Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 283

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 283 Coronation Ceremony

With the end of another plague day and the fall of legions of unbelievers, the last recalcitrant citizens, those that for one reason or another desperately clung onto the Cardinal Lords' faith, all submitted to the Profane Prince's Cult. And on the next morning, the word "Cult" was removed, and officially replaced by "Faith."

During that night Konrad's zealots stamped out any reminders of the Cardinal Lords, destroying all their books, and crushing all statues and edifices reminiscing of the previous faith. The Faith's hierarchy was also established, with Konrad occupying the highest seat as the Profane Prince.

Beneath him were the matriarchs, the grand-priestesses, and the blessed. Only after them did the male ranks begin. For indeed, within the Profane Prince Faith, because those women had all been "favored" by Konrad, they all by default occupied higher positions than men.

As long as a woman successfully offered herself to an Orchid Altar, and received the Profane Prince's sexual favors, her cultivation would rise to the Holy Rank, and she would automatically be promoted to Blessed.

And seeing some of their longtime friends suddenly turn into "Celestial Beings," regardless of marital status, many considered taking the cloth. Of course, not everyone could receive such grace.

On the following morning, legions of men and women, the entirety of the clergy and the nobility, assembled beneath the Grand Imperial Altar, a newly built edifice, to await the beginning of Konrad's coronation.

On that day, within the sky, auspicious clouds assembled, as if to herald the beginning of a new golden age. After waking him with a matinal blowjob, the two pale-skinned Restoration Beast Beauties dressed Konrad in his imperial robe, preparing him for the upcoming ceremony.

"Has everyone taken their spots?"

Konrad asked while stretching his neck.

"Yes, master. From the lowest lords to the highest emperors, all have taken their spots on the steps."

The one tying Konrad's belt politely replied.

"Very well. Let the show begin."

Konrad declared and joined his hands beneath his large golden sleeves before stepping out of his chambers to head toward the Grand Imperial Altar. A procession of three hundred eunuchs followed in his tracks while keeping their backs slouched in uncomfortable deference. Olrich was among them.

Following a one-hour long walk, they arrived at the site of the Grand Imperial Altar, a massive pyramidal structure high of 9999 steps. Starting with the 9988th step, one could see thousands of nobles standing with their backs straight. Each, holding an insignia representing their function.

At the 9996th step, the Sovereign Princes stood, at the 9997th, the Earth Kingdom Alliance's kings did, and at the 9998th step, the three emperors remained. Hubert aside, none dared show the tiniest bit of dissatisfaction.

Wilfred Metze, Else's father, was a man who could endure. How patient he remained under the church's persecution, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike, was testimony enough to his endurance skills.

But for Hubert, it was another story. Having enjoyed paramount status for millennia and being himself the proud serpent lord of an ancient lineage, today's events were not easy for him to swallow.

And recalling how several months ago, Konrad was nothing but a gifted ant in his eyes, he couldn't help but sigh. As soon as Konrad's procession appeared, the legions of observers that formed two ordered camps at the bottom of the Altar bowed in silent greeting. Though they came from five different states, all could feel the weight of the event, and under such a solemn atmosphere, none could afford the tiniest mistake.

With his clasped hands still hidden beneath his golden sleeves, Konrad stepped forward, walking toward the stairs while releasing his jade light aura. Once he reached the first step, he stopped, lifted his gaze toward the Altar's summit where a gigantic mirror diffused the events to the Holy Continent and stepped forward.

The poised altar crossing began, and with each step, the pressure of Konrad's aura increased. By the time he reached the 9988th step, the lords that occupied it had dropped on their knees and presented their tokens.

"Aware of our inferiority, and unworthy of controlling the lives and deaths of the Holy Continent's citizens, we surrender our ancestral rights and seal to the only one able to shoulder this responsibility!"

They declared and dropped their tokens at Konrad's feet. He nodded, and swept the tokens with his jade light, causing them to vanish into dust, then walked toward the next step.

"Aware of our inferiority, and unworthy of controlling the lives and deaths of the Holy Continent's citizens, we surrender our ancestral rights and seal to the only one able to shoulder this responsibility!"

The barons repeated, and the same scene occurred. Then it was the viscounts, the counts, the margraves, the dukes, and the grand dukes. All landed nobles from across the Holy Continent surrendered their ancestral rights.

The Sovereign Princes' turn arrived. And regardless of his personal feelings, alongside them all, Hubert dropped on his knees and proclaimed:

"Aware of our inferiority, and unworthy of controlling the lives and deaths of the Holy Continent's citizens, we surrender our ancestral rights and seal to the only one able to shoulder this responsibility!

The One True Prince!"

They added an extra line through which they abandoned their princely distinctions, then released their tokens. And after a brief nod, Konrad destroyed them, before moving one to the kings' step.

The same event repeated, and the various kings added their own line.

"…The One True King!"

Then released their tokens. Finally, Konrad reached the 9998th floor where the emperors awaited.

The Great Void Emperor, the Prosperous Wind Emperor, the Profound Sea Emperor. Of the three, the first two had been cucked, poisoned and abused by Konrad's avatars through a masterful use of the harem.

And both were remarkably sorrowful cases. As the emperor of heartlessness, it wasn't long before Great Void saw himself plotted against by all his consorts. Meanwhile, the Prosperous Wing Emperor, the only monogamous ruler of the secular world, was betrayed by his beloved wife and daughters.

As for the Profound Sea Emperor, being Konrad's servant, his case was simple. And while he knelt alongside the other emperors, relief overflowed within his heart.

Finally, he was freed of that false throne. Free, at last!

The three repeated the same words as all the previous rulers, but added:

"…The One True Emperor!"

Their seals suffered the same fate of destruction before Konrad took his place on the 9999th step.

A jade light column descended from the sky, bringing alongside it the Golden-Jade Crown and Imperial Jade Seal. In all other coronation ceremonies, the ascending ruler would bow toward the heavens. However, Konrad didn't bow, because, on this particular occasion, he was Heaven!

The crown dropped on his head while the seal stopped before his chest. Unclasping his hand, Konrad grabbed the Imperial Jade Seal within his hands, then turned toward the legions of vassals below.

Sweeping them with a glance, he raised the Imperial Jade Seal which overflowed with divine might!

All those at the ground, noblemen and clergymen, dropped on their knees. And throughout the Holy Continent, the commoners that witnessed this scene from the gigantic mirror followed suit.

"All hail the Jade Emperor!

All hail your August Majesty!

Your Majesty's reign shall stretch across eternity!"

Tens of billions proclaimed in tandem!

And thus, Konrad took his seat as the first ruler of the Holy Continent. And in that instant, not many doubted that in the coming years, that title would be upgraded…to ruler of the Ancient Crystal World!

Hence began the August Jade Dynasty.

"Congratulation Profanely Shameless Emperor...I mean host, on completing the 7th level of the main quest!"

Selene's voice echoed, and to prevent her from ruining his moment, Konrad made the sound decision of ignoring her for the rest of the night.