Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 185

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 185 Graced Because I Exist

Yvonne and Konrad were left speechless while the trio on the side remained undisturbed, used to Gulistan's habits.


Konrad commented after a moment of respite. His eyes didn't linger on Diyana, instead shifting back toward his disdainful cousin for a brief instant before returning onto his mother.

"The presentations are done. Now, can we discuss serious affairs? The butler can stay, but the rest should leave."

This kind of occurrence was the exact reason why Konrad didn't trust the Infernal Cult. Of the three people presented, though all were of the same family, the butler was the only loyal one.

The cousin was a snake waiting to bare his fangs while that Diyana, though cloaked and showing proper decorum, clearly didn't have any reverence toward him.

Konrad didn't lack beauties. Meanwhile, talent was adjustable. Therefore, to the current him, she held minimal appeal.

However, his words caused the other four's eyes to flash with various reactions. Gulistan's smile broadened, the butler was startled, Eysan's chilling gaze became more obvious, and Diyana frowned.

"Oh? Why is that?"

Gulistan asked, pretending not to see through Konrad's thoughts.

And before he could reply, Eysan's voice echoed.

"Yes, little cousin. I'm also curious to hear why. After all, we're one big family. What is it that you need to talk about that we can't hear?"

He sneered, and his eyes bypassed Konrad to land on Yvonne. Though her bronze mask hid her face and prevented him from seeing through her cultivation, it couldn't conceal her luscious curves and the sex appeal Eysan had rarely seen in his life.

Although house Serkar was a family of dual cultivators and possessed a plethora of beauties, those of Yvonne's level were hard to find. Moreover, her bearing that didn't put the world in her eyes, particularly aroused him.

This was the type he enjoyed subduing the most.

"Cousin, it's not fair. You've just returned that aunt bestowed an unparalleled beauty onto you. So, you can't be stingy. At the very least, you should let your older cousin sample this woman of yours.

Maybe I can teach her a few tricks to better serve you in bed."

Hearing such words, the butler was startled. But before he could say anything, Gulistan stopped him through a mental message. A mental message that made the butler take Eysan into pity.

Though reckless, Eysan would never dare openly shame his aunt's son if he'd not gotten her approval beforehand. When he inquired on her stance regarding playing with that "daughter-in-law," she only said one thing.

"Do as you see fit and bear the consequences."

Clearly, she wanted to use him to test Konrad. That being the case, how could he not use the opportunity to seize some benefits and vent some spleen? At least, he should carry a beauty to bed.

However, used to having the world bend before him, he'd not expected his words to trigger a violent outburst from the pair.

Yvonne said nothing but gathered her holy force for a crippling palm strike. But before she could attack, Konrad's grip stopped her.

And sensing the furor that seethed within his veins, she no longer carried on. After all, in this particular moment, even if she wiped the floor with Eysan, Konrad couldn't recover his dignity.

Seeing him restrain Yvonne but not make a move, Eysan assumed Konrad dreaded the Serkar name, and therefore, carried on.

"You know, it is common courtesy to exchange gifts on first meetings. I'm the one that brought the girl straight from the Barbarian Continent for you to enjoy.

For your sake, I left my life of splendor to dive into this backwater shithole. Therefore, you should reciprocate. Letting a brother taste your girl is nothing. I'm sure after I throw her a few Holy Artifacts, she'll beg f-…"


Before Eysan could react, Konrad's right foot kicked him in the crotch, hauling him up to crash against the ceiling above.


Eysan's world spun, and his head lodged itself in the ceiling, making the onlooker only able to see what lied beneath his neck.

Gulistan gave a nod of approval.

But Konrad was only getting started.

Before Eysan could recover from his compromising position, Konrad yanked his right leg and pulling him out of the ceiling, smashed him onto Gulistan's side of the wooden table.

The table split in two with Yvonne's side spiraling toward Gulistan, the tea flew onto the ground while Gulistan's eyes widened before this naked show of disrespect.

But before the table and wooden debris could reach her, they vanished into nothingness.


