Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 291

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 291 Valkyrie Armors

Meanwhile, trouble's supple lips pushed onto the Jade Dynasty.

As soon as Krann left for the Celestial Church, from deep within the Barbarian Continent's Hidden Forest, a commotion arose.




The World Tree's wailing sound intensified, and with it, so did the grey mist swirling around its gargantuan form. From the ground, the continual rumbling sounds heightened, bringing alongside them a plethora of cracks from which two grey cocoons rose.

In an eruption of grey light, the cocoons broke, releasing two 1.5 meters tall young men with gruff, stocky features. But though their ordinary faces, eyes and hair colors gave no insight into their lineages, those tiny bodies of theirs rippled with formidable destructive strength that made them impossible to ignore.

In silence, they stepped forward, vanishing to reappear before the Holy Continent's Anti Divine Screen. They ignored it, instead locking their eyes on the Tower high in heaven's vault.

"According to the elders, this Tower is the result of a merge between Marduk and Isylia's God-Artifacts. Its rank is fairly high, and its mysteries profound. If we can, we should bring it back."

The left one stated in a bland tone.

"Do not forget that our primary task is to probe the depth of this rising force. Everything else is secondary."

The right one replied in a similarly bland tone. His companion merely nodded, and the two then stepped forward, bypassing the Anti Divine Screen to land above the capital.

Clearly, their cultivation was below the Divine Rank. As soon as they arrived, they swept the imperial palace with their small black eyes, then directly punched out!

Each of those jabs released a formless pressure that barreled into the imperial palace, threatening to obliterate it!


But before the formless force could collide with it, it met an invisible screen that blocked its onslaught in a resounding force explosion that raised a vast array of dust.

Undisturbed, the two looked beyond the dust clouds to spot the source of this resistance.

The figure of a freckled, auburn-haired young maiden clad in a fancy silver armor appeared above the imperial palace, her presence blocking any rogue assault.

Four pairs of wings stretched from the back of the silver armor and lightly flapped as if animated by a will of their own. The maiden's cold, hazel eyes locked onto the two dwarf men whose indifferent eyes slightly shimmered following her appearance.


The right dwarf appraised. Before emerging from beneath the World Tree, they'd received orders to evaluate the current state of the Holy Continent and test the depth of the new dynasty. However, as they came, they didn't expect much. After all, before their clan's current strength, the Ancient Crystal World's experts were nothing more than ants.

But in that one move, that freckled maiden revealed a shocking foundation and battle power that didn't lose out to their house's top talents.

"Perhaps there is more to this place than meets the eyes. Zeas, alone or together?"

Asked the left dwarf.

"She's just at the early stage of the Star Fusing Saint Rank while the both of us are at the peak. Of course, we must gang up on her."

Zeas replied, and in the instant the words left his lips, his impassible visage contorted into a disturbingly crazed look that echoed his rising thirst for slaughter.

"Well-said, well-said! Girl, etch our names into your soul. Zeas and Violk of the house of Slivaz!"

Violk declared, and alongside his partner, clenched his fist.


Though no supernatural display surrounded them, the already suffocating pressure surrounding them rose to a new level while grumbling sound permeated the air.

And as her hazel gaze swept them, Astarte had the misconception that in those tiny hands of their lied the strength to split mountains and rivers.

But of course, she was undeterred. What truly startled her was the information she gained from her Origin Sight. An intel revealing a lineage she knew nothing of.

Zeas and Violk stepped forward, vanishing to reappear before Astarte at a speed that eclipsed that of the average Divine Seed expert. Again, they threw simple punches. But this time, their might increased several folds, and within those knuckles lied a multitude of concealed force.

Space cracks formed around their fists as they slammed into Astarte.

And before that assault able to shred the average Divine Seed expert into pieces, Astarte did only one thing:



In a resounding boom, the punches slammed onto Astarte's breastplate, but instead of releasing a berserk wave of energy, instead of sending her flying backward or tearing her to shred, any strength within the punches was absorbed by the silver armor she wore.

"Since you had the courtesy of introducing yourselves, allow me to do the same. Ranked fourth among the Profane Prince's five-thousand Valkyries. Astarte, of the house of Konrad."

She declared while silver light erupted from her armor and released a massive energy wave that sent the two flying backward.

Their eyes widened in disbelief.

"What kind of armor is this?"

Meanwhile, within the Empyrean Tower, Konrad lied on a floating cloud, with Zamira slamming her perky butt on his rod while squealing in delight.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*


She moaned with her hands clenching his chest and her nails digging into his nigh-indestructible flesh. At the same time, Konrad groped her breasts and tugged on her erect nipples which seemed eager to feel his touch.

But as the squelching sounds formed by the mixture between Konrad's meat-rod and Zamira's gripping snatch echoed, in a twister of light, a figure appeared.

It was a slender, pale-skinned, armored beauty with blood-red eyes. As soon as she appeared, she dropped on her knees and bowed toward Konrad.

"Your August Majesty, two unknown individuals have appeared within the capital and directly launched an assault on the imperial palace. Their cultivation is at the peak of the Star Fusing Saint Rank, but they possess at least two Mastered, low-grade Divine Physiques with formidable bloodlines and foundation.

Although Lady Astarte is currently engaging them, to avoid variables, I request the permission to capture and interrogate those unruly peons."

The red-eyed beauty declared as if oblivious to the scene occurring beforehand. Naturally, as a resident of the Empyrean Palace, she had been routinely exposed to such scenes.

In fact, she'd been at the receiving end of Konrad's rod more than once.

"As one of my four Paramount Knights and a member of the Hidden Moon Pavilion, your primary duties are to serve as the Jade Dynasty's concealed strength and stand within your emperor's shadow.

Someone of your level shouldn't appear before the real enemies reveal themselves. As for those two, with the four-winged Valkyrie Armor empowering her, I believe they can't take more than twenty moves of my Astarte."

Konrad replied while holding onto Zamira's waist and slamming her faster on his rod, which tensed with an impending orgasm.

The Valkyrie Armors weren't Konrad's creations, but rewards from the eighth level of the main quest. They were ranked according to color and wing number, with six grades in total. And while they were an infinite number of low-grade Valkyrie Armors, those of the high-grade had limited quotas.

Quotas Konrad's ladies fought for in a same-level tournament he oversaw.