Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 261

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 261 Ancestral Glory: Nine Luminaries

 "Divine Artifacts, strongest abilities! Force a quick conclusion!"

 Bayiz exclaimed through a mental message that pulled Erhardt out of his torpor.

 Bayiz waved his hand, summoning a bronze disk while Erhardt released a set of six flying knives that merged in a single one.

 Both weapons rippled with divine power. But again, Konrad remained unperturbed.


 Meanwhile, within the Holy Flame City, a new wave of changes occurred. Led by the third infernal elder's oldest son, ten Star Connecting Saint soul fiends descended on the von Jurgen's imperial palace and forced the new emperor into abdication before welcoming Olrich back on the throne.

 Faced with the soul fiends' absolute might, none dared complain, and without trouble, Olrich reassumed control of the imperial palace.

 "A pity that Adalwin is not present. But it's fine, while he exhausts his strength against the Voight, these gentlemen will remove his head."

 Olrich inferred, confident that the situation was under control.

 But then, the dreadful fluctuations of divine power soared into the sky, creating a celestial phenomenon that allowed all above the Holy Rank to realize that a shocking battle was currently occurring within the Voight Domain.

 "Bayiz's chaos disk?"

 The third infernal elder's son wondered while locking his holy sense on the distant scene. And indeed, there he recognized Bayiz Serkar's presence.

 "We must investigate this. All of you, with me!"

 And before Olrich could say anything, the soul fiends all turned into light beams and shot toward the battleground.

 Olrich's eyes contorted into a frown.

 "This can't be good. I must hurry and complete the formation, then refine the empire."


 Within her brothel, Gulistan's true body stood with Diyana by her side. 

 However, while Gulistan observed the concentration of divine power, her eyes contorted into a frown.

 "Could Erhardt Wirth corner Bayiz to this extent? Impossible."

 Casting her divine sense on the scene, she witnessed the ongoing battle in all its splendor, seeing a tranquil and unblemished Konrad facing two experts at the summit of the Holy Road. Experts whose battle-power somewhat surpassed the early-stage of the Divine Seed Rank.

 Her eyes widened in disbelief.

 "This…can't be good."

 She then shifted her attention onto Diyana, who politely stood by her side.

 "Can you explain…that?"

 "I'm afraid I can't. Although he's started to accept me and claimed my body, throughout this trip, he never allowed me to get a thorough understanding of his secrets, and still maintains some vigilance.

For that reason, he also made me leave the Tower early.

 Therefore, I don't know much about his growth, strength origin, and current battle-power. I only know that his cultivation is at the Rising Saint Rank."

 Diyana "faithfully" replied. Arching her eyebrows, Gulistan shifted her eyes back onto the battleground.

 "Well, and here I was hoping he'd learn to rely on me. What a horrible miscalculation. Father won't be pleased. To save, yes or no."


 Bayiz flung his disc into the air, and it expanded until it covered the Voight Sky. His hands then moved in incantation gestures.

 "Sixth Circle Spell: Chaos Nova!"

 Again, six circles appeared, and from them, vast chaos force erupted to morph into a gigantic chaos star that sapped the life of everything in its vicinity and enfeebled Bayiz's targets.

 Meanwhile, Erhardt didn't stay idle. The miniature sun above his head expended into a hundred-meters wide sun.

 "Sixth Circle Spell: Solar Fury!"

 A dazzling, gigantic sunbeam erupted from the artificial sun and shot toward Konrad while the chaos star released an even more dreadful strike still aimed at him.

 Simultaneously, the two experts summoned their three Pure Selves which controlled their divine artifacts in their stead and used their most potent physique abilities to deliver a succession of lethal blows on Konrad.


 An earthshaking explosion of golden light and darkness engulfed the area where Konrad remained. The energy column pierced the sky, alarming all of the Holy Continent's denizens, and visible from all across the Ancient Crystal World.

 "HAHAHAHA! Dead, he's finally dead!"

 Erhardt screamed for all to hear. And though he didn't showcase such glee, Bayiz was inclined to agree. All their trump cards had been laid out. Even an early-stage Divine Seed expert couldn't survive this strike.

 Now, from the Infernal Cult's and Celestial Church's headquarters, dozens of pairs of eyes observed this startling event occurring within the secular world.

 But as they witnessed the final strike, not many doubted that Konrad's life had come to an end.

 Alas, all those who did were proven wrong, because from the dust and ashes, a one-thousand meters tall, hundred-armed giant appeared.

 That giant sat crossed-legged within the sky, two hands lying on his thighs while the others remained outstretched.

 A jade-green sphere surrounded that giant, standing firm even after this shocking strike.

 Erhardt despaired.

 Bayiz was scared witless.

 "Time to end this game.

 Ancestral Glory: Nine Luminaries!"

 Demons possessed lineage weapons. Devas, Ancestral Glories.

 Konrad now summoned his mightiest deva ability.

 The ravmalakh's Ancestral Glory transformed by his nephilim blood. A jade-green sun, a glittering white moon, and seven other celestial bodies appeared within the air and swirled around him.

 The nine luminaries took a position within the atmosphere, forming an inviolable domain of overflowing cosmic energies.

 Within that domain, neither Erhardt nor Bayiz could use their star force.

 Their strength plummeted, and they felt trapped in an interstellar realm from which they could never escape.

 Meanwhile, Konrad vanished, merging with the interstellar realm. 


 Bayiz cursed.

 At that time, the soul fiends that helped Olrich back on his throne arrived, but when they witnessed the Ancestral Glory, all turned heels and ran!

 Alas, it was far too late!

 "Since you decided to join the fun, there is no need to turn tail."

 The gigantic Konrad declared from an unknown dimension, then joined all his hundred-hands together.

 "Nine Luminaries Strike!"

 Multicolor beams erupted from the nine stellar bodies and merged in a multicolor sphere which then expanded and exploded in an enthralling light festival.

 The stellar explosion engulfed everything in Konrad's domain. The soul fiends directly turned into ashes while the third infernal elder's son, Bayiz, and Erhardt were turned into charred messes.

 The three collapsed on the ground, unconscious, and unable to muster the tiniest bit of cultivation.

 Their artifacts tumbled, and their Pure Selves turned into dust.

 With that blow, Konrad could have killed them all. However, he chose to preserve those three's lives for the next part of his plan.