Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 216

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 216 Olrichs Six Rules

The rumbling of Adelar's voice alarmed the Holy Flame City's denizens, and all forces' attention fell onto the imperial palace.

Saint-level experts locked their holy sense on the palace, eager to witness the events unfold. But strangely, as Adelar's blood aura exploded alongside his holy force, though they could feel its tyrannical intensity, none could spot the demonic energy signature concealed within.

Within the Holy Flame Church, the dowager, Amalia Kvass and the head exarch, Gerhard Herberger observed the scene from afar.

"Interesting. Never did I expect that the second prince concealed such formidable strength. I'm afraid that without the Holy Flame Seal's assistance, Olrich is simply not his match.

And even then, since he dares rebel, he must have some trump cards. We may very well welcome a new holy emperor today. Amalia, your descendants are truly outstanding."

Gerhard appraised with an inexpressive look that gave no insight into his emotions. His eyes then turned toward Amalia who stood silent at his left, her gaze cold, and unfeeling.

"One is your son, the other is your grandson. Don't you wish to intervene? After all, only one can live to see the morrow."

Gerhard asked. However, his voice seemed to provoke no reaction within Amalia's chilling face.

"Filial piety is the first virtue.

Being unfilial, the first vice.

He who aims his sword at his progenitor's neck, should not exist in this world."

Amalia coldly replied, then with a sweep of her sleeve, she turned heels and vanished in a grey haze to return to secluded cultivation.

From her words, Gerhard clearly understood that as far as she was concerned, the victor mattered not.

Perhaps deep down, she even hoped they could both kill one another or at the very least, that Olrich perished at his son's hand.

In the deepest recesses of the imperial palace, the top von Jurgen expert, Adalwin, sat crossed-legged with his eyes shut close. Dazzling light swirled around his form while faint star force brewed within his energy center.

But as Adelar's words echoed, Adalwin's ancient eyes opened, and his holy sense swept the scene. Seeing the contenders, no ripple flashed on his face, and ignoring the scene, he returned to the pursuit of Star Connection.

"Clearly, the previous emperor must be cursing his descendants from the netherworld. Or could this be…the will of karma?"

Hubert wondered while observing the scene from afar.

"Adelar von Jurgen, please do the world a favor, and remove that shit stain father of yours from the face of the Ancient Crystal World."

But while many were starting to bet on Adelar's imminent victory, others remained skeptical.

With her cultivation chambers, Else sat crossed-legged with her holy sense locked on the scene.

Before her, another woman sat, legs crossed within an armchair. Konrad could effortlessly recognize her as Gulistan, his mother.

'Won't you intervene? After all, he's his grandson."

Else asked Gulistan who observed the distant scene with a smile.

"So what if he is? The daughter was crippled and expelled by her own father. Does such a grandfather still care about his grandson? Whether he even knows of his existence is a matter of debate."

Gulistan replied with an amused smile. However, Else disagreed.

"But he's different from his mother, with the talent he shows. Should the news reach him, he's bound to care."

"True, but it has nothing to do with me. If our dear Infernal Cult leader wishes to save his grandson, even from the Infernal Cult's headquarters, he can still save him.

Alas, the most defining traits of a perfect blood fiend are pride and callousness.

Those who cannot showcase such traits will always be seen as defects."

Facing Adelar's tyrannical aura, Olrich sighed and closed his eyes.

"Must it really come to this? For the sake of the throne, must the son rebel against the father? Is it always the way it has to be?"

Olrich asked, and for some reason, feeling the profound sorrow in his words, Konrad who observed the scene from the ground felt his words genuine.

But how could it be?

Stretching out his hand, Olrich summoned his holy energy sword. His eyes then returned onto Adelar who sneered at his words.

"Did the fear of death make you muddled? How laughable, don't you recall what you've taught me?"

Adelar stretched out his hand, causing vast blood fog to gather within his palm.

"Since you don't remember, allow me to remind you. Incomplete Armament!"

The blood fog morphed into a crimson longsword within which faint cracks could be seen.

Still, wielding it, Adelar's aura rose to a new level. The sky turned red, and in a crimson beam, he shot toward Olrich.

With his eyes full of pain and sorrow, Olrich turned into a grey light beam to meet his son's offensive.


In a ringing sound, their swords collided. Alas, the might behind Adelar's blow was too hard for Olrich to bear, and with one move, he flew backward.

"From the moment I could read and write, you've taken care of my education, arguably giving it more priority than to Elmar, your crown prince. However, what you imparted onto us was completely different.

And this what you taught me:

Rule number one: It's better for an emperor to be crooked than straight!"

Adelar roared, and not giving Olrich any time to breathe, he raised his sword, causing blood clouds to merge into a twenty-meters tall blood wolf that barreled into Olrich's dropping form!

"Rule number two: Your officials are either your pawns or your enemies!"

Before the blood wolf could smash into him, Olrich summoned six grey circles, casting a sixth circle spell that filled the cloud with a grey thunderstorm.

One massive lightning bolt descended, splitting the blood wolf in a resounding boom. Undisturbed, Adelar lowered his sword, and the mist formed by the wolf's destruction turned into dozens of larger wolves that bit Olrich from all sides!


He groaned in pain while blood gushed from his mangled flesh.

"Rule number three: Love is a felony. If you must love, love the weak. Love the helpless. Never love the mighty, or they shall be your doom!"

A massive conflagration erupted from Olrich's bloodied form, returning the wolves to mist. But before he could steady himself, Adelar's sword drew a perfect arc, firing a thirty-meters tall half-blood moon onto him.

"Rule number four: Friendship is a cardinal sin!

Number Five: Do not cherish your brothers, for one day you might find their swords at your back!"

Adelar roared in succession while firing dozens upon dozens of half-moons.

At first, Olrich could barely shoulder it. But soon, he became overwhelmed, and his body was torn by the myriad of sword slashes. Blood drenched his imperial robe.

And as it dripped, his sorrow deepened.

"Last, but not the least, number six: Greatness is defined by might and not righteousness. No one dares criticize the mighty, but all will trample on the feeble!

Therefore, son, to become the greatest, you don't have to be good. You just have to be unrivaled!

Those are all your words! Let's not even mention the enmity of slaying my helpless mother. Having raised me in such a manner, it would be strange if I didn't strive to butcher you!

Your hypocrisy sickens me!

Sixth Circle Spell: Incarnadine Sea!"

Horizontally holding his sword, Adelar conjured six red circles from which a gargantuan blood sea erupted to flood all that lied below.

Outmatched, Olrich knew that should he fail to turn the tide, this move would be the last.

With a wave of his hand, he summoned the Holy Flame Seal. Wielding it, his aura rose to a new level, and a sea of white flames formed above his head to meet Adelar's blood sea.


The two forces canceled out, causing a massive explosion to propel the two parties backward.

Stabilizing himself mid-flight, Olrich again closed his eyes.

"Indeed. Those are all my words, and you really are…my good son."

And Konrad who witnessed this scene couldn't help but frown while a great sense of foreboding welled up within his chest.

Within the imperial palace's cold quarter, recalling Konrad's words, Nils was currently rushing toward her brothers who sat crossed-legged in confinement.

With the chaos overtaking the imperial palace, no one cared to bare her path. Unblocked, she barged in, rapidly reached the area where the two remained and slammed the door to gain attention.

"Elder brother, I know you've reached the ninth step of the Semi-Holy Rank! Since father doesn't restrict your cultivation, nothing can stop you from escaping!

So, escape, fast! Break-out and lead Holger out of the imperial palace! Otherwise, we are all doomed to destruction!"