Konrad consecutively slammed Eysan three times onto the ground before tossing him aside like a ragdoll.

His eyes then fell back onto Gulistan's.

"You even dare compare this waste to the previous crown prince? Good, allow me to be blunt.

Be it the first or second von Jurgen prince, both are leagues above that waste nephew of yours in talent, mental, and disposition.

Were it not for him having the resources of a mighty house, he could never hold a candle to them.

If this is house Serkar's seventh inheritor, clearly, your clan has set foot onto the road of decline, and is not far from destruction."

Konrad declared, and as Eysan struggled to stand, he sent him back onto the ground with a kick into his teeth.

"As for you…make me a god? With just you? How laughable. If the Serkar were capable of producing a deity, I would not be the first one. You think too highly of yourself, and I certainly have no interest in playing your games.

Spoken bluntly, you are just another one of house Talroth's maidservants. An expendable house slave with low status and an uncertain future.

Graced because I exist!

Even the lowest of concubines knows she must treasure whatever child she gets from her monarch because only then can she obtain glory.

But you? Clearly, your wits don't match a lowly concubine's."

Konrad made a grasping motion and trapped by telekinetic power, Eysan's bloodied form flew back toward him.


And with another brutal punch, he shoved him into the adjacent wall.

"If I say they need to leave, then they leave. Who gave you the right to question me? A servant with a shotgun is still a servant.

It is your life that depends on me!

Your glory, that relies on me!

Not the other way around!"

Eysan's body slid back toward him, and Konrad trampled his skull under his right foot.

Yvonne aside, the other three were startled. Even Gulistan who'd seen much of his prowess hadn't expected his strength to reach such a dreadful level.

Although from her intel, she expected a clash between them to result in Konrad's victory, this was utterly absurd.

Konrad was just a high-level Transcendent Rank expert.

But Eysan was a Saint!

Granted he was taken by surprise, this show of strength was still incomprehensible.

But through Konrad's murderous eyes and chilling words, Gulistan realized that using Eysan in this particular manner was a terrible mistake.

That Yvonne's worth in his eyes had already surpassed her expectations.

She waved her hand, causing the scenery to change and the six of them to reappear into a vast, empty dark-blue world.

Ignoring Konrad's remarks, she teleported herself and the other three bystanders several miles away, leaving ample place for a battle she knew was only getting started.

"Having spoken such words, I hope you can live up to them."

Gulistan said undisturbed, and as if echoing her words, dazzling golden light erupted from the sole of Konrad's foot, propelling him backward.

As Konrad recovered his stance, Eysan stood up with a badly beaten and bloodied face backed with crazed eyes that demanded Konrad's life.

"I…will…kill you!"

Eysan roared, and nine white pairs of energy wings appeared at his back while a Saint Ring formed above his head.

Within it, a lotus bloomed, bringing alongside it vast Holy Force.

Empowered by the golden light swirling around him, the current Eysan could easily defeat the average early stage Profound Saint.

He stretched out his hand, summoning a mid-grade holy longsword which he raised before shooting toward Konrad at full-force. With that artifact in hand, Eysan dared fight late-stage Profound Saints.

But as he approached him, Konrad sneered.

"Thinking that your pathetic golden human blood is enough to disrespect a true demon?


Purple light burst from Konrad's body alongside massive violet flames while his eyes shone with the same color.

"You are not killing me, I am killing you!

Awaken, and bring my enemies onto their knees!


In an explosion of violet flames, an infernal, spiked, jet-black war hammer engraved with purple veins appeared within Konrad's right hand and glittered with terrible demonic might.


Startled by Man-Breaker's descent, Eysan attempted to abort his assault, but before he could, Konrad's lineage weapon smashed into his holy sword and barreled into his chest to send him spiraling into the air with a massive eruption of blood.

Now it was Yvonne's turn to be startled. Although she now possessed a lineage weapon and understood their might, Konrad's was clearly much more powerful than hers.

But when she recalled how lineage weapons grew alongside the bloodline level, her surprise vanished.