him!

And that was a Saint-level confrontation.

Fighting her at the same level was no different than asking for humiliation. Unfortunately for them, Jasmine and Iliana didn't have that knowledge.

"You're going too far!"

"Do you really think yourself unparalleled in the world? I've never seen such a conceited per…"

But as Iliana began her bout of fury, she realized she'd indeed seen such a conceited person before. That person was standing right behind Yvonne…

"Not in the world, just when the bar is set this low. Do you accept the challenge, yes, or no?"

With a glance at the rabble, Yvonne perfectly understood Konrad's intentions. Were it not for his desire to stimulate them, he would have never introduced her in such a pompous manner.

That being the case, there was no harm becoming "public enemy number one" and a new source of motivation.

"Yes! Why not accept? Bring it on!"

Jasmine roared, and stepped forward, as soon as Yvonne released her of her pressure.

The demonic energies of her half-succubus blood erupted alongside the purple light attribute of the Hundred Flowers Scripture as she shot toward Yvonne alongside two afterimages.

"Sixth step Grand Knight, sixth step Grand Priest. Ok."

Yvonne lowered her cultivation to Jasmine's level, and as Jasmine approached, her hand jerked forward in a palm strike.


Jasmine flew back, landing on the ground, defeated.

"How…can this be?"

With the purple light attribute, Jasmine's speed was not what the average Grand Knight could follow. However, Yvonne not only effortlessly trailed her move but found the most critical flaw in her guard to defeat her in a single blow.

"Anyone else?"