Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 299

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 299 The Unfathomable Dasra

As soon as Yvonne landed on the scene, all eyes descended upon her. Feeling a pressure that didn't lose out to theirs at full-strength, Nehal and Aakash frowned. Of course, this was the merit of the Six-Winged Valkyrie Armor. Without it, depending on her half-step Divine Blood cultivation alone, Yvonne would not be their match.

Alas, the conditional mattered not on the battlefield. The six pairs of jade wings at Yvonne's back lightly flapped while her similarly colored armor released a dazzling aura that coated the entirety of her riveting figure.

"Five High-Grade Divine Physiques, all nearing mastery. A top-level bloodline, a perfect cultivation foundation, a mighty Dao and a dauntless heart. You…are a worthy foe."

Dasra appraised through the use of his vertical, third eye. And seeing how easily he saw through her, mild surprise flashed within Yvonne's eyes. But when recalling the lineage she faced and Krann's appraisal of her opponent, all surprise vanished, and a smile curved her luscious lips.

"Were we at the same cultivation level, I would not be your match. However, we're not. I have no interest in clashing with your lot. I only have one target. Make him show himself, and you don't need to suffer."

Dasra stated with a calm and indifferent tone. Naturally, his words failed to garner Yvonne's approval, and instead, she stretched out her right hand.

In a twister of light, a long jade spear appeared within her right hand. Just like Astarte's sword, this spear was nothing more than an extension of her Valkyrie Armor.

"You don't have an appointment. As an outsider, you need to follow the formal process to see the emperor. First, request audience and await his graceful approval. If you don't follow proper etiquette, I can't help you."

Yvonne shrugged while lifting the jade-colored spear toward Dasra.

Her words failed to disturb that immovable face of his.

"That being the case, I can only force him out through you all."

Dasra replied and stepped forward. The already enormous pressure emanating from his form rose to another level while strands of silver light rose from his pore and laced his figure. Without another word, he shot toward Yvonne…or rather, glided toward her, leaving dozens of afterimages in his wake.

By the time he landed before her, his left palm was already flying toward her face.

Yvonne swept her jade spear toward the palm strike, but before it could reach it, the palm vanished, becoming thousands of palms that assailed her from all sides.


Her jade-colored aura spread toward the palms, meeting their onslaught while she used the impact to recoil and step out of Dasra's range. But before she could escape him, he again was upon her, this time surrounding her with seventy-two afterimages that all attacked in tandem, bloating the sky with the thousands of palm strikes.

Each palm brought with it the strength to obliterate a vast mountain range, and all of them combined could collapse continents. Faced with such an overwhelming force, Yvonne dared not hold back.

"Awaken and drown my enemies in inferno:

Hell's Reach!"

In a demonic explosion of hellfire and dark sand that repelled Dasra's assault, Hell's Reach landed in Yvonne's left hand. Lineage weapon in the left and Valkyrie weapon in the right, she spread her wings, and flew back toward Dasra, meeting his every blow with her spear strokes!

In an instant, they exchanged thousands of moves, but throughout the clash, Dasra never recoiled. Not even from one tiny step.

"Nature Law."

Dasra uttered, causing tremendous divine power to erupt in the manifestation of his Nature Law. Hundreds of towering trees appeared in the sky and stretched toward the ground while expanding their branches within the air.

The trees all surrounded Yvonne, releasing forest green light and tens of thousands of leaves that barreled into her at lightning speed.

Waving Hell's Reach, Yvonne released a sea of hellfire that drowned the incoming leaves and spread toward the trees. However, a protective halo coated them, and as the two forces collided, a massive explosion erupted, forcing Yvonne to recoil from seven steps.

Witnessing this exchange, Verena and Else's eyes contorted into a frown. Dasra's strength had already surpassed all their expectations and forced them to consider assisting Yvonne in contending with him.

And to say nothing of them, even Aakash and Nehal were startled. Aakash, in particular, couldn't believe his eyes. Although his father had warned him of Dasra being stronger than him, he'd not expected the gap to be this profound!

"I heard that three-hundred years ago, Dasra singlehandedly fought and repelled three Minor Gods from the Infernal Realm. At first, I believed the tale nothing more than a rumor. But now, I am starting to wonder if it weren't an understatement.

Among the current Celestial Chosen, how many can rival him? To say nothing of defeating him."

Nehal sighed, although strength wasn't her primary pursuit, it undoubtedly was a comfortable insurance. And to see one she thought her peer so far ahead of her, she couldn't help but feel cheated.

In this case, how could they possibly discuss as equal? And when Dasra's hands landed on Konrad, who could stop him from slaughtering him?

But as she pondered how to cope with the future events, Dasra joined his hands.

"Ancestral Glory: Realm of Eternal Peace."

The scenery changed, becoming an idyllic land of thirty-three floating islands on top of which various creatures stood in harmony. The Jade Capital vanished from sight, and in the eyes of the gathered folks, lush green prairies stood below, while they all took turns on the floating islands, exploring the peaceful paradises while surrendering to the desire of peace.

In that instant, the belief that war, battle, and bloodshed were inherently sinful filled the minds of the gathered individuals. Yvonne was no exception, and as the belief settled within her mind, she found herself slowly lowering her weapon, unable to find a reason to bare it within such a perfect land.

But before she could completely surrender, her eyes shone with renewed vigor.

"Darkness Law!"

"Unending Hell!"

"Valkyrie Judgement!"

In succession, Yvonne used her three mightiest moves, darkness filled the sky, engulfing everything across thousands of miles.

Storms of hellfire and dark sand rose, slamming against the idyllic land, and from the tip of Yvonne's jade spear, a ball of jade lightning rose, expending until it reached three-hundred meters, before turning into a blinding beam fired at a specific spot.

"Impressive willpower."

Dasra commented from within his Ancestral Glory.

"Heaven of the Thirty-Three!"

He exclaimed, and from the thirty-three islands, one rose to become the center of them all, channeling their vast defensive and offensive power in a supreme strike that collided with Yvonne's three moves!


In another thunderous boom, the scenery collapsed, returning to the Jade Capital's sky. But though she'd successfully escaped Dasra's Ancestral Glory, Yvonne felt no joy. From beginning to end, he didn't summon a single artifact. It was as if he always controlled the battle's flow and could counter everything thrown at him.


Blood jetted from Yvonne's lips as her body processed its internal damage. Meanwhile, Dasra stood within the sky as unblemished as ever.

"Give up while you still can."

Dasra advised with the same indifferent tone. But as she whipped the blood from her lips, Yvonne's lips curled into a brand-new smile, and her eyes gleamed with rising battle-intent.

"I'm afraid we're only getting started.

Absolute War Sense!"

Yvonne raised her head and bellowed, activating her Ancient Secret, and causing her battle-power to soar while an illusory version of her appeared before Dasra.