Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 137

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 137 Soulmates R 18


Yvonne cried as she crawled toward Wenzel's corpse. Even if he disappointed her at every turn, he was still the son she raised across decades. How could she truly give up on him?

To say nothing of the fact that he had just turned over a new leaf! The moment he chose to reject his past self and return to her as a worthy son, was also the moment heaven chose to take him away from her?


She couldn't believe it. Yvonne crawled toward his side, bringing together his head and body with a vacant look and crumbling heart. But while she inwardly wailed, falling under a myriad of inner daggers, the invisible Konrad didn't stay idle.

"Give me the lowest grade Arch Soul Lamp available."

"At once."

The system exchanged a hundred-thousand exp for a low-level Arch Soul Lamp and sent it to Konrad. Soul lamps were known as incomparably evil artifacts used by demonic cultivators to trap the souls of their victims for future use. They could later then use them to power puppets or directly refine them through specific sordid arts.

Konrad held no such design. With the Soul Lamp, he absorbed the lingering souls of Wenzel and the deceased eunuchs. Safely storing them, then stepped toward Yvonne who still wept over Wenzel's body.

Seeing that despairing side of her, Konrad's heart tightened, as if an invisible force squeezed it from afar, stifling his breath. That sensation was awfully uncomfortable.

"Why save their souls? Those are low-level creatures, even by this world's standards. They will never bring you any ben…"

"Shut up."

Konrad silenced the Flame-Mark which once again attempted to direct him.

"They have no use for me, and I couldn't care less about them. But she cares; therefore, I will save. If you're not satisfied, go back to sleep."

The Flame-Mark said nothing more, returning to silence.

Why Olrich didn't seize Wenzel's soul was a mystery. However, he wouldn't dwell on that for now. And thanks to that mystery, he could grasp this opportunity to make things right for Yvonne.

His Invisibility Skill dispersed, and he reappeared by Yvonne's side.

Seeing the shadow suddenly emerging from her side, Yvonne's eyes rose to meet the one intruding on her grief but was surprised to see Konrad's towering shape.

In that instant, she couldn't consider why or how he suddenly appeared. Her only thought was to get him to scram!

"I don't know how you evaded the scrutiny of Olrich's subordinates, but you should get lost."

Joke, this whole thing had occurred because of Olrich's suspicion of an illicit relationship. Yvonne finally realized that while her life was never at stake, anyone suspected of being favored by her would receive Olrich's unrestrained retaliation.

That being the case, how could she keep Konrad by her side? However, his reply startled her.

"I will not."

Yvonne's red, teary eyes widened in disbelief.

"What is wrong with you?! Have you not seen what happened to them?! Are you that eager to die?!"

Right now, to say nothing of others. With Olrich having obtained full control of her poison, Yvonne could not even protect herself. Her future prospects were bleak, to say the least. Anyone with half a brain cell could see that.

Why then would Konrad risk his life and bright future to stay by her side?

Moreover, one thing Yvonne had left to say was that when she didn't see Konrad among the gathered eunuchs, she felt profound relief. As if losing them, could not compare to losing him.

That feeling shamed her.

"I just thought that since I have the solution to your grief, I couldn't just leave you behind."

Konrad replied with a gentle smile, causing Yvonne's eyes to widen and her expectations to soar. However, as quickly as they came, they vanished, obliterated by the harsh reality of the dead bodies lying by her side.

"What kind of solution could you possibly have? Can you bring the dead back to life?"

Yvonne asked in spite. Konrad wasn't offended.

"Follow me."

He ordered before heading back toward Yvonne's quarters.

Knowing Konrad, Yvonne knew he wasn't the type to speak rubbish in moments like these. Therefore, she followed him back in.

Konrad waved his hand, making the soul lamp appear, and rubbed it within his hands. Grey smoke sprang from within, carrying alongside them two dozen dormant souls that soon filled the room.

Those were the eunuchs' souls! And at their helm, Wenzel's stood!

Seeing the twenty-five souls standing before her, Yvonne's eyes went wide from fright.

First, because she could see them!

Second, because it was theirs!

Without special cultivation methods and conditions, the ability to see souls didn't appear before the Divine Rank.

Konrad could see them because of his Origin Sight. However, Yvonne normally couldn't.

But thanks to the soul lamp's processing ability, that hurdle had been vanquished.

"Those are the twenty-five souls lost today. Right now, they're in slumber. Two options stand before us.

Either we wait to find suitable bodies for them, or we seal them within soul puppets, turning them into mechanical individuals with limited prospects."

Soul Puppets were unusual artifacts built with rare materials capable of containing souls. However, the soul couldn't be of higher rank than the puppet's materials and vice versa.

Moreover, once the soul was installed, upgrading them was incomparably difficult since it involved upgrading the soul's level.

But at the moment, Yvonne didn't care about any of that, she also didn't care about why Konrad possessed such an item, directly leaping onto his chest, and holding his neck tight within her arms.


Deep, unparalleled joy welled within her chest and consumed her whole.

Unable to restrain herself, she kissed Konrad's cheeks time and time again, marking him with the red of her lips.

"Thank you…thank you."

"Hey, thanks are all nice and good, but you gotta show some sincerity.

How do you plan to thank me?"

Konrad teased while holding onto Yvonne's waist and staring into her eyes.

For the first time in centuries, Yvonne didn't know what to say, and her cheeks flushed red.

"I can…give you anything you want."

