Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior Is A Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 51

Chapter 51: CEO, don't be scared! I'm not a ghost!

Within the dim, small space of the elevator, a series of heavy panting streamed into Pei Ge's ears and confirmed her suspicion.

This timid CEO, who was scared of the dark, must have truly mistaken her for a ghost just now!

However, her current image really did resemble a ghost...

Pei Ge could not help but add colors to the scene from just now inside her mind...

A spooky, light noise sounded in the lift that was supposed to only be holding one person.

Just as the person was about to look at the source of the sound, the lights suddenly went off with a ping and the elevator halted its ascent!

Turning around, the tablet PC's light shone on a woman with flowing hair and vacant eyes that was standing right behind!

Ah! Pei Ge was instantly scared out of her wits and shivered.

If she herself was already shivering just from imagining this scene, what more could a certain annoying fellow, who was originally scared of the dark, be feeling right now?

Pei Ge shook her head to clear her morbid thoughts and rid of the goosebumps that had risen from the fright. She then placed her attention on Mr. CEO who was just a few steps away from her.

Cough, cough, cough! This annoying fellow should be... fine, right?

Pei Ge blinked her eyes, and as she was about to voice out her concern, she hesitated.

Er... Which voice should she use?

The rough, manly voice or her original voice?

In the time that Pei Ge was feeling conflicted, a certain man's panting intensified.

This was when the slightly insensitive Pei Ge realized that a certain annoying fellow's reaction opposite her seemed to be a little too big.

Could he really be that scared of the dark?

With a slight confusion in her mind, Pei Ge lightly coughed and gently said to Ji Ziming, "Don't be afraid; I am not a ghost! I am human!"

"..." However, the man remained mum and did not respond to Pei Ge at all.

"It's true! Don't be scared. I'm really not a ghost but a human being! If you don't believe me, you can touch me to verify!" Her eyes that had adjusted to the darkness by now could vaguely see a silhouette.

Pei Ge walked toward Ji Ziming. Although she was wary of the man and did not want to be near him, Pei Ge knew that she had unintentionally given him a fright.

She felt quite responsible for adding into this annoying fellow's fear. If something were to happen to him, she would definitely feel guilty in a way.

In the darkness, Pei Ge's hands lightly touched Ji Ziming's arms. She slowly slid her hands down his arms to the back of his hands.

The warm and smooth touch stunned Ji Ziming, who was feeling slightly annoyed by Pei Ge's incessant yammering.

"Here, look. I am truly a human being and not a ghost. My hands are warm." Under the cover of darkness, Pei Ge was unafraid of speaking directly to Ji Ziming.

In fact, because of Ji Ziming's special circumstance, she was feeling very relaxed. Her voice carried a warm, comforting feeling as she spoke to him.

How familiar... This really feels familiar... Ji Ziming stared dazedly at the woman whose features he could not clearly see in the absence of light. The coldness in his eyes melted from the warmth brought by the hands and only gentleness remained in them.

"Ghosts are deathly cold, while humans are warm. So don't be scared. You're already such a big man; how can you still be afraid of ghosts..."

Listening to the woman's muttering, Ji Ziming was reminded of a scene from his past.

"Little brother, don't be afraid; I am not a ghost but a human being! If you don't believe me, you can touch me to verify!"

"Look. I'm really a human being and not a ghost! My hands are warm, right? He he!"

"Ghosts are deathly cold, while humans are warm. So don't be scared. You are a boy; how can you be afraid of ghosts..."

A cute girl had once uttered the same comforting words to him. She was like a sunflower that blossomed in the darkness bright and warm illuminating his heart...

When Pei Ge perceived that Ji Ziming seemed to have calmed down, she subconsciously tried to remove her hands on his and distance herself from the man.

Just as her fingers were about to leave Ji Ziming's cold hands

"Ah!" Pei Ge screeched. Her palms were captured by the man's, instead.

Perhaps it was because he frequently wrote, but there were calluses on his fingers. When the callused fingers rubbed against her palms, Pei Ge felt slightly ticklish.

The cold hands engulfed the pair of warm, smooth hands.

A person's other four senses would get heightened in the absence of sight.

This was especially the case with the sense of touch. When the hands of the two people held each other's, both of them were startled for a moment. They could only feel heat being emitted by the other's palms.

This warmth seemed to spread from their palms to the rest of their body...

"You You let go of me this instant!" Pei Ge's cheeks reddened for some inexplicable reason as her hands remained clasped within Ji Ziming's.

Only when the woman's gentle voice sounded did Ji Ziming realize that he was actually holding on to her hands in the dark.

The warm and smooth feeling of the hands in his made him quite reluctant to let go.

"Let go!" Pei Ge ordered again. Just as she was thinking of kicking him like before, Ji Ziming, who was standing opposite her, suddenly asked, "Who... are you?" Ji Ziming seriously scrutinized the woman across him, as though trying to see her face clearly despite the absence of light.

However, the surroundings were really too dark, so all he could see was the woman's pair of shining eyes.

When Pei Ge, who was thinking of kicking the other, heard this question, her body stiffened and she stopped struggling. Panicking, she thought to herself, Why is this annoying fellow suddenly asking me this?! Could he have recognized me from my voice? It can't be!

Holding on to the belief that the less one spoke, the less likely one could commit mistakes, Pei Ge decided to remain silent!

Ji Ziming did not insist on his question either once the other party refused to answer. Instead, he just tightly clasped Pei Ge's hands.

Hoo... In the darkness, no one spoke and only the rhythmic sound of their breathing could be heard. Still, an amorous atmosphere started emanating...