Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 284

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 284 Grand Imperial Wedding

The coronation ceremony came to an end, making way for the next event:

The Grand Imperial Wedding!

Although arguably not as solemn as Konrad's establishment of the new dynasty, the Grand Imperial Wedding was an event of capital importance for the commoners who couldn't help but anticipate the sight of the women chosen to stand beside their God-Emperor.

The festivities would also bring its own round of relaxation.

"I heard the previous dynasty's empress, holy consort, noble imperial consort, and princess were on the list."

"That is only rational, only his August Majesty is qualified to enjoy the country's top beauties. The previous emperor was too greedy, attempting to hoard what didn't belong to him."

"Indeed! His August Majesty is really an example for us all. I heard his official harem already comprises hundreds of women. And he beds them all daily!"

"That's natural, our sovereign is God, omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. For him, that kind of thing requires no effort! Word is that after the coronation ceremony, he will recruit thousands of new women for his official harem.

If a relative of ours can get a spot, how wonderful would that be? At the very least, we would be set up for life!"

"For that chance, I'd sell my wife!"

Back on the Altar, one after another, the abdicating nobles descended the stairs and vanished within the crowd, leaving only Konrad to gaze at the world below. A new procession made its way toward the Altar. Three-hundred palace maids backed by eighty-four eunuchs carrying seven golden palanquins.

Divided by the ranks of the one they carried, the eunuchs didn't all stand on the same line. The first twelve led the procession, then came twenty-four carrying two palanquins, and finally, the remaining forty-eight.

In each of the palanquin sat a lady dressed in a bright red gown. Initially, the Holy Continent used white as the color of marriage, but Konrad considered it unsuitable for showcasing passion, and therefore switched to bright red.

The procession reached the base of the Altar, and the palanquins were lowered onto the ground. From them, seven women emerged, each endowed with spellbinding looks, that put the world in awe.

The first three, in particular, stood out. Matchless sex appeal, unparalleled beauty, and incomparable elegance. They each defined one of those aspects. As for the next four, they wildly differed. In two, the insouciance of youth lingered, making them lose out in mature charm.

But simultaneously, that same insouciance enhanced their already enrapturing appeal.

In the remaining two, beguiling demonic charm overflowed. Anyone one of those demonesses was more than enough to trigger a hundred Trojan Wars and launch millions of ships.

Those seven beauties were naturally Yvonne, Else, Verena, Jasmine, Iliana, Nils, and Daphne. In tandem, they took their spots beneath the Altar with Yvonne at the helm, Verena and Else on the second row, Jasmine, Iliana, Daphne and Nils on the third.

In a twister of jade light, Konrad's imperial robe was replaced by a bright red gown matching that of the ladies, and he stretched his hand toward them. Their climb then began, a climb at the end of which they stopped before Konrad and knelt before him.

A golden crown encrusted with nine imperial jade beads appeared within Konrad's hands. That crown was ninety-percent identical to his and forged in similar materials.

With a smile, he lowered it onto Yvonne's head, sealing her as his empress. She then stood up to stand at his right. Afterward, it was Else and Verena's turn. Instead of crowns, they received golden-jade diadems, with eight imperial jade beads instead of nine.

As for Jasmine, Iliana, Daphne, and Nils, their diadems were carved out of divine crystals.

Once each consort received her badge of office, a myriad of swans descended from the sky to hover around the new imperial clan. A dazzling jade light road then appeared, going from the top of the Altar all the way to…the nuptial chambers!

Jade Emperor and Empress stepped forward, followed by the six consorts to cross the ethereal road, and walk into the nuptial palace. The swans then spread across the Holy Continent, raining blessings on the citizens!

The old were rejuvenated, the maimed restored, and the ailing healed.

Again, the world was in awe!

Little did they know that those swans were Konrad's avatars.

The billions of citizens thrice kowtowed in thanks, then swarmed the various banquet halls erected across the empire for this occasion to feast, drink, and orgy as per the Profane Prince's grace!

"Phew what an exhausting procession! Does getting married have to be so tedious? Daddy, for the sake of the future generations, you must reduce the stress this involves!"

Daphne exclaimed once they stepped into the nuptial palace. Her words causing her peers to roll their eyes.

"Hum, hum. This is no longer acceptable. From now on, you can't call me -daddy- anymore. In private, you either call me Konrad or husband. In public, you have to use honorifics."

Konrad declared after clearing his throat. His words causing Daphne's eyes to widen in disbelief.

"What? Why? How could you so heartlessly disown your daughter? I'm not willing!

*Sniff* *Sniff*

Daphne sobbed while rushing toward Konrad and grabbing his arm. Alas, his resolve stood firm!

"We're now the imperial family. Some decorum is necessary. Otherwise, when one of my high-ranking consorts is calling me -Daddy Konrad- before the masses, where does that put my imperial dignity?

To say nothing of the fact that we're swindling the world into thinking I'm God."

Konrad replied, using reason to quell that Daphne-Habit. Hearing this, Daphne aside, all nodded in approval.

"But, but…"

"No but. If one day you have a daughter, what is she going to call me? Daddy-granddaddy? Half-daddy-half-granddaddy? The decision is final."

But when the word "daughter" echoed within her mind, Daphne's eyes shone with dazzling light.

"Alright, but you must work extra hard to give me a daughter! To think that with all the spunk you dump, we haven't already crossed that bridge…*sigh*…at this rate, centuries will pass without little Daphnes!

Could you be impo…"

She immediately replied, causing black lines to form on Konrad's head.

"What do you know? That's called self-preservation! Self-preservation!

If with every three loads I sired a snotty brat, throughout the three realms, who could save me?

By the way, I warn you all. Don't you dare give birth to sons! If anyone of you does, I will skin the brat for baby fat and shove him back from whence he came!"

And hearing this "unique" exchange, the consorts all burst into laughter.

Afterward, the eight enjoyed a lively banquet full of divine-grade cultivation wine that filled them with small breakthroughs and drunken stupor, then clumped into the nuptial chambers.

"Konrad, for too long, *hic* you have run amok! You are just a teenaged boy. Who here is not your senior by *hic* decades or centuries?!"

A drunk Yvonne proclaimed, pulling approving nods from her similarly intoxicated peers.


"I'm not!"

The drunken Nils immediately replied.




And Drunk Yvonne sent her flying on the bed.

"In any case, today, *hic*, we must teach you a lesson!

Ladies, to arms!"

Their clothes soon dropped onto the ground.