Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 180

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 180 Why Not Me? R 18

Trapped beneath Konrad's uncompromising gaze, Else floundered. Saying that ambition drove her was absolutely correct. And why shouldn't it? Who decreed that Else couldn't be the monarch? That the Holy Flame Empire's women needed a man to validate their status? Why couldn't it be the other way around?

If all things within the empire obeyed her will, how could her brother fall to the Holy Flame Church's assassination? To truly protect her loved ones, she not only needed formidable cultivation but supreme authority!

Therefore, the thought of giving up her dreams and aspirations made her stomach churn. Moreover, love is ephemeral, passion fleeting. Were such untrustworthy sentiments worth the sacrifice?

Konrad could understand Else's train of thoughts. Alas, humans were not wolves, and even then, a distinct hierarchy existed. While he could in due time overwhelm her mind, there was no point in that. He didn't lack servants.

He lacked officials.

The majority of his core harem members were still too young and weak. It would take time before they matured.

Else needed no such time. Her mind sharp, and her cultivation profound. As long as she could change pursuits, he would take her on the spot.

Konrad had great plans and expectations for his harem, hoping that one day, an invincible battalion of ten-thousand Valkyries would sweep the three realms by his side.

It would be his delight to have Else as one of their leaders. But as she floundered within his hand, inwardly weighing the sacrifice's worth, Konrad felt her pride standing in the way.

With a sigh, he let go of her chin and turned heels.

But seeing his departing form, Else realized that should she fail to hold him back, then regardless of what happened in the future, she could never stand close to him.

Instinctively, she wrapped her arms around his abdomen, holding him tight with an intensity showing her unwillingness to let go.

"…don't leave me. Konrad, I…I love you. For you, there is nothing I'm not willing to do. Nothing I'm not willing to give up."

As Else's chest pressed his back, and her heart's drumming intensified, Konrad could feel the strength those words pulled from her. Satisfied, his lips curled into a smile.

"This is our checkpoint. Are you sure you won't have any regret?"

But as she felt the warmth of his body against hers, Else's inner resistance crumbled.

"No regret."

Konrad spun, seizing Else's waist to lift her toward him. Their lips met in an ardent kiss that convinced Else of the correctness of her choice. Raising her arms, she enlaced Konrad's neck. Her ample breasts pressing his muscular chest and connecting their drumming hearts.

The passion heightened, their tongues intertwined in an unabashed, frivolous dance that propelled their body heat to scalding levels.

Their lips broke, their faces separating and allowing Konrad's eyes to feast on the Holy Continent's number one beauty's smiling face.

He was forced to admit that rarely had he seen such a compelling sight. Backpedaling, Else reached the bed where she lowered the straps of her crimson dress and let it slide beneath her breasts until it dropped onto the ground.

The revelation of Else's bare body and her feline eyes that echoed her need for him kindled the flames of Konrad's lust.

"I want you."

The sultry melody of Else's voice reached Konrad's ears, and in a flash, he crossed the distance separating them to effortlessly lift her above his head. Maintaining her above, Konrad spread Else's legs before his eyes, revealing her flower bud that moistened beneath his gaze.

Holding her pert butt, Konrad lowered her flower onto his lips, kissing and teasing it with his tongue while not forgetting to give her clit due attention.

Driven by the jolts of electricity that coursed through her riveting body, Else warped her legs around Konrad's neck, holding the back of his head while gently rubbing herself on his lips.


A soft moan escaped Else's lips, emboldening Konrad's tongue. It dived past her entrance, the demonic saliva already corrupting her insides as his tongue extended to lick all her pleasure spots.

Pulling it out, he flicked it across Else's clit, then greedily sucked on its tip, causing her moan waves to reach a new peak and her body to tremble in ecstasy.

Else's grip tightened on Konrad's neck, and her body trembled in orgasm.

Keeping her in suspension, Konrad climbed onto the bed before lowering her onto it.

Without delay, he freed himself of his heavy ornaments, revealing his dreamlike body for Else's feline eyes to feast on.

"Let me…taste you."

How could Konrad resist such a generous offer? His half erect member rose to full-length, towering before Else who knelt at the altar, so to speak.

The uncertainty in her eyes showed her lack of experience. Although she'd studied the topic in her leisure time to not lose to Konrad's more experienced women, practicing theoretical knowledge was a different matter.

Pulling in a deep breath, she grabbed the base of Konrad's rod within her right hand, and as its heat spread within, she cupped his hefty balls in her free palm, massaging them while she lubricated Konrad's rod with a drizzle of spit.

Gentle pumps followed, and as her hand glided on Konrad's fierce member, Else licked the underside while keeping her eyes locked on Konrad's to use his expression changes as guide.

Confidence soon set within, firming her slow pumps. Her pace then shot up, and as she jerked off Konrad's rod, Else kept her tongue on its tip, licking and teasing the shaft until she felt the rod tense up.


Driven by desire, she buried Konrad's rod within her mouth, gagging as she forced it down her throat in an almost desperate effort.


Konrad's excitement peaked and in a low grunt, he released his spunk down Else's welcoming throat.

However, his rod didn't falter, remaining rock-hard as Else pulled it out of her mouth in a lascivious slurping sound that perfectly matched the spunk dripping from her lips.

Still, she held his gaze, as if that eye-contact was more precious than the act itself. Using her hands as support, Else lied on the bed, spreading her legs and presenting her flower for Konrad's assault.


A woman that knew what she wanted. Konrad needn't hear it twice, and while activating his Hundred Flowers Scripture, aligned his cum dripping shaft with Else's entrance.

With a slow thrust, he tore her hymen, but this level of pain did very little to destabilize the nearly three centuries old cultivator. As her blood dripped, she seized Konrad's cheeks, pulling his face close to hers and holding his gaze with piercing intensity.

Though she said nothing, Konrad understood the words within her eyes and replied by pulling out his shaft, then driving it back into Else's fold, impaling her all the way to the hilt.

The pounding then began.

The rhythmic assault of Konrad's ferocious rod shook Else's body, and as she swayed beneath him, enthralled by his hip moves, she was once more convinced of the correctness of her choice.

Once his golden and purple lights spread within Else, Konrad felt no reservation, thrusting like a rutting animal, and pulling her into that frantic flesh dance whose debauched sounds bounced against the walls.

But as their first wave ended, and Konrad released his load within her, before he could carry on with the second, Else's voice stopped him.

" my excitement, I forgot to mention. Your mother wants to destroy this country and is most likely the source of this strange miasma. If you can't stop her, half this world is likely to turn into a wasteland…

And I think ruling wastelands is not a thought you find particularly thrilling."

Konrad stopped dead in his tracks, pulling out of Else's snatch to stand above her with flabbergasted eyes.

"Care to repeat that?"