Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior Is A Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 53

Chapter 53: The Boyfriend's Parcel

"Son, were you the one trapped in the elevator just now?"

Ji Ziming, who was planning to chase after Pei Ge, halted his steps at this voice. With his brows furrowed, he looked over and saw his mother.

"Mom, what are you doing here?" Ji Ziming changed direction and walked toward his mother, instead. This was when he noticed the woman standing beside his mother.

"Me? I came to see you. I also brought along Miss Liu, who helped me before, to introduce to you." Mother Ji looked at her son with a thousand-watt smile on her face.

Miss Liu? Ji Ziming narrowed his eyes and glanced at the woman beside his mother. This woman...

"Hello, CEO Ji! I I am Liu Yue..."

That was right. The woman standing beside Mother Ji was none other than the Liu Yue whom he had recently fired.

Ji Ziming frowned and looked at Liu Yue in distaste. He then turned to look at his mother again.

"Mom, let's talk in my office," Ji Ziming said calmly as he perceived the crowd's curious eyes.

"Alright. I actually brought Miss Liu here because I have something to request from you." Mother Ji nodded her head, chuckling. She then followed Ji Ziming toward the CEO's office.


"Hah... hah... hah!" Pei Ge sprinted the whole way to the Planning Department's office as she panted heavily.

"Pei Ge, what's wrong? Is someone chasing after you?" Pei Ge's colleagues teased her when they saw her sweaty look.

Pei Ge took a few deep breaths before replying to her colleagues in choppy, short sentences. "The elevator stopped working. I took the stairs to get back. I'm so tired..."

After some casual talk with her colleagues, Pei Ge hugged the parcel to her chest and returned to her desk.

Eyeing the parcel on her desk, Pei Ge felt excited again and put the incident from just now at the back of her mind.

She swiftly took out a penknife from her pen holder and excitedly slit the parcel's seal open.

When the seal was cut apart, Pei Ge opened the box with a huge grin and a strong floral fragrance immediately wafted from it and into her nose.

"Wah! What a nice smell!"

Before Pei Ge could take out the item in the box, the nearby colleagues expressed their curiosity over it.

"What did you buy? Why does it smell so good?"

"It smells like roses. Is it essential oil?"

Hearing the quizzical words of her colleagues, Pei Ge only smiled and did not respond.

She removed the thick, bubble wrap around the package and a bright fire-red color filled Pei Ge's vision.

Roses? Pei Ge blinked her eyes and, with a smile on her lips, took out the fire-red roses.

The roses were still fresh although it was unknown when the parcel was shipped. The beautiful, soft rose petals were still slightly moist and looked gentle to the touch.

"Wow! Pei Ge, not bad! Is that bouquet of roses from your boyfriend? How romantic..."

The moment the roses appeared, many female colleagues, who were attracted by their floral scent, moved toward Pei Ge's seat with a gossiping look on their faces.

"It's not." Pei Ge shook her head and smiled happily at the bouquet of roses in her hands.

In her heart, she kept muttering, This Tang Xiaoyu is really... Why did she send me roses?

However, despite muttering that in her heart, her eyes still shone with joy.

"Smiling so sweetly, it must truly be from your boyfriend!" the female colleagues gushed.

Pei Ge explained with a smile, "It really isn't. My best friend sent me this."

However, none of them believed Pei Ge and only regarded her with amorous eyes.

Seeing their disbelieving gazes, Pei Ge no longer bothered to explain herself to them and just proceeded to open the little card placed on top of the roses.

[My beloved,

Here's to wishing you a smooth and ever-rising career!

-The rain that loves you]

The moment this flirtatiously written card was revealed, everyone was even more convinced that it was Pei Ge's boyfriend who had sent her the bouquet of roses.

Having read the card, Pei Ge carefully placed the roses on one side and looked at the other item in the box.

However, before she even took it out, she heard an audible gasp.

"Wah! This set of clothes from your boyfriend is from Dior, right?" Seeing the words on the packaging, a female colleague gasped in surprise.

I already said that these aren't from a boyfriend... Pei Ge helplessly commented in her heart.

"Pei Ge, your boyfriend treats you so well!"

"That's right; that's right! Roses and luxury items what a good man, he is!"

"...Already said these are from a woman." Pei Ge powerlessly rebuked. In any case, how could a man be considered as good just from him giving his girlfriend roses and luxury items?

However, everyone ignored her words and hooted for Pei Ge to take the clothes out for them see.

Seeing their curiosity, Pei Ge, who was not planning to take out the clothes, could only follow their request.

When this set of clothes was revealed before everyone's eyes, a series of heartfelt sighs sounded from within the office.

"This set looks so good..."

"Yeah, it really does..."

"These Dior clothes look like the retro-themed set that was revealed during this year's autumn-winter fashion show..."

"Really? Then, it must be very expensive..."

Pei Ge did not pay any heed to the mutterings of the colleagues around her. Instead, she studied the skirt set with joy.

This skirt set was very simplistic. The top had a V-shaped neckline with a flare at the bottom and a high-rise waist tie of the same color.

The bottom was a black, pencil skirt. The design was one of simplicity, yet it exuded a sense of elegance very suitable for office wear.

However, the thing that touched Pei Ge the most was not the simple yet elegant clothes, but the little note stuck on the packaging bag of the clothes.

[Strive on, career woman! I'm expecting much from you!]

These few, simple words made Pei Ge feel warm inside. She could almost imagine the type of expression Tang Xiaoyu, who was overseas, had had when she was writing these words for her.

On this end, the Planning Department was excitedly talking about the luxury items Pei Ge had received. Meanwhile, inside the CEO's office, another type of exciting scene was playing out.

"Mom, what are you saying?" Ji Ziming regarded his mother with furrowed brows, openly expressing his displeasure.

"Son, Miss Liu is really a kind girl. You just misunderstood her before!" Mother Ji persuaded Ji Ziming earnestly. "She's someone who enjoys helping others, so please don't misunderstand her. Let her work in this company once more."