Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 215

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 215 I Don't Want Your Abdication

Alongside Astarte, Konrad stepped into the room where the harem members he handpicked to follow him into the tower awaited with Yvonne's other Pure Self.

There, Jasmine, Iliana, Daphne, Faidra, Aliki, Freya, Zamira and Lena sat crossed legged in silent cultivation. Having seen the countless beauties that filled Konrad's halls, Astarte was unalarmed and now understood why her makeover was necessary.

Still, she was forced to admit that those who gathered within this room were a step above the rest.

Yvonne, especially stood out, with an oppressive aura that enforced obedience and commanded respect. As soon as the two stepped in, the ladies' eyes opened and fell onto them.

"Ladies, Astarte, Astarte, ladies. She is the last member of our congregation."

Having already been briefed on their next destination by the avatars. None were startled and knew precisely why they gathered.

"Greetings, mistresses!"

Astarte said with a polite bow.

But hearing that greeting, most of the ladies frowned. Usually, the women Konrad bothered introducing were bound to hold significant status within the harem. None would call them "mistresses."

And indeed…

"Wrong. I am your master, yes, but they're your sisters. You only need to bow to the head consort and me. The rest, you treat like equals.


Though surprised, Astarte quickly adjusted.

"As you wish, master."

She replied with a vigorous nod. Konrad then motioned for her to sit, and she executed.

More experienced, in matters of warfare, Zamira could see that although the girl seemed mild and obedient, a strange battle-intent was slowly building within her.

Konrad then waved his hand, and in a purple haze, five of his harem avatars appeared beside him.

Seeing the five identical versions of her master, Astarte was startled. But as she recalled all his supernatural abilities, her surprise lessened.

"Let's repeat the script."

"I will keep the Serkar bodyguards for unexpected occurrences and carry on with our grand preceptor work."

Said the first one.

"I will get the imperial duke insignias back from Krann and have him maim the tenth elder to give the appearance of an arduous escape. Alongside the wounded tenth elder, we will then return to the Holy Flame Empire to carry on with our quest.

We will have the Holy Flame spies we subdued coordinate with our version of the story. Of course, I will also be using the Transformation Skill to fake a Grand Priest cultivation."

The second one continued.

"I will use the Transformation Skill to disguise myself into a eunuch and infiltrate the Earth Kingdom Alliance's royal palace to repeat the old scheme, silently taking over the harem."

"I will do the same in Great Void."

"And I in Prosperous Wind."

"When we successfully take control of the harems, we poison the monarchs and problematic heirs, then make queen and empresses dowagers to control the Earth Alliance, Prosperous Wind and Great Void's political scenes from the shadows!

Deadline, one month!"

Konrad nodded.

"Good, all required resources will be set aside. As for the Holy Flame Empire, after my return from the tower, I will personally deal with the final assault."

With that said, he stepped forward, then turned to sweep the gathered avatars.

"Failure is…"

"…not in our vocabulary."

Alongside his five avatars, Konrad declared. They then vanished in purple hazes, preparing to tackle their tasks.

Witnessing this scene, even the likes of Jasmine and Iliana who were used to the Avatars' strange connection couldn't help but feel perplexed.

"Now girls, it's time to cultivate. Those who need bloodline upgrades will have their bloodlines upgraded.

Those who need better physiques will receive better physiques.

For the next month, we'll have to work extra deep and hard. Emphasis on the deep and hard parts. Things may get messy, but you'll have to persevere!"

Konrad seriously said.







They all cursed one after the other. However, when it came to Daphne's turn…

"Well-said! No matter how wet and sloppy things get, we should persevere!"

Instantly, all curses stopped, and several pairs of eyes shifted toward her.


She innocently asked, as if she'd said nothing to justify those stares. But then, all recalled that it was Daphne, and immediately stopped caring.

Meanwhile, within the Holy Flame Empire's imperial palace, the seventh, the eighth, and the eleventh von Jurgen elders were having their blood essence siphoned by Adelar.

Within his room, they hovered in the air with blood chains going straight from their hearts to his.

All had fallen into a comatose state that prevented any scream from bypassing their lips.

In silence, Adelar sat crossed-legged and refined their blood essence, using it to polish the imperfections within his cultivation.

The intensity of his aura incessantly rose, and following three days of refining, the three elders were sucked dry, turning into mummy-like corpses.

The blood chains left their chests, and they tumbled onto the ground before vanishing in dust. Laurens, who bore witness to this scene, couldn't stop shivering.

"You say our ninth brother returned?"

"Y-yes. Using the token bestowed by father, the tenth elder desperately fought to secure their escape and successfully brought him back."

Laurens replied to Adelar's question. Hearing this, he sneered.

"Rubbish. I'm afraid our tenth elder no longer serves the von Jurgen banner. But it's fine."

Gathering the blood fog surrounding him, Adelar stood up.

Closing his eyes, he connected his soul to both his mind slaves and willing retainers.

"Dear servants, loyal retainers, the time has come for us to emerge from the shadows.

On this day, I, Adelar von Jurgen, make my bid for the imperial throne!

All those who answer to my will, gather, and alongside me, overthrow the fatuous ruler named Olrich von Jurgen!"

The mental message spread through the minds of all Adelar's followers within the imperial palace.

And instantaneously, hundreds of light beams flew from various corners of the imperial palace to drop before Adelar's chambers.

Emotionlessly, he stepped out, and all dropped on their knees.

"Master, please lead us to free the country of Olrich von Jurgen's tyranny!"

The head of the imperial guard exclaimed, and all others repeated after him.

"To the emperor's palace!"

Adelar roared, and alongside all his Semi-Saints and Saint retainers, turned into a beam of light to shoot toward Olrich's palace where he currently was holding court with Konrad's avatar by his side.

"The Profound Sea Dynasty's silent involvement has been causing us many issues. Should we…"

An official began but at that time…


A massive, grey lightning bolt descended from the sky and slammed the throne hall from above!

The bolt struck the middle of the road separating the two rows of officials, triggering an explosion that sent them all flying against nearby walls.


They wailed in agony.

Both Konrad and Olrich were startled.

"Bold! Who dares?"

Olrich snapped and turned into a grey beam of light to shoot toward the sky.


A voice thundered from the clouds. Immediately, the sky was corrupted by the appearance of grey and blood clouds.

Alongside his troops, Adelar descended from the heavens, stopping before Olrich with the hundreds of Semi-Saints and Saints slaves and turncoats by his side.

Among them, Olrich could name many elders and even his imperial guard commander.

His face contorted into a frown.

"Adelar, Adelar, you finally can't hold back?

Are you trying to force your father into abdication?"

Olrich asked in a scornful yet level tone. His words seemed to cause no ripple on Adelar who just eyed him with indifference.

"Abdication? No father, I don't want your abdication. I loathe you too much for that.

Today, I want two things.

A) Your throne.

B) Your Life!"

But as he spoke, Adelar's indifference was quickly cast aside to reveal soaring rage and hatred.

"However, unlike you, I don't want to seize my throne with an underhanded scheme. I must seize it in a flagrant, glaring, and flamboyant manner.

Olrich von Jurgen, dare you fight me?!

One against one, man against man!

If you have the gals, unsheathe your sword and allow me to vent centuries of resentment!"

Adelar roared, and his vast holy force erupted alongside the words that resounded throughout the Holy Flame City!

And in a flash, all knew that the second von Jurgen prince rebelled!