Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 214

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 214 Always Number One

While the Holy Flame Empire's imperial palace experienced turbulent currents, on top of the Profound Sea Dynasty's tallest monument, amidst a starry night, a couple jested under the moonlight.

"What virtue! What morality! With such words, how can I decline?!

Though it profoundly grieves me, I accept! As long as unrest plagues this land, my regency shall continue!

And if eternity is what it takes for unrest to subside, then throughout eternity, I shall be regent!"


"Shameless! Konrad, you're utterly shameless! Truly, Olrich's most reasonable decision in his life was to make you his son. There probably isn't any other man able to call you -son- without blushing in shame.

But now, the son has already surpassed the father, and he should call you teacher!"

Yvonne burst into laughter while mimicking Konrad's theatrical display of several days ago. Since then, he had entirely focused on official matters, spending his mornings, lunches, and evenings in court meetings to devise new economic strategies and hasten the recruitment of new talents.

This was inarguably their first intimate moment since he took his new position.

"So what if I'm shameless? Shamelessness is the first step to greatness! The more shameless, the better! It is because I'm this barefaced that I shall be supreme!"

Konrad candidly replied with a complacent smile and a dismissive wave of his hand.

"Oh? Good, very good. Even forcing those hundreds of officials whose families you kept in captivity to follow you in your shameless act. I really want to ask, in your previous life, did you major in acting? I'm really starting to feel like you're a reincarnated actor."

"Naturally! Not just acting, music, poetry, painting, writing…all the arts were subdued by me!"

"You really dare say anything, don't you? Please accept my bow."

With false seriousness, Yvonne clasped her hands and bowed toward Konrad.

"What, don't believe me? Good, tonight I must show you the depth of my skills, and sincerely convince you!"

"Hum, hum!"

Konrad sat crossed legged and cleared his throat. Meanwhile, Yvonne lied on her side to listen to his display.

"In the eye of a storm, I fly on crippled wings,

Rowing against the current, clawing at our lost love,

My heart roaring, my eyes vacant, and my soul crumbling.

Deprived of my half,

Deprived of my self,

Helpless, I beg you

Forgive and come home."

Konrad declaimed with an impassioned voice and expression that would have tricked onlookers into thinking his words genuine.

Even Yvonne was forced to admit that she almost mistook him for a desperate lover yearning for his partner's return.

"Not bad, I can see the semblance of a structure. But it doesn't rhyme."

She teased with an amused smile.

"Poetry doesn't need to rhyme. As long as it pulls your heartstrings, my aim is achieved."

"Mhm, it definitely pulls other -strings,- if you see what I mean."

Yvonne replied with a sultry smile and alluring eyes that suggested a more carnal setting.

Crossing the roof's tiles, Konrad crawled toward her, lying on top with his arms beside her shoulders and his purple eyes staring into her hessonite hues.

"Bold. That's why you'll always be my number one."

"Good that you know."

Yvonne declared, and with a yank on Konrad's collar, she brought his face onto hers for an ardent kiss.

On the following morning, the disheveled pair awoke, arms in arms.

"This is the last court meeting I will personally attend. Afterward, I will take the most outstanding members of my harem into three days of closed-door cultivation. With the Time Warping Clock, that will be equivalent to one month, and with my current physique and resources, enough to bring them all to the Transcendent Rank.

Afterward, we'll leave for the Tower of Rebirth."

Konrad explained.

"You mean closed-door dual cultivation."


They then restored their clothes and left for the court meeting.

As per usual, the emperor and high-ranking officials had already taken their post, patiently awaiting his arrival. Seeing Konrad stepping in, all turned away from the emperor to form an orderly line that showcased military discipline.

"Greetings, grand preceptor!"

The dozens of officials bowed with clasped hands, then knelt to welcome Konrad.

As he reached the stairs leading to the imperial throne, the Profound Sea Emperor stood up and bowed in greetings.

"Welcome, grand preceptor. We were waiting for your arrival. Please take your seat."

"Mhm, you may all rise."

Behind the emperor's throne lied a taller seat cloaked by golden chain curtains. Konrad set the curtain aside and took his position.

With the emperor a step below him, he looked like a puppeteer pulling strings from the shadows.

The officials stood up, and the court session began.

"How is the imperial examination reform going?"

Konrad first asked, causing cold sweat to form on the officials' faces.

"Grand preceptor, previously, only nobles were allowed to serve as officials. But now that we're opening the door to all, from low to high nobility, we're facing resistance.

Although they don't dare challenge your will, they play tricks against the commoners, using their private forces to bully them into backing off…"

Hearing this, no ripple flashed on Konrad's face.

"Very well, draft an imperial decree. The nobility's private army privilege is, henceforth, revoked.

From now on, nobles are forbidden from keeping private forces. Doing so is tantamount to rebellion. Offenders face family extermination. Moreover, all adult male nobles who fail the imperial examination must join the various divisions of the army."

The high-ranking officials were startled. However, since this was Konrad's command, they naturally obeyed, the imperial decree was drafted and brought to Konrad who signed it with the imperial seal.

"Also, investigate all the troublemakers, publicize the charge and execute them for obstruction to the law.

Konrad added while patting his "pet-cobra."

"As you command, preceptor!"

Although much of the obstruction could be traced to their relatives, with Konrad's command, even if their parents were the guilty party, they would still execute them.

Without disturbance, the court meeting carried on, and from beginning to end, the puppet emperor didn't open his mouth. Occupying his throne in silence, with a slouched back.

The meeting came to an end, and the officials departed, leaving only Konrad and the Profound Sea Emperor within the room.

Rising from his throne, he turned toward Konrad and gave him a polite bow.

"As you ordered, our men scoured the country, noble and commoner houses alike to select top beauties.

Across our Profound Sea Dynasty's eight billion citizens, the top three-hundred beauties have finally been assembled to serve you."

Initially, the order was to select new concubines for the emperor. But all within the palace knew that those beauties were all meant for Konrad.

The emperor could look but not touch.

"You may bring them in."

Immediately, the Profound Sea Emperor dispatched mental messages and had the three hundred beauties brought in. Led by imperial eunuchs, they stepped in, forming orderly lines in the vast throne room. Awed by its splendor, some of commoner origin couldn't help but let their eyes drift.

However, when their sight fell on the pair of men standing ahead, the throne room's splendor was quickly set aside.

Of the two, the one dressed in an imperial robe and crown was completely ignored for the sake of the marvel sitting on the towering throne.

"Is this a man…or is this a god? God…it must be…the incarnation of a deity."

The same thought spread within the mind of the three-hundred beauties while butterflies fluttered within their stomachs and their knees weakened.

With a smile, Konrad vanished and reappeared before them.

"Welcome, lovely ones, to my harem."

With a wave of his hand, he transported them into the space mansion and introduced them all to his demonic world of pleasure.

Their crazed moans echoed throughout the entire mansion.

Yvonne then took the reins, having more senior harem members settle the new girls in their quarters while Konrad brought Astarte to meet the leading members of the harem.

They would then leave for closed-door cultivation.