Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 142

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 142 Hekeret

Bedsheet activities then resumed, following which Konrad connected to the system and checked his current exp count. 844 million awaited. An unsurprising count considering that he'd first diddled the virgin peak Semi-Saint Yvonne, then diddled the Rising Saint Yvonne, all across two days.

Konrad directly exchanged six-hundred millions to upgrade his bloodline level to Phantasm Lord, making his exp drop to 244 million.

The transformation then began. Berserk demonic energies erupted from his form while his eyes turned purple and a strange tattoo appeared on the left side of his chest. On the right, Konrad already had the lion-headed eagle tattoo of the Anzu Beast. But now on the left, was something that looked like a three-headed creature riding a dragon-like beast.

The creature seemed to have a bull's head on the left, a man's in the middle, and a ram's on the right.

Meanwhile, Konrad's demon form also obtained some changes. Above his goat horns grew a larger pair of jet-black ram horns while his grey skin turned scarlet.

All around, his speed, strength, resilience, and regeneration abilities increased several folds while new abilities sprang within is mind.

Yvonne, who lied by his side, was startled by the sudden change. Not understanding how and why his bloodline seemed to have reached a brand-new level.

Moreover, if before she had no trouble resisting the orchid scent swirling around him. Now, she could feel a tingling sensation within her lower abdomen and her lust rising alongside it.

"What is the meaning of this?"

"Bloodline upgrade."

Konrad nonchalantly replied while stretching out his right hand. A purple flame appeared within, turning into a small, ordinary-looking orchid that concealed vast demonic energies.


Konrad whispered while observing the orchid within his hand. Yvonne was completely baffled. Since when could bloodlines get upgraded out of the blue for no reason whatsoever?

Bloodline levels were fixed at birth and could not be increased. The only way upward was to steal someone else's bloodline through one way or another. That, or through powerful contracts with mighty demon nobles or deities.

What secret did Konrad's body hide that his bloodline level could rise without warning?

However, although curiosity assailed her mind, she didn't plan to probe further.

"Yvonne, since you've taken the mantle of Head Consort, isn't it time we officially get married?"

Konrad asked with a mischievous smile while remaining in his demon form.

Yvonne frowned. Clearly, Konrad wasn't the type to bring a woman to the wedding altar unless a critical situation called for it. That being the case, what was he really offering?

She assessed the possibilities within her mind and soon came to a conclusion.

"You want to sign a contract?"

"Yes, indeed. A Partnership of Equals between you and I. Otherwise, how could you truly be the mistress of the household?"

While Yvonne wasn't well-versed in matters of the Infernal Realm, she still knew quite a bit. At the very least, the two primary types of contracts were something she was well aware of.

"What will happen afterward?"

"The entirety of my talent to you. The entirety of your talent to me. One of my physiques to you, one of your physiques to me. The contract will also cleanse the impurities in your bloodline and restore it to Pureblood Hekeret level."

Just like all the other beast nobles, the Voight winged serpents were Restoration Beast descendants whose bloodline could be traced back to the Infernal Realm.

Demons, fiends, and demonic beasts constituted the hierarchy of hell. With demonic beasts being the lowest and demons being the highest.

Winged serpents traced their origin back to the demon god Apep whose descendants were the hekerets. Gigantic serpent demons controlling darkness and hellfire.

Konrad couldn't grant demonic bloodlines he didn't possess, but he could use the contract to remove the impurities in demonic bloodlines and restore Yvonne's blood to Pureblood Hekeret level.

From then on, the system would help him improve it with discounts, and her future prospects would be limitless.

What Konrad didn't mention was that this was the best contract he'd ever devised to this day.

Iliana and Jasmine both received a bonus equivalent to five percent of his talent while he received one hundred percent of theirs. That contract might have been enough to make them true members of his household, but it was not genuine equality.

With Yvonne, it would be different. It had to be.

Needless to say, Yvonne was flabbergasted.

If the first condition slightly benefitted her, the second one was clearly to Konrad's advantage. However, the third?

It wasn't just an advantage, but a life-changing opportunity!

The only flaw left within Yvonne's foundation was her bloodline level, which was astounding on Mortal Plane standards, but couldn't stand out in the higher realms.

But if she obtained Demon Noble Blood? Then she had full confidence that godhood would not be the end of her path.

It would only be a new beginning.

"What? Not willing?"

"Are you kidding me? Even without those benefits, I would be willing. But with those? I only have one thing to say. Please hurry up!"

Konrad struggled to not burst into laughter.

He then released the demonic glyphs to begin the contract, laying out terms to which Yvonne agreed one after the other. Once she agreed to the last condition, he cut open his mouth, pulling her by the waist, and kissing her with his blood-stained lips.

Yvonne's talent became his, while his became hers, the duo boosting one another to new brand-new heights. He obtained her Supreme Overlord Physique while she obtained his Holy Primal Physique. The impurities in her bloodlines then slowly subsided, cleansed by the mixture between the contract's energy and Konrad's blood.

When the cleansing ended, Yvonne silver slit eyes turned hessonite while her winged serpent beast blood was replaced by the noble hekeret lineage. Thus, marking her entrance into the fold of demonkind.

At the same time, Yvonne could feel that not only did her new blood further increase her cultivation talent, but it also refined her physiques, making them approach the Mastered Stage.

Meanwhile, her strength, speed, and resilience all obtained a qualitative boost.

"Yvonne, welcome to the household!"