Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 138

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 138 Tribulation Poison's Destruction R 18

As the first wave ended, the mating pair carried on, shifting their positions so that Yvonne sat on Konrad's crotch with her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms still locking his neck. Meanwhile, Konrad crossed his legs beneath her thighs, holding Yvonne's round, perky butt within his hands. In that lotus position, thrusting became more challenging. However, intimacy increased several folds.

Holding eye contact, Yvonne leaned back, allowing Konrad to grind against her g-spot while she rocked against him. She cupped his face within her hands, kissing him with unrestrained passion and moaning within his lips.

The mental connection established by Konrad's Hundred Flowers Scripture allowed the two's pleasure levels to breakthrough new barriers as they indulged in the other's embrace. Yvonne then broke their stalemate, shoving Konrad onto the bed and keeping his back pressed onto it as she stared into his purple eyes.

"Now it's my turn to fuck you silly."

She declared, before starting her wild ride.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

Holding his hands within hers, she rode him with reckless abandon, pushing the limits of what her body could bear to slam her supple rear on his rod and let the sound of his balls kissing her ass cheeks fill the room.

The intensity of their bestial mating had already transcended what any mortal could endure.

They devoured one another with sublime passion, shifting positions to contend for supremacy.

Konrad spun Yvonne onto her back, piledriving her into a succession of orgasms while his purple-white spunk filled her gripping fold.

Driven by primal instincts, they lost the notion of time, carrying on for an entire day, and completely forgetting about the presence of the souls in the vicinity.

Meanwhile, Konrad's cultivation rose at breakneck speed, his Holy Primal Physique and Hundred Flowers Scripture allowing him to connect Yvonne's meridians to his, and use the energy released by their dual cultivation to unlock God Meridians and condense new Supreme Meridians.

Three new God Meridians and nine Supreme Meridians appeared within him as the barbaric breeding carried on.


They grunted in tandem as their last orgasm hit them. At that time, golden light erupted from Konrad's Holy Primal Physique, binding their souls and causing the two to lose consciousness in their partner's arms.

The light didn't fade, wrapping the two of them while the scenery they saw changed.

Konrad arrived in a world of pure darkness, with nothing as far as the eyes could see. In that world, negativity overflew, with feelings such as pain, regrets and apprehension holding sway over all others.

This was a specific corner of Yvonne's soul. The one in which the spiritual root of her tribulation poison lied.

Several screens then appeared before Konrad, swirling around him while displaying various events that caused Yvonne a certain amount of pain or regret. One, in particular, swirled in bright red light. Konrad's eyes rose to observe it, and what he saw allowed him to understand where he stood, and what he should do.

Golden light again erupted from him, coating his bare body as he extended his hand toward the screen.

When his fingers reached it, he vanished, reappearing in another location where darkness still reigned.

Here, however, there were other people present. No, it was more accurate to call them memories. Memories of an event that was continually being replayed within this corner of Yvonne's soul.

Sword in hand, Yvonne released the terrifying cultivation of a True Origin Saint, and with one move, beheaded the two eldest von Jurgen princes of the previous era.

Terror and indignation shone within their eyes as their heads flew and life left them.

The Saint elders of house von Jurgen arrived a step too late. Still, they attempted to avenge the princes, but with one hand, Yvonne suppressed them on the ground.

A tall, emaciated paragon spirit then appeared within the air. His old age made evident by the many wrinkles on his face, and his silver hairs that had lost the luster of youth.

He was house von Jurgen's topmost expert. A more than nine thousand years old peak-level Crossed Tribulation Saint, and Olrich's great-granduncle, Adalwin von Jurgen.

The average lifespan of Saints was of ten thousand years. Because Adalwin approached his death, he rarely made an appearance. Desperately seeking the road to the Star Taming Stage.

Moreover, the era of Olrich's father could be considered a new golden age for the von Jurgen dynasty. The emperor was mighty, the heirs outstanding. Talents rose in abundance, and the future seemed incomparably radiant.

A pity that Gerhard condensed a tribulation poison which Olrich then used to infect his father right before he could break through the Crossed Tribulation Saint Rank. Thus, causing his destruction.

Olrich then played the debt and guilt cards to convince Yvonne to help him seize the throne and slay his brothers for him. Thus, ending the radiant era.

Yvonne and Adalwin battled in the imperial palace's sky, shocking all audiences. But even with the gap of three Saint Ranks, he couldn't suppress her.

The fight ended with both mutually wounded.

What happened next, Konrad already knew.

But the scene of Yvonne beheading the two princes kept replaying before him. He extended his finger toward it, causing strands of golden light to soar, and destroy it.

A new Yvonne then appeared before him, this time, she knelt with the two dead princes floating around her with grief and indignation written on their faces.

"Yvonne, why did you kill us?!"

"We had no enmity!"

"Olrich's life matters, but ours doesn't? If he wants to rebel against the natural order and become emperor, we must die?"

"Why?! Why?! Why?!"

As they spoke, red light threads flew from their lips, binding the kneeling Yvonne who shivered under their accusations.

"Give us back our lives!"

In her life, Yvonne had killed innumerable people. But most of those lives were taken during wars with the Northern Barbarian Kingdom and used to sharpen her sword.

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that thousands had lost their lives to her. However, that was war. An "if you don't die, I perish" situation. There was no need for regret.

In this case, it was different. Impossible to justify and therefore, hard to erase.

"Why did I kill you? Why?

It was not necessary, it was not worth it. Why?"

Konrad stepped forward, the golden light shining around him, spreading within the area to form a small bright zone within the darkness.

He then placed his hand on the kneeling Yvonne's shoulders, ignoring the images of the two princes.

"Konrad? What are you doing here?"

The kneeling Yvonne asked is consternation while shifting her gaze toward Konrad.

"I'm here to give you the answer."

Konrad replied with a gentle smile.

"What is the answer then? Why did I kill them? What's the justification?"

"No justification. You killed them because you wanted to; because they stood in your way."

Konrad's reply caused Yvonne's eyes to widen in astonishment.

"Someone's death serves your purpose? Kill!

Someone stands in your way? Kill!

Someone's death makes you feel good? Kill!

Justification matters not. Anyone whose death serves you in any way, shape, or form deserves to die.

That is who we are. If we want something, we take it, and if you block our path, you shall perish! We do not stand for righteousness and are driven by our selfish hearts and desires.

"Remember, we do not cultivate to be virtuous. We cultivate to make our will supreme!"

"All profanities are correct if they please us, all righteous deeds are incorrect if they displease us."

"Right and wrong matter not, only our will does!"

Konrad's light spread into Yvonne's body, shattering her bindings while her eyes shone with enlightenment.

"Right, how could I forget? I'm Yvonne Voight, and the world is my oyster.

Why should I give you a reason? If I killed you, then you deserved to die! How dare you haunt me?!"

Yvonne stood up, her eyes shining with tyrannical willpower.

She threw a palm strike, causing bright golden light to erupt and extinguish the two princes.

"Since you can't rest in peace, let me kill you one more time and make sure you can never rise from the grave!"

The two princes vanished, and the darkness crumbled, replaced by a world of light.

Yvonne then turned toward Konrad, whose face shone with contentment.

"Come, our reign of absolute domination will not build itself on its own."

As he spoke, Konrad extended his hand toward her, which she took with an enchanting smile.

They then vanished from Yvonne's soul to return to the real world.