Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 177

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 177 Using Chaos To Reap Profits

Olrich's attention dropped back onto the kneeling messengers.

"You, tell the Water Kingdom Alliance King to give Great Void free passage and not gather any troops until we tell him to.

You, when the Prosperous Wind Empire sends a messenger to request assistance, have him wait for a day, then tell that as his father-in-law, the third prince's pain is my pain. Therefore, the Holy Flame Empire will back them in this war. Then send him away.

Also, for the next three days, I will enter secluded Cultivation and will not see anyone. Court dismissed."

If the first two orders gained the approval of the officials, the third took them aback. However, they dared not object and excused themselves. Olrich then led Konrad back to his study.

"Although I will not be available to guide your training for the next three days, I hope you will still practice diligently."

"I will never disappoint your expectations."

Konrad replied in a bow.

"The current situation still requires some adjustments. You may take your leave."

Olrich thus dismissed him. He then gathered all his imperial eunuchs and re-dispatched them to various tasks meant to escalate the conflicts.

Then, he vanished from the imperial palace.

Upon his return, to his mansion, Konrad hears of two of his eunuchs being transferred to another department and replaced by younger ones.

Those two were naturally the imperial eunuchs within his staff. Clearly, with the current events, Olrich didn't wish to waste such resources on him.

"Good. Now we can get back to work."

Konrad promptly forced Phantasm Orchids down the new recruits' throats, then entered his space mansion to reorganize his forces.

"Krann, Margo, the two of you will carry several batches of Phantasm Orchids. One to subdue the remainder of the twelve dukes and the margraves, the other for Wolfgang to sell as cure for the Drops of Heavens' addictive effect. You have three days."

He ordered, then sent them an orchid-filled bag which they obediently welcomed.

"You can consider it done!"

Alongside Krann, Margo left the space mansion, then vanished from the imperial palace to carry out the task.

At nightfall, Konrad smuggled a few other Phantasm Orchid batches to Ralph and Alan, who then carried them to Hans to sell as cure for the Drops of Heavens' addictive effect.

His goal was straightforward. First, take over the addicted, and use them to spread the drug at a faster pace, then repeat the operation. Using the eunuchs and maids, he would target the low-ranked concubines with shallow background, then use them to target the mid-ranked consorts.

Outside, Wolfgang would do something similar through the black market and help him compromise the low and mid-level nobility.

He then stood up and using his Invisibility Skill, headed toward Verena's quarters.

"What do you think is Olrich's plan?"

Konrad asked, lying on Verena's lap while she stroked his cock.

"Let Great Void's armies join the Earth Kingdom Alliance without a hitch and have them meet Prosperous Wind on the battlefield. Prosperous Wind will not be able to handle the two forces and request our help as future in-laws.

When they do, Olrich will dispatch two forces, an elite force composed primarily of Arch Knights and above, to take Great Void cities, and a lesser force strong enough to maintain the stalemate between Prosperous Wind and the other two.

At the same time, he will have the Water Kingdom Alliance attack the Great Void Empire on the other side, thus forcing them into splitting their attention."

Verena's words perfectly followed Olrich's plan. And to worsen the conflict, he resolved to personally murder several Prosperous Wind imperial kinsmen and let them blame it on Great Void.

"Interesting…I need a favor. When news of our involvement in the war spreads, please use it as an excuse to have the inner court's core ladies gather. I will take control of them on that occasion."

"That's a small matter."

Verena's right hand hastened around Konrad's rose while with the left, she cupped his balls, leading him into a blissful release.

They then separated, and Konrad returned to his quarters to await future development.

Two days afterward, shocking news spread through the empire. Two of the Prosperous Wind Empire's elder princes, alongside their crown prince, perished in one night.

Unable to shoulder the blow, the Prosperous Wind Emperor spat blood, and in a fit of rage, gathered what remained of his armies to descend upon the Great Void and Earth Kingdom Alliance forces.

That night, Olrich "emerged from seclusion," humming a pleasant tune that caused those that saw him to wonder what put him in such a good mood.

At the same time, within her quarter, Else was receiving the visit of a cloaked figure.

"Holy Consort, it's time to show your stance. Her ladyship asks me to tell you that if you want her to remove your Soul Worm, you must coordinate with her in the destruction of the Holy Flame Empire."