Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior Is A Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Finds out the Truth

As time passed by slowly, the originally empty corridor started to fill with sounds of footsteps and voices.

Liu Yue's heart slowly burned with hope again once the stack of A4 papers containing the translated texts and statistics in her hand grew thicker.

At Pei Ge's concentrated look as she continued to write on a sheet of A4 paper, Liu Yue felt conflicted for some unexplainable reason.

Pei Ge used to be someone she admired and was envious of. Although she had fallen from grace, she was still good at everything.

"Good morning, Director Yang!"


Just as Liu Yue was dazedly staring at Pei Ge, the corridor sounded with a familiar voice. Immediately, Liu Yue was woken from her dazed state.

Da, da, da, da! When the familiar sound of heels clacked against the floor and slowly disappeared, Liu Yue's expression started to show panic.

Liu Yue almost forgot that they were in the office right now. If Pei Ge's actions were even a bit slower, everyone in the Advertising Department would arrive in the office and realize that she had been doing the translations for Liu Yue. If that happened, all of Liu Yue's hallucinations about her future would pop like bubbles.

"Ge Ge, how much is left? Can you hurry up? It's almost 8:20 P.M.; everyone is coming to work soon." Liu Yue hurried her.

Amid Pei Ge's effort to draw the table for the statistics, she managed to give Liu Yue a reply, "Almost. Keep calm; I'll be done soon."

"Then, hurry up. It isn't really good to let others know of this," Liu Yue softly whispered.

Pei Ge did not pay attention to Liu Yue anymore and merely continued drawing the diagram of the English statistics report on the paper.

Luckily, she had majored in finance and accounting back in college. Although she was not that talented in that field and her studies were only at an acceptable standard, she was at least still pretty sensitive to numbers.

Hence, analyzing these statistics and drawing them out were still relatively easy for her.

"Ge Ge, you came so early again." Just as Pei Ge was starting on the last page's content, Pan Xinlei walked in through the doors.

Liu Yue's heart skipped a beat at the sight of Pan Xinlei and subconsciously wanted to block Pei Ge from her sight.

With resentment in her heart, she thought, Why is Pan Xinlei coming here now? This woman always seemed to have something against her. If Pan Xinlei found out about this, especially with her sitting beside Pei Ge, Liu Yue would definitely suffer tons!

"What are you two doing? Crowding together this early in the morning, did something happen?" Pan Xinlei looked at Liu Yue, who was blocking Pei Ge from her sight, with eyes filled with suspicion.

As she watched Pan Xinlei get closer, Liu Yue resolutely turned around and immediately snatched away the original document as well as the last A4 paper that Pei Ge was still writing on.

"I am not done" Before Pei Ge could say the 'with the translation' part, Liu Yue quickly interrupted her.

"Ge Ge, I'll be off first. Let's talk again through our company's messaging software!" Having said that, Liu Yue did not even greet Pan Xinlei and quickly left the Advertising Department office.

Pei Ge blinked her eyes at Liu Yue's disappearing back as she muttered inside, Only that last batch of numbers is left; I could've finished them in just a few minutes....

"Ge Ge, did that Liu Yue ask for your help again?" Pan Xinlei looked at Pei Ge with a face full of suspicion.

Thinking of Liu Yue's request, Pei Ge merely smiled and shook her head. "It's nothing much."

"Hmph! She must have asked for your help again judging from her guilty look just then. How many times have I told you? You are already an adult, so please think rationally. She only recommended you to this company and is a former middle-school classmate; do you really have to help her with every little thing? That Liu Yue is someone who has a petty mind and likes to play mind games," Pan Xinlei complained, feeling exasperated at Pei Ge's continued nonchalance.

"Sister Xinlei, don't say that. Liu Yue is just a little vain, but she isn't bad," Pei Ge defended Liu Yue with a smile.

She considered Pan Xinlei and Liu Yue as her friends, so Pei Ge really did not want for any misunderstandings to exist between the two.

"I can't be bothered to talk with you anymore." Pan Xinlei rolled her eyes at Pei Ge and went back to her seat.

