Realms In The Firmament Chapter 1358

Chapter 1358 Gratitude And Resentment?


Wenren Chuchu’s resentment to Saint Starlight Sect was from the death of her master. She had much more hate than Ye Xiao and Li Wuliang. After all, Ye Xiao and Li Wuliang were still alive, but Bing Xinyue was dead. That was a big difference!

That was why Ye Xiao didn’t speak Wenren Chuchu’s name. It was inappropriate

Ye Xiao had just finished speaking, and in the main hall of Saint Sunlight Sect, a wave of bell rings started resounding.

The bell rang eighty-one times!

Countless disciples of Saint Starlight Sect showed up and stood in line.

They were moving in order, but none of them seemed to have the pride of being a disciple of a great sect. In their eyes, there was only fear, hopelessness, and despair.

[Is this it? Is this finally happening?]

When they eventually had to face it, they realized it was much more unendurable to wait. Now, they felt more relaxed.

It was pointless to keep getting away from the problem, so they decided to face it!

Only those who had experienced such a situation understood what it really meant!

The people of Saint Starlight Sect kept moving out in lines, standing in squares.

The square of the sect was broad and wide. They must have spent quite a lot of resources to remove a mountain and build a platform like this. The floor had been polished and became like a mirror.

One hundred thousand people were standing in it, yet it didn’t look crowded.

A big amount of people were standing in the square including the Black Ride Alliance, the Grey Wolves Group, the Sky Ice Palace, and all the disciples of Saint Starlight Sect, but there was still a spacious empty place between the two sides.

Over one hundred thousand people standing in the battle, one side to the other.

A forty meters wide passage was between the two parties of this fight.

It drew a line to separate the two parties!

Ye Xiao, Jun Yinglian, Li Wuliang, Han Bingxue, Yue Shuang, Yue Han, and Wenren Chuchu were standing in front of their people. Ye Xiao was in the middle, with Jun Yinglian on the left, Li Wuliang on the right. Han Bingxue stood beside Li Wuliang, while Yue Shuang and Yue Han stood beside Jun Yinglian.

Wenren Chuchu stood beside Yue Han.

Seven supreme cultivators in the world!

Yue Shuang and Yue Han had eaten the fruits on the way to Saint Starlight Sect. They were already extremely powerful cultivators before that, and now they were even more potent. If they had time to cultivate longer and enter Tittle Phase, they should be much more powerful than Jun Yinglian and Han Bingxue!

The two ladies were eager for a big fight after the improvement. They even wanted to fight Wu Fa and kill him as soon as they could!

Ye Xiao believed that he himself would be defeated by the two ladies at the same time unless he used the Golden Soul Bell. It meant the two ladies could definitely defeat Wu Fa. Well, they at least wouldn’t be defeated!

The joint force of the two ladies was a bane to Li Wuliang. Li Wuliang had been concentrated in cultivating his impossible-to-miss martial art, which meant he would always choose to have a tough clash with the enemy. The ladies didn’t enter Tittle Phase, but as long as they fought together, one of them would always get the chance to attack. Li Wuliang wasn’t powerful enough to always deal with the two ladies at the same time, so he wouldn’t be able to hold it for one hundred rounds!

Han Bingxue’s unique martial art allowed him to survive the attacks of the two ladies. Even though he couldn’t defeat the ladies, he wouldn’t get himself defeated, either. No matter how powerful the two ladies’ attacks were, it meant nothing if the attacks missed!

That was the mutual restraint between two martial arts. Li Wuliang’s Tittle Phase skill and Han Bingxue’s Tittle Phase skill were at two extremes. As Li Wuliang was restrained by the two ladies, the two ladies were restrained by Han Bingxue!

Well, the two ladies wouldn’t be satisfied with it. [Tittle Phase doesn’t mean everything, does it?]

[It is only a matter of time that we enter our Tittle Phase. Saint Starlight Sect will be the training target!]

Saint Starlight Sect people slowly stepped to two sides and made way for several old men.

The old men all had white beards. They all looked sullen as they walked out slowly.

The six great elders were leading, while the over ten elders were following.

They all seemed sullen, walking slowly as if their feet were thousands of kilograms weighted. Every step seemed to be difficult.

“Xiao Monarch, Fierce Blade It has been a long time” The leading great elder serious spoke with a low voice, “When we got the message saying you two had returned to the world, we knew that it is unpreventable to have this fight. We have been waiting for today!”

Li Wuliang blandly said, “The law of causality. You always pay what you take! No matter how long has it been you are never going to get away from what you deserve.”

The old man nodded and spoke bitterly, “That’s right. We can’t escape! We will eventually pay for the sin of what we did.

“One can never escape the heaven’s will. It is only a matter of time!

“Today, it is our time to pay.

“I am Shen Chongshan, the first great elder of Saint Starlight Sect. I am the oldest among our people, who should have died sooner.” He bitterly smiled and said, “I believe I shall get no chance to live any longer. We are never going to escape death today.”

Li Wuliang blandly said, “Well, look at you. What a crowd of people you have! Just cut the bullsh*t. Tell me what you want!”

He sounded extremely impatient, and his words echoed sharp and full of killing intent.

“Fierce Blade is indeed a straightforward man. I won’t waste time chatting. We are not trying to kill any of you, just to solve the problem that we caused a long time ago!”

Shen Chongshan’s face was full of wrinkles and sadness.

“The martial world in Qing-Yun Realm is a world of nature rule. Who has the bigger fists represents the law. What we did was too much, but if you died I mean if you died for real nobody would care what we had done. As time went by, we would be alright.

“What would remain must be the fame of Saint Starlight Sect who had once killed two supreme cultivators in the world.”