Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 265

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 265 The Greatest Cuck In History

 Night still hanged within the sky when the voice reverberated within Olrich's mind. And at first, though mild, this foreign voice's tone filled him with a profound sense of apprehension.

 But when his brain registered the words, his eyes widened in disbelief.

 "Adoptive father? Konrad?"

 He wondered out loud, waves of consternation undulating within his eyes. And as if to answer him, a massive golden chariot cleaved the dark sky to stop above him. If the dreadful cultivation rippling from the crimson tiger was startling enough, when Olrich's eyes locked on those occupying the seats, his face twisted into an ugly grimace.

 Ignoring the two pale-skinned beauties, his eyes went between the remaining four.

 Yvonne, Verena, Else and a jade-green haired man whose empyrean looks immediately snatched attention.

 With Yvonne resting on his right arm, Else on his left, and Verena on his lap, his identity wasn't hard to guess.

 "It's you. You finally deign to show yourself."

 Olrich hissed through clenched teeth. With almost one thousand years of existence, he'd experienced many events. However, without a shred of doubt, his greatest shame stemmed from the teenaged-looking man sitting on this chariot, surrounded by women that, by right, should belong to him.

 As he witnessed this scene, his eyes went bloodshot, his nails dug through his palms, and his heart wildly beat. Alas, suppressed mid-air, he could neither advance nor retreat.

 "Finally? Adoptive father, having been by your side for so long, how could you possibly use the word -finally?-"

 Konrad asked in a tone that showcased profound heartbreak.

 Confusion again flashed within Olrich's eyes, covering his soaring hatred.

 "What do you mean by th-"

 But then, ordered images swirled within his mind. First, Olrich recalled the imperial eunuch that brought him news of Yvonne's odd behavior.

 "Your majesty…for the past week, her grace has been acting in suspicious manners. From morning to evening, she wards her entire courtyard through Semi-Holy Force, preventing anyone from peeping while at night, she does the same to her chambers…"

 "Any variables potentially leading to this?"

 "…this…coincides with the appearance of a new eunuch boy. Not long afterward, her grace's strange behavior began. I haven't had time to investigate him yet but…I suspect…"

 Then, his mind jumped to the day Verena introduced Konrad to him.

 "Who might this child be?"

 "He's a human eunuch boy that entered the palace several months ago. I spotted him by chance and recognized his talent. I've been training him ever since, hoping that I could present him to your majesty as a new court eunuch when he broke through the Grand Priest Rank."

 Finally, he landed on the scene of Adelar's last words.

 "Father, for the sake of supreme power, across centuries you have toyed with your relatives and loved ones.

 As a power-hungry monster, I can't blame you, but knowing that a son will overthrow your rule and take your life, I die…without regrets!"

 Upon assembling the three events, a horrifying thought emerged within Olrich's mind, and his eyes widened with fright.

 "Impossible… impossible. You can't possibly b-"

 But before he could finish his words, in a twister of jade light, Konrad's attire changed, becoming the Imperial Duke Robe Olrich personally prepared for him.

 Then, the matching crown and boots appeared on his head and around his feet.

 His appearance then morphed into that of an effeminate eunuch teen. The appearance Olrich associated with the name "Konrad."

 Seeing all his fears realized, Olrich was struck speechless. His mouth curved into an "O" shape, and he struggled to aim a wobbling index at Konrad.

 "No…no…a trick. This…is a trick."

 He tried to reassure himself. However…

 "I'm afraid it isn't. Or should I tell you the mnemonics of the Infernal Soul Devouring Art to convince you of this truth?"

 …Konrad promptly brought him back to reality. And Olrich's eyes almost cracked.

 "Traitor…traitor…despicable traitor!

 We treated you so well, better than our trueborn children. Introduced you to the Formation Path. Passed onto you our knowledge, our experience, our mightiest art! How could you? You have no conscience!

Damn your father! Damn your mother! Damn all your ancestors! And damn you to hell!"

 Olrich roared, and imagining how Konrad bedded his consorts under his nose, he felt the green on his head grow glossier.

 Hearing this, Konrad shook his head.

 "Adoptive father, you can't say it like that. Were it not for you working so arduously to bring us together, how could it be so simple for me to lay hands on them?

 Think about it. Nils, Verena, Yvonne. Among them, who wasn't pushed away by your treachery. As your son, I merely did my filial duty of mending the wounds you caused."

 Konrad replied, his tone mixing righteousness and lamentation.

 Hearing Nils' name added to the list, Olrich's grief intensified.

 "You can't be se…"

 But before he could finish his words, Konrad's Holy Flame Avatar appeared and stretched out his hand, causing Nils to emerge from his space bracelet.

 As soon as she did, she turned toward Konrad, and seeing him surrounded by women she should by right call "mothers," flabbergasted, Nils didn't know if she should leap into his arms or hide in a corner.

 Unwilling to let her flounder, Konrad waved his hand, and pulled by an irresistible telekinetic force, she landed on his left thigh.

 "Missed me?"

 He whispered in her ears, causing her cheeks to redden in embarrassment.


 Still, she replied with a feeble nod while fidgeting in her dress. The red of her cheeks grew brighter.

 The scene snatched speech abilities from Olrich's throat.

 "See? And if I may add, none of your consorts were spared."

 Veins beat on Olrich's temple.



 Konrad earnestly repeated, then set his consorts aside to rise from the chariot and fly toward Olrich.

 "Therefore, I'm here to give you my thanks. Olrich von Jurgen, my beloved father, I screwed your daughter, consorts, wife and soon, even your mother will be dancing on my rod. Meanwhile, all your vassals and the entirety of your country have fallen into my hands.

 The world has never seen…a greater cuckold than you."

 Konrad proclaimed, then bowed toward Olrich with clasped hands. On his right ring finger, Olrich clearly saw the love token and Holy Artifact he'd granted Verena.


 Unable to shoulder the blow, Olrich spurted blood and passed out. His body tumbled onto the ground.