Pan Xinlei smiled and then switched on the computer. After some casual talk with Pan Xinlei, a chat notification arrived from Liu Yue.

[Liu Yue: Ge Ge, help me do a rough translation of the content from just now.]

Seeing Liu Yue's message, Pei Ge thought about the content of the file just then and sent over all the important points that she could recall.

Tap, tap, tap, tap! The sound of typing attracted the attention of Pan Xinlei, who was reading a file beside Pei Ge.

She had an inkling that something weird was going on between Liu Yue and Pei Ge and felt worried that the latter was being taken advantage of by the former. Hence, she quietly stood up, went behind Pei Ge's chair, and looked toward her computer screen.

The result was that of what Pan Xinlei was raging about.

"Ge Ge, are you the one doing Liu Yue's recent translation work?"

"Huh?" Only then did Pei Ge react for she had no idea when Pan Xinlei had crept behind her.

"I knew it! How would that Liu Yue suddenly know how to translate?! Turns out you are the one who has been translating for her!" Pan Xinlei felt that she was really going to be angered to death by Pei Ge. Although their office had always been harmonious, this was really the first time in her whole career to see someone sacrifice themselves for others no, push others into the limelight.

"Pei Ge, are you stupid?! I have never met someone as stupid as you are paving the way for others!"

Liu Yue had been in the limelight recently so much so that everyone came to know about her getting the favor of Yang Aoyun and being given important tasks. They were all guessing that she would soon be getting a promotion and a pay raise.

She had been wondering all this while how Liu Yue had gotten her translation skills. After all, given her personality, if Liu Yue had this ability before, she would flaunt it long ago.

Now, seeing Pei Ge's chat with Liu Yue, she finally understood why Liu Yue had run away the moment she saw her arrive and where Liu Yue had acquired her newfound talent.

"Sister Xinlei, what is wrong?" Pei Ge perplexedly looked at Pan Xinlei's agitated expression.

Pan Xinlei was rendered speechless for a bit by Pei Ge's clueless look before feeling her anger boil.

"Pei Ge, I really don't know what to say about you." Pan Xinlei rolled her eyes at Pei Ge's naivety.

"..." Pei Ge was just helping Liu Yue translate some documents.

"Do you know that Liu Yue has been getting Director Yang's recognition recently because of the documents you have been helping her translate? She is going to get a promotion and a pay raise soon," Pan Xinlei calmly informed Pei Ge.

"...I didn't know." Pei Ge shook her head. Get a promotion and a pay raise? Just because of translating those English documents?

Pei Ge was unable to wrap her head around it. This was such a big company and there were so many people who could speak foreign languages here. How could someone get a promotion and a pay raise just because they could translate?

"Now that you know, what are your thoughts about it?" Pan Xinlei felt comforted upon learning that Pei Ge did not know anything about Liu Yue's upcoming promotion and pay raise. At least, she was not dumb to the point of no return.

"Maybe a little angry." Pei Ge thought for a while before replying honestly.

She felt really jumbled inside right now. She had actually been guessing that Liu Yue might have been bluffing her and had actually been using her for translation work just then. However, she had never thought that Liu Yue had intentionally been pretending with her all this while.

Thus, upon knowing the truth, Pei Ge felt conflicted inside and her mind was in a jumbled mess. Meanwhile, on Liu Yue's end, she was happily buzzing around. As there was only half an hour left before the meeting's start, Liu Yue strove to prepare ten sets of 'her' translated documents for the people attending the meeting later.

She also had to prepare the last sheet that could not be translated in time.

She hurriedly made copies of the translated documents as she memorized the contents of them.

Actually, she had enough time to write down the remaining half-page content of the document. However, her handwriting was too different from Pei Ge's. The most important thing here was that she wanted to be put in the sights of the CEO.

Hence, she had told Yang Aoyun that she would personally translate the final statistics for Ji Ziming to listen.

Chuck! The photocopying machine continued its work while Liu Yue stood beside it smiling happily.

After looking through the statistics she had to memorize, Liu Yue took out some cosmetics from her pouch and touched up her makeup.

Liu Yue, your life will change starting today!