Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 314

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 314 Blood Mountain Range

For an instant, Qehreman was startled, believing that in this world, crazier than him had finally appeared.

But afterward, his lips curled into a smile, and he met the toast with his glass.

"Well said! Since you're this straightforward, I shall reciprocate in kind. My friends are not many, but if you dare become my sworn brother, I dare accept you!"

Qehreman replied while knocking his glass against Konrad's. In tandem, they gulped down their wine. Thus, sealing the pact.

While setting his glass aside, Qehreman locked his gaze onto Konrad, awaiting his next move.

"Like I said, since you're my sworn brother, I will naturally assist you. Feel free to tell me your plight, it's not impossible that I have the means to solve it."

Konrad advised while laying down his glass and shouldering Qehreman's inquisitive gaze. And hearing those words, the idealistic barbarian's face contorted into a frown.

"Why are you so certain of my need for assistance?"

He asked with a hint of caution.

"Would you believe me if I told you that I'm a seer?"

"Aren't seers blind?"

"Only the fake ones."

Konrad replied with a mix of seriousness and amusement. The words caused Qehreman to arc his eyebrows.

"Indeed, the fake are blind, the blind are fake. Well, you saw true. I'm indeed facing a terrible problem, but it's not one man can solve."

Qehreman began and released a profound sigh.

"My mother is slowly stepping into her twilight. At best several months, at worst several days, she will soon perish."

As the words left his lips, Qehreman lowered his eyes onto the table and clenched his large fists above his thighs.

"There is more to the story."

Konrad affirmed with a simple smile.

"Nothing can escape you. It's neither old age nor disease that oppresses her, but an eldritch force none knows how to resist. This goes back to ten years ago when Barbarian Continent, Infernal Cult and Celestial Church's armies were destroyed to the last by the Abomination."

The start of Qehreman's explanation caused Konrad and his ladies' eyes to widen.


"Yes. The one who now lords over the Holy Continent. The world's number one monstrosity and a harbinger of mayhem and destruction. It is said his greed and savagery are only surpassed by his lust, and that he stops at no evil to reach his goals. I believe you Holy Continent citizens know him as the Profane Prince."

Qehreman replied. And thinking of that monstrous individual whose mere name kept the battle-hardened awake at night, even he couldn't help but shudder. Konrad's smile broadened.

"Interesting. Carry on."

"As you probably know, following his ascension, the Infernal Cult gathered and offered one billion Barbarian denizens to the Demon Gods for the sake of self-preservation. Word is they obtained mighty boons. But regardless of the truth, this unprecedented slaughter didn't go without consequences.

The one billion barbarians were executed in the Blood Mountain Range. Their blood littered thousands of miles. Half of it abruptly vanished, but the other half remained, forever marking the soil. Hence the name.

In any case, following their demise, an unknown kind of energy spread from the Blood Mountain Range, bringing alongside it the birth of tens of thousands of dark-purple lilies. At first, although no one knew the meaning of those lilies, or could access the nature of that new force, we didn't doubt that something born from the demise of one billion boded no good.

No one dared approach, and soon the Blood Mountain Range became a forbidden zone. But then, several years ago, someone had the 'clever' idea of making it a graveyard, using it to quietly dispose of his victims.

Never did he expect that those he tossed into the Blood Mountain Range would one day return, alive and well, to gore him like a pig."

As Qehreman's explanation carried on, Else, Zamira and Astarte were perplexed while Konrad could barely contain his excitement.

"Could it be…a Death Zone?"

He asked Selene through the system.

"That seems to be the only plausible answer. Within Mortal Realms, the slaughter of hundreds of millions or more, in one spot, has a chance to trigger the creation of a Death Zone. It appears your 'dear mother' unwittingly produced one."

Selene replied, and interest clearly echoed within her words. For the average individual, a Death Zone was a ticket straight to hell. But for a Blossoming Death Art cultivator, it was a treasure throve.

Meanwhile, Qehreman pursued.

"Naturally, when the news spread, the world was in awe, and many attempted to rush into the Blood Mountain Range to snatch the secret of rebirth. But whoever did…didn't return.

From the lowest of cultivators to Semi-Saints, none could make the trip back. Several Saints from the royal clans even attempted to sneak in, never to return. At the same time, those resurrected individuals began decomposing and rushed back to the Blood Mountain Range. Thus, further frightening the world.

However, as you probably know, without resources, even with talent, cultivation is an arduous road, to say nothing that my talent is limited.

Therefore, my mother hoped to snatch one of those flowers and sell them at a high price. Alas…"

"Alas, she fell prey to the Blood Mountain Range and almost perished. However, you managed to rescue her. Unlike the others, you can go in and out…unscathed."

Konrad cut before Qehreman could finish his words. And seeing himself exposed, he didn't bother concealing.

"Indeed, for some reason, the energy within that place cannot affect me. Thanks to that, I managed to pull my mother out. But since then, her lifeforce has been dwindling without any means of restoration."

Qehreman admitted. And indeed, the reason why Konrad paid him such close attention was that from within him, he could feel a substantial quantity of death essence. Although the numbers were by no means staggering, death essence was a lethal poison to all non-Blossoming Death Art cultivators. Aside from them, only undead could possess it.

But Qehreman was by no means undead. Better, his constitution was absolutely ordinary, hiding no formidable physique or bloodline. At least, through his Origin Sight, Konrad couldn't find anything peculiar.

And even Selene through the system failed to find anything worth noting.

This led him to believe that there was more to Qehreman than met the eye. His background couldn't be as simple as what he currently portrayed. However, it mattered not.

As long as he could be of use, even if he descended from the Lord of the Three Realms, Konrad would still use him.