Yvonne whispered. Being the son of a Demon God, Yvonne didn't doubt Konrad had the means to handle what she had to offer. Therefore, she made that impish proposition.

However, Konrad, of course, didn't want a transaction. Since Olrich had worked so hard to bring her to hell, it was now his turn to lift her back to heaven and seize the beauty for himself.

"I'd rather…we dance."

The words took Yvonne aback. Alongside fighting and drinking, dancing was one of her favorite activities. One she was always dressed for. However, she'd never expected Konrad to share in such a hobby.

In the week they'd spent together, he never revealed such an interest. Still, she readily agreed.

"Very well, I hope you won't disappoint me."

Perhaps Konrad would again surprise her, throwing her heart out of control with a few moves of his own?

Effortlessly, he occupied a greater spot than anyone ever did, one beyond what Olrich held in the past. Beyond the boundaries of friendships. He occupied her heart.

As for Konrad, although he'd yet to put a name on it, he understood that among all the women he'd met, Yvonne held a special place. Standing by her side, he felt at ease. Only she truly shared similarities with him.

With her, he didn't have to pretend. He didn't have to swindle; he could just be himself, and it would all work out. The connection they shared was that natural. Having never experienced such a feeling, Konrad couldn't forsake it.

The wind was the melody, and their hearts the rhythms at which they danced. As their improvised ballet reached its end, Konrad stared into Yvonne's eyes and her in his.

The building tension and electricity reached a crescendo, and Konrad took her lips into his, to which she reciprocated by tugging on his collar and yanking him toward her in a passionate kiss.

As their tongues intertwined, Konrad swept Yvonne off her feet and while still keeping her flaming lips on his, led her to bed.

Moving on instinct, she tore him out of his clothes while he did the same to her. They exchanged caresses, but as their lips separated, she placed a hand on his chest, stopping him in his tracks.

"I want to see your…True Form."

She declared, causing Konrad's lips to curl into a devilish smile.

"As you wish."

Konrad leaned back, his pearl white skin assumed a pale grey hue while long claws sprang from his fingers and toes. His eyes both turned full violet, leaving no white within, while his hairs extended beneath his back, reaching his calves.

Large goat horns sprang from his forehead, and from his back grew a pair of grey flesh wings that looked larger than his body.

And of course, mighty demonic energy erupted from his form, feeling the entire room with his pressure as he leaned toward Yvonne.

"Which one do you prefer?"

Konrad asked while his elongated tongue moved onto Yvonne's bare breasts.

"This is…truer."

Konrad agreed. His current form was like a reflection of his true self. That of a depraved demon spawn.

Yvonne's erect nipples poked his lips as he teased her breasts, the passion between them increasing while he trailed her divine body with his tongue and lowered it toward her flower bud.

As if to accommodate him, Yvonne laid on her side while spreading open her legs for Konrad to get better access. Truly, she was unlike any others. Even in her first time, she excelled, not willing to show inferiority, and meeting his fiendish gaze with fiery passion.

Konrad also laid on his side, and as he approached her Yvonne's snatch, his shaft hardened.

His lips met with her flower bud, his tongue tasting some of the sweet nectar that already dripped from it before he flicked it upward, sending a jolt of electricity throughout her body.


Yvonne moaned in a soul-stirring noise that spurred Konrad on. Hungrily, he kissed and devoured her snatch, exploring it with his demonic tongue that forked and morphed at will to attack the pleasure spots it discovered and bring sublime pleasure.

The pace between Yvonne's moans quickened, she locked her slender legs around Konrad's neck while he stroked her soft thighs and let her crumble under the pleasure.

Unable to resist, she squirted within his welcoming mouth.

"That's not fair."

How could she lose a battle so miserably? In the future, where would she put her face? Unwilling to admit defeat, Yvonne seized Konrad's erect member, first giving it a few pumps as if to assert its state, before dropping onto it with her mouth open wide.


She swallowed it in, gulping it like an avid beast, and making up with enthusiasm what she lacked in skill.

Like that, they fought, seeking to bring the other to blissful surrender. A pity that in this field, Yvonne's experience was inexistent. How could she contend with Konrad?

Therefore, she resorted to more bestial means, using her winged serpent blood to elongate her tongue and wrap it all around Konrad's shaft, squeezing it in delight as she went up and down.


Konrad groaned, taken by surprise. A fast learner, Yvonne took him all the way to the hilt, squeezing him down his throat, and causing his milk to erupt within her throat.

Her cum stained lips flashed a victorious smile as she switched her gaze onto Konrad.

"Don't be too full of yourself!"

Konrad's shaft glittered in golden light, as he spun to face Yvonne. Startled by the sudden change, she recoiled, while Konrad crawled toward her, covering her with his towering body and wings while aligning himself with her sacred entrance.

Konrad dived in, breaking through the hymen, and settling himself within Yvonne.

She stifled a pained yelp, but as Konrad's light spread within her, pleasure erased all feeling of ache.

She stared into his eyes, he stared into hers, and although they said nothing, their stares said the same thing.

"From now one, and throughout eternity, you are mine!"

Yvonne wrapped her arms around Konrad's neck, holding onto it while he used his right hand as support on the bed to lift her with his rod and take her midair.

With his left, he held onto her waist, driving into her marvelous snatch that squeezed him in ways he'd never experienced beforehand.

When she adapted to his rhythm, he increased the pace, taking her harder, faster, harder, and even faster, until their grunts and moans oppressed the walls, and he erupted within her.