Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 260

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 260 Unparalleled Anomaly

 Faced with Konrad's new, monstrous form, both Bayiz and Erhardt were forced to accept the gravity of the situation. Again, they exchanged a glance. A glance through which they set aside all differences to tackle this horrific foe.

 "Extreme Light!"

 Activating his Divine Physique, Bayiz turned into a light beam and shot toward Konrad. The Extreme Light Physique he possessed was the polar opposite of Yvonne's Extreme Dark Physique. With it, he could move as fast as light itself and wielded many wondrous abilities.

 In an instant, Bayiz reappeared before Konrad and punched out. Massive star force erupted, the air crackled, space was distorted, and with the extreme speed empowering it, this simple punch could turn the average Star Fusing Saint into meat paste.



 …Konrad raised one of his left forearms and effortlessly blocked the blow. The collision between his translucent arm and Bayiz's golden fist, releasing an explosion of soundwaves that sent ripples throughout the air.

 Below them, the ground crackled, with tremors spreading throughout the Voight Domain. If this battle proceeded in such fashion, everything across several thousand miles, the entirety of the Voight Domain, faced destruction.

 The two pale-skinned beauties on Konrad's chariot waved their hands, releasing a new force field that restrained the damages, and confined the shockwaves to several miles.

 "Master ordered us to ensure the damage would be kept to a minimum. Mistress doesn't need to worry."

 They said toward Yvonne, who was startled to see their cultivation standing at the ninth level of the Restoration Beast Rank.

 Clearly, Konrad's gains within the Tower had reached an unfathomable level.

 *BAM* *BAM* *BAM* *BAM* *BAM*

 A festival of blows began. Having cultivated the Hundred Flowers Scripture to the pinnacle, and with the lust embodiment bloodline flowing within his veins, Konrad's speed didn't lose out to Bayiz's.

 In a flash, Bayiz rained thousands of punches which Konrad all blocked with fifty hands while countering with blows of his own.

 With each punch Konrad knocked off, Bayiz received two on either side of his jaw. Jaw, throat, abdomen, sternum, Bayiz's golden body was abused by thousands of relentless blows each carrying the force of mountains.

 If at first, his golden body allowed him to endure, he quickly became unable to shoulder the brutal hammering and turned into a punching ball.


 Konrad slammed three elbows into Bayiz's face, one in his throat, and dozens on his body, then sent him flying backward with a back kick.

 His golden body fractured, and blood gushed from his throat.

 "Don't get too confident!"

 Erhardt roared, before stretching out his hands.

 "Solar Flare!"

 In a deafening explosion, golden flames and sunrays erupted, barreling into Konrad who sneered at the move.

 Not attempting to evade, Konrad stretched out his hands, and as the solar explosion reached them, it stopped, then began shrinking until it was nothing more than a thumb-sized golden flame ball.

 Konrad clenched one of his fists around it, and it vanished from sight.

 Erhardt was startled.

 "Impossible! What kind of bloodline do you possess that solar force is that insignificant before you?"

 The startled Erhardt asked. Were it not for the jade-green hairs and light swirling around Konrad, as well as the monstrous hundred-armed giant form he currently wielded, Erhardt would have truly taken him for a ravmalakh. The masters of the stars.

 "Your founder's blood."

 Konrad leisurely replied, then turned into a green light beam to barrel into Erhardt with fifty elbow strikes!


 Without a golden body to protect him, Erhardt directly flew toward the ground, breaking through several walls of the Voight Palace before cratering.


 The pain too strong for his brain to process, his world spun, while his eyes widened in disbelief. And before he could regain his composure, Konrad was again upon him with a descending ax-kick.


 His heel sent Erhardt sinking deeper into the ground while the crater around him widened under the shockwave.

 "It is always I who rob others' women, when was it time for me to suffer the same fate?

 You…are ten thousand years too early."

 Konrad stated while pulling Erhardt by the leg and tossing him toward a distant wall!

 All the bones in his body crackled, threatening to rupture under the unprecedented abuse.

 But before Konrad could shoot toward him, a voice boomed at his back, carrying alongside it, a massive surge of magical power.

 "Sixth Circle Spell: Chaos' Splendor!"

 Bayiz joined his hands, condensing six magical circles from which a chaos ring emerged. The Chaos Ring expended, then exploded in chaotic particles that again merged to release a dreadful explosion of chaos forces. Although Konrad had seen the same spell employed by Eysan, in Bayiz's hands, its might reached an unprecedented height.

 Konrad didn't turn, vanishing to reappear before the recovering Erhardt. Meanwhile, his Pure Self appeared where he previously stood.

 Joining its hundred hands, it raised six towering peach blossom trees around which rose petals swirled. The trees and petals released a purple force field that collided with and neutralized Bayiz's spell.

 The Pure Self then shot toward Bayiz while the real Konrad pummeled Erhardt.


 Konrad sent Erhardt spiraling in the sky with a knee blow in his sternum, while his Pure Self pedaled Bayiz's face!

 The two flew toward opposite locations and tumbled in an eruption of dust.

 A crushing silence descended on the scene, and although they possessed utmost confidence in Konrad's abilities, even Yvonne, Else, and Verena were scared witless.

 "Abnormal. This is completely abnormal."

 And indeed, as they analyzed the newly materialized Pure Self, all realized that Konrad's cultivation was merely at the Rising Saint Rank!

 "Did the laws of cultivation get reversed as I slept? How can this concentration of earthshaking might possibly be a Rising Saint?"

 A startled Hubert wondered in awe. And although Konrad's face reminisced him of the fake eunuch he met within house Kracht, Hubert simply couldn't believe that the two were the same.

 Meanwhile, the severely battered duo rose from the rubble. Their clothes torn, with blood dripping from all their orifices while hundreds of hematomas swelled on their bodies.

 When they too realized their opponent's cultivation level, despair settled within their hearts. Erhardt, in particular, couldn't accept this blow.

 Although Yvonne's existence humbled him, he'd always considered himself a top prodigy only shackled by the Mortal Realm's conditions.

 But now, that Konrad appeared with a cultivation and strength that seemed to be asking him:

 "If you are a prodigy, what am I?"