Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 229

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 229 Kill The Useless Enslave The Useful

Diyana, who witnessed this scene, almost spat blood. How could she not see that Konrad deliberately ignored her?!

With a forced smile, she stepped closer toward him, imitating Freya's eyelash fluttering to request attention.

"Master, you can't be this biased. After all, though I lack contributions, I have been serving you loyally since my arrival."


With a shocked "I don't know what you mean" expression, Konrad turned toward Diyana who focused her cultivation base on suppressing the poison. Right now, the air was so toxic that the average Semi-Saint would collapse upon entering. Even with her knowledge, Diyana couldn't understand why the challenges of this time were this arduous.

This was no longer a trial, but a clear invitation to destruction. If she didn't know better, she would really assume the tower was exerting all its resources to ensure no one could reach the top.

But how could it be?

Staring at that tempting face of hers, Konrad's lips curled into a smile.

"You said it yourself, you lack contributions. There is also no great affection that binds us. Therefore, if you want my favor, you'll have to work on it."

"What do you want me to do?"

She asked, a wave of apprehension welling up within her chest as she registered Konrad's demonic tone.

"Give me a detailed description of the two factions' teams. Names, quantity, status, everything. Don't leave out anyone."

Konrad replied while stroking her cheek with his bent, right index.

The move only heightened Diyana's vigilance.

"Why now? Why so suddenly?"

Although brutal competition existed between the Infernal Cult's great houses, they were, at the end of the day, one camp. The teams dispatched to the tower were the cream of the crop between the age of eighty and one hundred.

Diyana may not care about the Celestial Church's disciples, but she certainly didn't wish to see the Infernal Cult's chosen face mishap.

"Obviously because I plan to kill them all. Or rather, kill the men, and take the women. You see, I can't afford to have anyone know of my little trip into the tower. All eventualities must be taken care of.

We're doomed to come across them, and clash for resources. But if some survive, in the future words will spread. I need to know precisely what I'm dealing with, and make sure neither the Infernal Cult nor Celestial Church disciples live to tell the tales.

As for the ladies, we can be more tolerant."

The straightforwardness with which Konrad said those words, again made Diyana reevaluate the depths of his evil heart.

Worse, house Serkar currently had a team within the tower. A team led by another one of Konrad's cousins. Although he wasn't an inheritor, that was because, before the tower, his cultivation had yet to breakthrough the Holy Rank.

Still, no one doubted that his strength was leagues above Eysan's and that as soon as he stepped into the tower, he would breakthrough several levels. With Konrad having refused the position, he was the most likely successor to Eysan's seat and enjoyed the elders' favor. Even Gulistan held high expectations in him.

His death would cause substantial waves within house Serkar. Not only him, but all team leaders also possessed earthshaking background within the two factions. Those were absolutely not individuals that could be killed at will!

Once they stepped out of the tower, problems were bound to arise. If not for Konrad, at least for her!


"Please reconsi-…"

But before she could finish her words, Konrad grabbed her by the crotch, stopping her dead in her tracks.

Her eyes widened in stupor.

"Joking, I'm joking. The useless will die, the useful will change faith. In the near future, they can become my eyes and ears within the two factions. Why would I give up on such premium manpower?"

Konrad whispered in Diyana's ears.

"Though, I must say your reaction was a tad bit disappointing. As a servant, why is it that your personal safety trumps your master's desires? Why is it that your existence doesn't revolve around the satisfaction of my will?

I'm not a wise monarch. I'm a tyrant. To me, the lack of blind devotion in a servant is…a liability."

Konrad's grip tightened on Diyana's crotch, and a wave of demonic energy flew by his fingers to penetrate her body, blood, meridians, and soul!


She groaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain before the pressure relaxed.

"Even if you wished to advise, to lead me onto a better road, you should have first given the information. Because such…was my demand."

Again, Konrad's hand clenched around Diyana's crotch, sending painfully blissful jolts of electricity to course through her veins.


It was incomprehensible as if within Konrad's touch, she was nothing more than a toy, unable to resist. "Surrender" and "abandon," the only words swirling within her mind.

The building pressure brought her to the edge, but before she could go over and indulge in a delightful release, Konrad retracted his hand, then alongside his nine harem members, left toward the deeper recesses of the floor.

Helpless, Diyana dropped on her knees, confused and unable to pick her next course of action.

With their Origin Sight leading the way, it wouldn't be long before they located the two factions whose leaders currently battled for the ownership of a black mar.

Although he still stood several miles away, the black mar's scent drew Konrad like a bee toward its cherished honey. The tremendous poisonous force within, enough to bring his Stolas Physique to the next level!

Thus, allowing him to save billions of exp.

Moreover, potent infernal forces also lingered within!

But at the moment, fifteen-hundred bronze guards led by the Guardian blocked the road toward the black mar and the wondrous treasures it concealed.

Although the bronze guards were merely at the mid-stage of the Semi-Holy Rank, and the Guardian at the mid-stage of the Rising Saint Rank, their sheer number and coordination made them impossible to ignore.

With the Guardian serving as the epicenter, each guard was connected to another in an intricate Profound Formation that magnified their battle power, causing the Celestial and Infernal disciple to face countless hardships.

Alongside his ladies, Konrad stopped, observing the scene and contenders from afar.

The Celestial Church disciples were led by three men. The first, tall and handsome with flowing golden hairs and eyes embellished by a powerful musculature. At first glance, Konrad recognized him as a sun spirit.

The second one was the polar opposite, short and slender with elongated ears, dark-blue hairs, and eyes of the same color. A moon spirit, without a shred of doubt.

As for the last one, though he clearly was male, he possessed a kind of feminine beauty that effortlessly put most women to shame. With pearl-white hairs and bewitching magenta eyes, his mere presence felt like a mirage coming straight from a dream.

A dream spirit, obviously.

"The three ruling houses of the Celestial Church:

The Wirth sun spirits.

The Kornberg moon spirits.

The Bergen dream spirits.

While compared to the Paragon Spirits, they are very few, the vast majority of elders and protectors come from those three houses. The current leader and successor of the Celestial Church are surnamed Wirth."

Konrad explained toward his ladies before shifting his attention on the Infernal Cult's three houses, who for once fought alongside their sworn enemies.